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  1. Has anyone tried botox for their hand or feet sweating like shown in the below link? Did you see any improvement, and if so, how about when you tried it a second or third time? http://www.no-ets.com/my-botox-sweat-treatment.html Thanks,.
  2. I highly recommend this one: http://www.amazon.com/Help-Im-sweating-Dietmar-Stattkus/dp/383344150X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1233239749&sr=8-1
  3. Hey Andy good to hear from you. Wish more people Came back and posted their testimonials. Funnily enough, I did some research at my work on paints last year (architectural and automotive). Maybe you can also update your original testimonial on the forums I maintain with the above summary. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Thanks.
  4. zinedine

    idromed 5

    Hey you could also try to make your own machine. Search youtube for videos on homemade iontophoresis by Shannon Bowling. I will probably do that with some modifications in the near future and post instructions on my site. If you do get Idrostar, don't forget to post your results in the Idrostar section of my forums.
  5. Avinsduckie, that is very bold of you to post your video.
  6. I was thinking of doing this after seeing those youtube videos and posting instructions and photos on my site. Please post your results here too: www.no-ets.com/forums
  7. Hey has anyone had success with converting Drionic to AA batteries?
  8. Is this IPL the same they use for hair removal too?
  9. Generally, Botox is successful for armpit sweating, but not so much for palmar or plantar sweating.
  10. Have you tried Dehydral? I purchased it for my feet sweating, but it did nothing. I then experimented with it in my armpits and it was extremely effective to the point of resulting in discomfortably dry armpits. I only used it a few times in my armpits and than stopped as I don't mind some sweating in that are -- its normal, including the bad smell! Anyway, I found a couple of links that are interesting regarding sweat gland excision surgery (there are various types). Suction -- http://www.sweatglands.co.uk/suction.htm Retrodermal Curettage -- http://www.sweaty-armpit.com/bromhidrosiscure.html Nice summary and satisfaction rate comparison with ETS -- http://www.sweathelp.org/English/HCP_Treatment_Local_Surgery.asp
  11. The surgery did not work in all likelihood if your hands still sweat two weeks later. Who was the surgeon? Do you know what ganglions were cut/clamped/cauterized LadyRed? Has your facial sweating been affected? I would hold off on a redo and try to get the above info first.
  12. stranger, do you have any data on Norway that I can add to my surgeon totals page? Thanks.
  13. That too bad it didn't work, as the armpit is where you can see best results. Here are some studies: http://www.neurotoxininstitute.com/chapter_hyperhidrosis.asp On my site, a couple of people posted success on their palms with just 30 units of Botox, so I am not sure how you were able to get 100.
  14. Well there are some who get no side effects despite getting T-2, T-3 and T-4 cut, and others suffer a lot by just getting T-2 cut. To the person who stated he/she got T-1 cut, that is impossible. You would get Horner's and much worse. Also, if you do get the surgery, I have made this page that I hope you check out before picking a surgeon: http://no-ets.com/surgeons.html
  15. Hey congrats! I always wanted to try that, but ended up taking a public speaking course as part of my MBA instead and improving drastically after several nervous starts. Its a great rush when you give a speech that goes well. Unfortunately I don't practice anymore and probably need to look into Toastmasters.
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