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  1. Chocolate laced with GABA, now that's a good idea for blushers, wonder if Cadburys would be up for the challenge I got l theanine, glycine and taurine powder at the same sports nutrition place - myproten.com. They all have a relaxing effect if you mix them with water, or chocolate.
  2. Something I've found helpful for coping with blushing and anxiety is mixing some l theanine powder with water and taking it with me to work. It takes the edge off anxiety, without making you too drowsy as long as you don't over do it. It's the synthetic form of the chemical in green tea that chills you out. I've also tried using glycine power and taurine powder, both of which have been effective, I have thought about mixing them, but don't know if that might cause drowsiness. It's handy to be able to mix them with water and sip away as needed. They are all inhibitory neurotransmitters which can reduce anxiety and work in a similar way. GABA is another one. Sports nutrition places sell them, and you can get them online. Since they're of the amino acid group, they're relatively safe if you don't overdo it.
  3. has anyone tried 'instant relief mineral powder' for redness by clinique? I wonder if guys can use this.
  4. It's funny you say that because I am exactly the same, at interviews I am surprisingly calm, and if I do come across as nervous then people will put it down to interview nerves so normally I'm ok with it in my head. The fear of being judged when you start a job is more scary and that's when the irrational fear kicks in. I think the trick is to genuinely pay the blushing no attention if and when it does happen. Usually a blush is the start of a whole thought process for me that undermines my self confidence. After the event I'll try and search around for cues of how people have reacted to my blushing, looking for their approval. If you can let it happen, pay no attention to it, move on in your mind without the internal headf**k, it might hopefully disempower the social anxiety and it will retreat, along with it the blushing as it has less significance. That's the theory anyway, it might be a bit harder in practice. Just a though as I've started reading the linden method for anxiety which is pretty interesting. It includes re-training your internal dialogue away from your anxious habits when you are experiencing them as well as using relaxation techniques. Funnily enough, one of the things it strongly advises is to stop researching your anxiety condition as this re-inforces your anxious habit to your subconscious. This includes the use of forums.....It's too early days to say if it will help or not, it seems to be a very well respected program and includes social phobia. I post in due course how I get on with it (despite what it says).
  5. Cheers man, I am feeling better about the whole move, just need to get organised and start doing practical things along the lines of moving house instead of batting anxieties around in my head. I only applied for the job less than a month ago and found out I got it last week so have needed this week just to get my head round it. I'm thinking it will be good to challenge myself in a new environment and hopefully in that sense my confidence will grow. That's good you've put ETS on the back burner, it's so tempting to take the risk but reading between the lines of the possible outcomes it is still just that. If you can improve your confidence and anxiety around blushing in small ways, they can have a large impact on your life. It's interesting you mention food as something to watch, it's by exploring these things that I've made small changes that have had a big impact this year. It's good not to underestimate how food choices and intolerances, however minor they might seem can affect your mood, anxiety levels and blushing. The big one for me seems to be gluten. Yeah it would be good to hear how Jamie10 is getting on, i'm guessing he'll drop a message sometime, but no posting is probably a good sign, that he's moved on from thinking about blushing. So did you make it through your xmas lunch/meeting flushfest? I could make reference to rudolf but I'll resist. Only been out in Newcastle once and seemed like a bit of a party town - but then I was on a stag do so it was never going to be sedate. Looking forward to checking it out properly. Best of luck persuading the missus on another sprog. I'm sure having kids put's social anxieties in perspective and has you looking at the bigger picture - never a bad thing!
  6. Ah thanks for the replies, i'm sure it will be fine when I get down there, and get past the first week at work. It would take a pretty strong minded person to not be perturbed by moving city by yourself where you know nobody and job at the same time, so I guess the process is normal, just a case of controlling stress and knowing that the anxiety will pass. It is a big step out of the comfort zone that plays on the fears of the unknown, but like so many things in life, you get to where it is you worried about and you wonder what the big deal was. blushing again - is just down the road in Newcastle, so if it all turns to sh**, then it's just a few hours in the car back to my beloved stomping ground (rose tinted spectacles on of course). How did the work go?
  7. New job, new city, i'm moving next month after being in the same place for 14 years and establishing a life there. I'm scared, but in a way it's liberating, I hope my social anxietys don't hold me back. I've come a long way in the last year with various things i've tried, but still the issue still remains that i blush, and for often no reason. Well that's me i guess, i hope other people can have some empathy and understanding. And if not, I can always come back to where I know and fit in. It's a minefield, but it's good to know that other people on here are in the same boat. Life is for living and sh** like this is always a bigger issue in our heads than it is to other people, I've seen people blush and I always think it's irrelevant. perhaps that's what we need to learn. x
  8. It might seem a huge issue to us, but maybe the proportion of the population affected by severe blushing isn't that large. And even if it was that large, it's not life threatening in the traditional sense, although it can be socially debilitating (which is arguably life threatening if you want to kill yourself because of it). Lol.
  9. WTF indeed, seems weird that something that affects so many people and should be simple hasn't been done already. But then you think about sansrosa, presumably it's not being pushed through in a hurry as it's going to be the most effective treatment for redness to date, thus making other rosacea drugs that make millions of dollars obsolete....
  10. I think that wheat was the main offender for me, since cutting it out I feel a lot more calm. I started reducing it and noticed I was feeling better then cut it out completely. The fact I had migraines for weeks when I stopped it altogether was a big give away that it was a problem. I've had the odd bit of bread since to avoid causing a fuss when at relatives and I get a sore stomach and feel more wired. It's something that I used to eat everyday and was oblivious to the fact that it was problematic.
  11. Well, the blood type diet is all about DNA - your ancestoral genetic make up and eating the right foods for it. What you eat and how you live affect if you have will sympathetic dominance and a lot of blushing. Food intolerances will affect your nervous system more than you might think and histamine excess (a result of foods you eat and intolerances) will also ramp your sympathetic nervous system.
  12. Wheat/gluten sensitivity is another one worth trying. If anyone's interested in a good diet plan, look at 'eat right for your type' - by peter dadamo, which is a blood type dieting plan. My blood type 0, recommended cutting out wheat as well as other foods and I had headaches for several weeks - after this I've felt a lot better. I've since cut out all gluten. You can get blood type test kits online cheap - about 15 pounds. I used to take a lot of l-methionine for histamine levels but since eating this diet I don't need them very often, maybe take it twice a week. Wheat induces a histamine reaction in certain people and also interferes with insulin in some way (can't remember how). Since it's the staple of many peoples diets it's deff worth a shot if you can handle a life without bread etc for a few weeks to see how it goes. Benefits for me are feeling a lot calmer (less blushing), better digestion, no more bloating, better skin, less mood swings and energy crashes. I was also taking supplements to reduce thyroid activity (l carnitine, quercetin and copper), but have been able to cut these right back also. Interestingly there is a link between thyroid problems and wrong food choices for my blood type. I have also read about a link between hyperthyroidism in wheat/gluten intolerant people. And yes, drink lots of water, and green tea (anti histamine, anti inflammitory, soothing)
  13. I bought alphagan off a non-prescription online pharmacy a few years back and it was fine, can't remember which one it was though. If anyone knows of a decent online non-prescription pharmacy please post details.
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