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  1. I have always found it interesting that the majority of people who have the same issues as I do are from the UK. Anyway, welcome to the board!
  2. Hey there, We have the exact same problem (blushing/sweating) and I understand how you feel about hiding away from everyone. I'm often okay until attention is directed my way...then I crumble. I suggest looking around the message board before you ask the doctor for meds. There is some makeup that can cover blushing very nicely and some other tips and tricks. Ashley
  3. Tubgirl scarred me for life. That and Goatsexesd. Or, whatever it was. And what a letdown. No nudie pics? For shame.
  4. Well, you do, because I'm here. ;p However, I guess I can really go for it now. A few things, I cannot get keromask and have heard some pretty horrible things about Derma Color and DermaBlend. So many conflicting reports and since I'm in Canada, it's a pretty expensive test run. I feel sad in some ways that I had to go through absolute, absolute, absolute hell in order to be able to find out about this. But, I'm also very thankful. I hate wearing makeup, but come on...I don't think I'll let that stop me. I guess I'll be ordering samples, or something. And will definitely report to however many ladies are left on the board, of my findings.
  5. :roll: Then do something to make it better, we don't need a big "This sucks!@#@" post. I think everyone just got over the whole thing. Plus, some annoying person really ruined everything, from what I remember.
  6. Do you not think most of us have made the effort to change our lifestyles? I don't see any outwardly negative attitudes in this place at all. I just see a bunch of confused people, trying to make some sense and get back control they feel they have lost. Not just over the blushing, but get back control in their lives. While I do appreciate someone coming along and telling us this stuff (believe me, I do), it's nothing we haven't seen before. It's weird, lol, it's like we get one of these posts every two months, or something. I dig the drill sergeant/coach approach. Oh and shoot, I definitely agree about the medication. 100%
  7. Very, very interesting document. When I saw the topic title, I was like: "Oh no, here we go again...", thinking it was a scam or product advertisement. Very refreshing to read what I did. Thanks for providing it. Always good to get the message drilled into your head some more. I also wonder which of us read the document and then exited out of this forum straight away to get started.
  8. From what I remember reading if you use the "setting powder" with the makeup, then it won't rub off. I mean, if you're really scrubbing at your face, I'm sure it will come off then, but for the most part DermaColor/blend really stays "put". And it's also waterproof.
  9. You aren't alone with the amount of blushing, peagee. Have you considered the makeup?
  10. Flusher, read that link. It's long but incredibly detailed regarding men using makeup from this forum.
  11. Really happy to read that, Flusher. This place doesn't really affect my blushing. I've been a member for about three? years and I was always very happy to know that I'm not alone. I had no idea until those three years ago that I wasn't a freak, or a hopeless case. I was thisclose to getting ETS and through learning about it on this website, I realized how horrible it would have been. Also, I'm now going into CBT therapy and will be buying makeup to help me -- all thanks to this website. I dunno, this website gave me hope when I had none.
  12. I've done Ecstasy and really it's just not worth it. I mean, there's no point to it, is there? You'd only be taking it once or twice a month, so...
  13. Hey, thanks so much for your replies! Any advice helps me out big time.
  14. I have heard of: CoverBlend: http://www.neostrata.com/coverblend/ DermaBlend : http://www.dermablend.com/ DermaColor : http://www.charlesfox.co.uk/Dermacolor/dermacolor.html Makeup to cover FB. I'm at a loss of which product to get, because I continually hear conflicting things about each.But they are possible solutions.
  15. Very interesting. I am so glad I chickened out of getting that procedure done. My entire life would have been ruined. Thanks for the post.
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