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  1. Thank you for your post...I consider myself one of the lucky ones whose benefits of the surgery for palmer HH outweighed the side effects (clamminess/compensatory sweating/gustatory)...I also am glad I had a dermatologist and surgeon who were very clear with me on the possible outcomes so i could make an informed decision at my own risk. Good luck to you in the future.
  2. I live in Canada, where ETS is covered by universal heath care in extreme situations and not a big money-making business......I have been told that it is not recommended or ethical to be performed for anything other than a last resort for extreme palmer hyperhidrosis. It's effect on anything else (FB, underarm HH) would simply be a welcomed side effect and nothing more....ETS has side effects, no doubt about it. I now sweat sometimes excessively in the middle of my chest and back and sometimes for no reason when before I did not. It can be annoying, especially when wanting to wear certain clothes, it limits you. I cannot sweat from my forehead yet I am often clammy behind my neck for no reason, almost a fevery feeling. My body was always outta whack in regards to temperature regulation, but now even more so. I have the so called "gustatory effect" often. All these were side effects I was told about and mulled over for 2 years before I got the surgery. for me, it was a success because my palmer HH had seriously affected my quality of life, and there is no denying ETS is an absolute cure for palmer HH. A nice side effect is that I don't sweat from my armpits although that was never a serious issue for me. For me the side effects are annoying but a trade off. ETS was right for me....this was 7 years ago btw...Everybody is different and it is a matter of pros and cons. but from what you describe to me, please do not consider ETS. I can't believe some doctors are still even suggesting it as an option for anything other than palmer HH to make money...:S
  3. I was browsing through posts on this forum for the first time in a long time and came across this post in the "Official Post-ETS results" thread that was directed to me: So.....I thought I'd drop a line. My last update was well over 2 years ago. Not much to report, I would still say ETS has changed my life and I am pleased with the results. CS is sometimes annoying but I have learned to deal with it, it's FAR less a nuisance than sweaty hands. When its very hot or I'm exercising I do have to wear black or layers a lot of the time, but it is in no way debilitating. As for the memory of sweaty hands, I can't believe I even put up with that sh!t for so long. I still remember like it was yesterday that I had sweaty hands....and I even still have nightmares about it. They feel so real and I wake up and realize my hands are dry and feel relief. I get some gustatory sweating with certain foods and even thinking about certain foods....but no big deal. I would say over the past four years side effects have neither improved or increased. The outcome was what was expecting, more or less. One surprise is how soft my hands have remained....not too dry at all but still sweat-free. And I never need lotion. As for my feet, they remain a problem I control with frequent applications of Drysol. In all, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.
  4. I just had one again last night! My hands were sweaty again, it felt so creepily real, only this time I went to the doc and they said the nerves grew back and that that do every time and I was supposed to have ETS re-done about once ever year or so!!! AAAAAAGH!!!!!!!! Glad I woke up and realized the effects were permanent. (Btw I passed my ETS 2-year anniversary exactly a week ago... I celebrated!!)
  5. I agree with idripsweat... it's time to find a new doctor. or have your current GP refer you to a specialist in hyperhidrosis. My specialist is actually a dermatologist who specializes in hyperhidrosis and I certainly would never hear her referring to her patient's concerns as "moans and groans"... Once again, as we all know, it's very hard for the average person to understand the impact of HH and many doctors included!
  6. Were they money-hungry maybe? Are you from the States? I am with the understanding that greed is seen a lot of in private-for-profit health care system...
  7. ETSsuccess

    OMG!! Im Back!! =)

    I did sweat once on my palms and that was about 4 days after the surgery..only lasted one night. I also sweat one last time and during a nap about 3 days after the surgery. Boy, i wish i had've known about this so-called "ghost sweating" and how common it is back then, because I nearly lost my mind!! And by the way, congratulation's on your achievements... that's awesome!!
  8. Lumbar sympathectomy? I didn't even know those were still being legally done. That's messed up, dude
  9. ETSsuccess

    after ets surgey

    One side at a time? Weird. and I can't believe there are even still doctors out there performing ETS for facial blushing. My surgeon made it clear that performing an ETS for any condition other than palmer hyperhidrosis is UNETHICAL because it is typically INEFFECTIVE.
  10. ETSsuccess

