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  1. enuff

    Toronto Blushfest!

    :oops: Doh! That was me BTW. Keep forgetting to log in.
  2. I'm sure everyone will jump aboard soon. Are you sure she knows it's up and running yet? Not everyone was notified by email, and she may have stopped checking in for announcements. I miss people too! Is BloodRed ever coming back? And Poison, Passion, Tip Toe, GJ, Charm, Mooch, BarnBurner........Bring back the oldies and rock on!
  3. Any side effects? Like weight, appetite, sex drive etc? At least you're getting good sleep, that's got to have positive effects. Do you feel sluggish at all after taking it?
  4. Hey good luck with that! Sounds better than a lot of habit forming drugs.
  5. enuff = enuffallreddy. Had enough with the "all reddy"! :wink:
  6. enuff

    Toronto Blushfest!

    Sure! But will it actually happen this time?!
  7. Woo hoo! Liking this forum already. I can actually write a post without my computer freezing up for 10 minutes. I'm gonna look out for the old posts to see what words of wisdom are worth preserving for prosperity. Hmmm...back to newbie status, feeling all like-a-virginish Thanks Ed!
  8. Hey Blotch! Hope this cream works out for you. Was this the really expensive one you were hesitating to buy? I can't remember its name. I'd be interested in trying it myself. Hope it works!
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