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  1. I'm 23 and it started when i was about 18 :cry:
  2. I am sitting all alone in my office trying to build up flexi time. I am so bored i have contemplated creating the worlds longest elastic band string :?
  3. A - I get about 7 but i need about 9 Q - Who was your last text message from and what did it say?
  4. Flossy

    Hair color?

    I always had blonde hair and you always notice my pink complexion. When i dyed my hair a chocolate brown you couldn't notice it. I'm keeping my hair this colour now for that very reason
  5. Just found this. Its an irish site. Completely put me off trying 5-htp now. St. Johns Wort it is so! http://www2.vhi.ie/topic/5htp
  6. This is so wierd i was just thinking about this yesterday :shock: I think i have mild BDD as i really obsess about how i look. Anyone i know will tell you i am constantly asking do i look ok, is my hair alright, is my makeup ok....etc...etc... I always obsess about the bad things and not the good. When i was younger (before the facial blushing) i was so self concious of the bags under my eyes. They're not even that bad. I hated them and would think about it the whole time, then i moved on to my laughter lines and even now i get upset sometimes about them. I mean i really dwelt on it and stopped myself from looking in the mirror at one point coz i just used to get so upset. My GOD i sound like a freak!!! :shock: I never realised i was this bad........ :cry: At the moment i'm obsessed by my hair. I have lost weight and as a result my hair is thinner. Its driving me mad.... Now i know this one isn't all in my head though as its obvious. My family and friends see it too. Ok i'm officially a loony!! :wink:
  7. Was that the pic of the yorkie???
  8. Thankyou VERY much Vicky for those very informative replies There is alot to think about there. Thanks for the links for info aswell. I may read up on it a bit more. I would like to try SJW or 5-HTP and just see if it can make a difference. I was on seroxat for about 2 years and it really lifted my mood therefore i didn't blush as much. I weaned myself off them about a year ago and am practically back to square one again but i don't want to go back on the seroxat as i don't want to become dependant on it. If the SJW or 5-HTP could even help me a little bit i think it would be something. I'm usually not a believer in these herbal remedies but i've heard a good bit about SJW. Would like to try it and see for myself. Am getting a bit desperate now for something to ease my anxiety. Even thinking about going for hypnotherapy :roll: Thank you so much Vicky!!
  9. Was looking back at a few older threads on these and am very interested in trying one or the other out. Vicky you wrote alot of very good information and i know you are very knowledgable about the pharma industry Maybe you could help me out on this.. You said there are different brands or whatever of St. Johns Wort which all have different ingrediants. So some are shite basically and others are good Do you know how i would go about sourcing a good one? Oh and also what exactly is 5-HTP? i know its supposed to raise seratonin levels, well supposedly. Oh oh and also.... how long can you take these for? Would they have a negative impact on your body over time or the fact that they are herbal are they ok?
  10. Heres what i got: We have treated Rosacea here successfully. Have a look at a web site www.hbot4u.com and click on the thumb nail flashing 'Must read' All you need to know about HBOT is there in alphabetical order. We cant compete with the good doctors web site so why not recommend it! I have attached a little bit on HBOT for 'Light Reading' and you are more than welcome to 'Dive' with us any day, Monday to Friday, 11.00 hrs. 13.00 hrs and 15.00 hrs., as our guest before you decide if it is for you or not. Kindest regards ______________________________________________________ Can't see anything on the actual website for rosacea though. Don't know whether to believe this man or not :?
  11. I'm after emailing a place in Ireland that does it for more info. I'll let you know what they say
  12. Oh my god i have this too. Now it COULD have been before i tried the keromask i'm not sure but it was definately around that time. Its on my left cheek. Its a red blotch. I never thought anything of it as it usually tames down after a while but your two posts have struck a chord with me. I wonder is it something to do with the keromask or are these just coincidences :?
  13. Flossy

    Make up

    Just want to say thanks to bob bear for introducing me to keromask and Rednut i would definately advise it. It is quite heavy so you would only need a little bit. I mix it with Clinique Superfit makeup (its really light) so that its not too heavy on my skin as i found the keromask alone was. It covers up really really well. Its my saviour if i know i'm gonna be in a stressful situation.
  14. Isn't it not available in ireland or something??? :?
  15. Pete has to deal with those comments on a daily basis as well i'm sure
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