    ETS Surgery

    Odd you didn't get both sides done at the same time.
  11. Careful with applying Drysol the first time you use it, if you decided. It can cause extreme skin sensitivity and literally left my skin cracked and bleeding. It won't do this to everybody. I say your first application should be a very light one, maybe only on one hand. leave it on overnight and you'll have a good idea as to whether your skin will take the product well.
  12. I hid my palmar hyperhidrosis from everyone I knew for years, including boyfriends I lived with. I still have hyperhidrosis but its limited to my feet and compensatory sweating. i am now much more vocal about to people close to me. I don't start talking about it, but when I find a good time for it to come up, I may mention something. Maybe its because I'm older now and don't care, I don't see it as something to be ashamed of.... this is me, you don't like it, you're not perfect either, f*** off.... ya know? I suggest casually dropping things in regards to it when the subject of being hot or sweating comes up. There's no time limit as to when is the best time or how soon after you meet someone. Whenever and however makes you most comfortable. It'll stress you out much more if you think of it as some serious, big thing. Because to you, it might be. To everyone else, it's not. ;-)
  13. This was me with my 3-month update: http://www.esfbchannel.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=572 So here I am, one year and ten months later. A little past the "honeymoon" stage of 6 months to a year I was assured I was going to have. According to many of the posters on this board, I should have turned into a monster or something by now. Have things been 100% sunshine and rainbows? Not quite, although I went into my surgery with realistic expectations. I was lucky to have such a good surgeon and there have been no real surprises. I have hyperhidrosis of the palms and feet. Since the operation my hand have sweat once... a brief "ghost sweat" a few days after the surgery. And to my pleasant surprise, my hands haven't been too dry either.I rarely need hand lotion. I was expecting these horribly dry cracking hands and a constant need for lotion but they have been able to retain enough moisture on their own that this is rarely needed. My feet... I was told that some people see an improvement in their foot sweating but not to expect it. I don't even see how that's possible. I have not noticed any real difference in that department. I still require annoying applications of Drysol during sandal season. Compensatory sweating. I sure do get it, mostly just my chest and back but it's not 24/7. Sometimes it's a real pain in ass and I find myself wearing a lot of black shirts when I'm dressing up. Other times, it disappears for days. It's an awful fickle thing and has not gotten better or worse with the passing time. It is a cakewalk in comparison to the horrid sweaty hands, though. Don't miss those one bit. Gustatory reaction. Still not sure if I'm just getting this now, if it happened before or if it's my imagination. I get a bit sweaty on my hairline when eating some foods. It's weird and does NOT happen when I'm eating anything spicy or hot, foods I eat often. It's minor and like I mentioned and not even 100% sure is completely real. I heard I would be unable to sweat above the nipples after ETS. This has not been true for me. however, I never sweat much on the face before, so it's hard to say if I do any more or less now. A pleasant side effect has been that I practically cannot sweat in the armpits at all anymore. I was informed by my doctor that this can be a side effect and therefore should not be the primary reason you have the surgery. Side effects can not be guaranteed. I did not have hyperhidrosis in the armpits to start out with but I do think I maybe used sweat a bit more than average. now the possibility of pit stains is nil. It's cool, but I would never recommend ETS for armpit sweating as it was made clear I simply lucked out in this department. All in all, I'm happy with the results. My biggest regret is not doing it sooner but I am also ok with the fact I waited. I pondered the surgery for two and a half years before deciding the benefits outweighed the risks and that my HH was taking over my life bad enough I was willing to take drastic measures. It has changed my life for the better. I work in promotions, an industry where appearance and confidence is everything and not having to hide my hands has been amazing and done wonders for my confidence. I still get dreams (rather, nightmares) of having sweaty hands... it's weird, I get them a LOT and they feel so real. I often wake up and check my hands to make sure they are still dry.... and they are. As most patients lacking an ETS horror story as I do, I went on with my new (improved) life and left the forums. However, i felt I owed it to the board to come back and give another update. Most of the people frequenting the board are dissatisfied with their results and therefore unable to "move on" per say, quite as easily as I. This leaves the board with an inaccurate representation of what the typical (before you get your panties in a bundle I said "typical" and not "every") ETS outcome can be.
  14. Great to hear from you. I always had an optimistic feeling about you and your ETS decision. Like you, I also have "moved on", but am here today to give an update to everyone who remembers my earlier postings from a year and a half ago. I feel like I owe it to the board to not just disappear and leave the forums to the people who have only negative things to say and therefore will not be "moving on" quite as easily as we have.
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