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  1. Why would you even bring up this issue here? Put it in the "Other" section. I didn't believe this sh*t before, but maybe ed is nase and nase is abacab. And they Munchausen's attention-seeking rumor is probably true... Bloody hell.
  2. Adam, a forum is only as good and interesting as its members. Why don't you come up with some interesting topic instead of just whining about it?? After all, we are not all here to ENTERTAIN you, instead of sharing our problems and ways of coping... :x What a bloody brilliant contribution on your behalf" "this forum is getting realy boring..." :roll: Wanking load of sh*t.
  3. Oh and you're talking to the other Lynne Truss fan around here! Have you read her other well-know book: "Talk to the Hand". Pure genius.
  4. Dorothy, remember that Kansas is 1,600 miles away. Marco Island is 65. Weather's better too! 8)
  5. Would love to hook-up with smart, single female. Age 25-38. Preferrably living in South U.S. Florida, would be very best. Please Private message me if interested. Will make it worth your while!
  6. Hi all. I've been following this forum for some time now. I'm supposedly a rosacean, but I believe that I'm really am a flusher without known etiology. The doctors and wisemen don't know so they throw the best accepted theory at you. I decided to join this forum for 2 reasons: first to report my month trial of Eredicaine use and second I'm hoping to catch Vickiegirl's attention. :wink: First, the Eredicaine. I finished taking my month supply today. I kept a journal or any effects starting day 1, hoping that later trends may emerge. The common effect since starting: drowsiness, dry mouth. For the first few days, the hope of it working may have helped me with social situations, but the flushing was still there. finally after week 2, any placebo effect was gone. I just felt tired. If any benefits had occurred I would have been able to tolerate the fuzziness, dry mouth and eyes. Final verdict: i'm not reordering. I don't think that 2 months of therapy are the answer, if i were to get any benefits I think i would have already seen them. Lastly, Vicky I admit to following your posts faithfully and admiring from afar. Did you just mention that you broke off a 3 year relationship? That means you are no longer engaged. Is there any hope for a nice guy, from Florida (Naples/Marco Island area) who is an introvert? I'd never give you slack for not wanting to hit the town... Don't mean to offend, but a guy's gotta try right? :wink:
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