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  1. I had one around Xmas time..... The place I went to had 3 different levels of how dark you wanted to go. I chose medium and it worked out really well....only lasts a couple days but it looks actually real and provides a bit of a "shield"
  2. all my blushing is heat related so this makes me very happy even when i cry, scream, or laugh....heat is still involved i just hope this isnt one big let down again, i think all of us have had enough of those in our lives
  3. I've been getting pretty bad headaches lately.....soo.....about... 400mg of Ibuprofen.....maybe a 3 or 4 a day(for the past couple days) OR(not both) 500mg of aspirin....and again, 3 or 4 a day I take 1mg or 2mg of clonazepam everynight at bed maybe i shoulda asked before i started taking them lol
  4. is mixing clonazepam and aspirin/tylenol ok? cant find anything about it on the net, so im guessing it is ok...... i just wana be sure though thx
  5. im confused didnt helen say she saw the product in person and it worked? now shes saying it doesnt exist? what the fuckkkkkk
  6. thx for the suggestions everyone i now have a couple jobs and evertyhing is going a lot better
  7. Im not a sweat sufferer, but I do wear "Axe body deodorant".........makes u smell good (im a dude) If you're from Canada, then most of you should have heard of it..... Will this or any type of cologne or other types of body spray help people that "smell" from exessive sweating? Just trying to help.
  8. blushing- redness that lasts for a couple seconds...maybe even 1-20seconds.....depends.... flushing- redness that lasts for a certain ammount of time.....can last up to a couple hours.......
  9. people are always judging people no matter what.... "look at that slut ewww" "look what he/she is wearing" "what the hell is up with that persons hair" "she/hes fu***** ugly..." etc etc etc.... people are always going to be judgemental... thats life i guess
  10. yeah they must have changed it.....it worked a couple days ago
  11. yeah its suppose to........ do a 'search' on benadryl(sp?) or just histamines and lots of threads will come up from past discussions about this
  12. I blush and flush and have very sweaty hands and feet....but the sweating doesnt bother me one bit.
  13. mmmmm Im not even sure my self.... I think it covers mild flushes and blotches but its not good enough for a severe flush or blush....it all depends how red you go....i cant give advice to others bcuz i dont know how red other ppl go
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