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  1. Last year allergies snuck up on me out of no where....They hit me pretty bad...asthma, contact dermatitis etc. I flush quite a bit after eating sometimes, Benadryl helps to take the flush away faster, but it my allergist told me that it can cause as much impairment as alcohol, so be carefull!! I think that allergies have a lot to do with my flushing, which does not seem to have any "regular" rosacea triggers.... Triggers are so hard to pinpoint for me...what makes me flush one day, wont the next and vice versa.....
  2. Thanks for giving me hope....
  3. Nicomide seems to help with my papules, but my insurance does not recognize it as a presciription, I pay 80 bucks for 60 tabs..It does not help flushing though.
  4. I had my first IPL last Friday, one week ago, and I have been flushing like crazy ever since! I am flushing more and it is more painful! Anybody have any ideas????? Is this something that will pass or is this permanent???? Topicals are out of the question, now i can only was my face with spring water! Help!!!!
  5. Hey, it's not a cure, but I have seen a marked improvement. I believe that it helps with papules and I think that it is healthier then being on minocycline. I have noticed less flushing too, but I don't see how the Tablets could be helping with that.... unless its a Domino effect...less papules = less stressing out = less flushing. I woke up this morning and looked normal. I have been on the nicomide for two weeks, but I swear after five days, I saw results.....Side Effects?? A lighter wallet. For some reason my insurance will not cover the prescription.
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