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  1. hi daveire, Glad to hear someone else is having the positive effects which I had and am still having! From what other people have said, it doesn't work too well for rosacea. I'd just like to point out that I never said it would work on rosacea! (Neither did skin doctors!) It works for me and I have blushing and flushing.. well, not anymore! Just because it does not cure rosacea does not make it a bad product, I wish some of you would stop "warning! against it and appreciate that it has helped some people! Good luck to anyone else who is giving it a try.
  2. hey guys, thanks for the replies. I don't think it has changed any, and it has always been there... I think maybe I'm just paranoid. I'll take another pic in a couple of weeks and see if it's changed... the thing that concerns me in the edges, it's like the mole has spread out into the surrounding skin. but then maybe it's always been that way! The blotch next to it is just another mole... I'm quite a moley person! but most of them are very small, quite flat and round. alleycat, it HAS been a long time since I was on here!! no longer even a member at that gym... wow, another year has slipped by :?
  3. hey alleycat, yep thats me!! been a long time since I was on here... I'm going to phone and make an appointment in the morning.. will probably be ages till I can get one, but at least then it will put my mind at rest.. or not :roll:
  4. no worries - I hope it works for you. I think it really helps if you put it on straight after a warm bath or shower - so your pores are open and it sinks in. Good luck!
  5. Yep it just rubs in like moisturiser. I find it a bit greasy sometimes but I have really oily skin and am always getting spots. But no, nobody can tell you've used it! For £20 I think it's worth it - you have to give it a fair shot for at least 6 weeks though. If it doesn't work, then at least your face will be nice and soft!
  6. Well it's still working for me! I've not been back on here for so long because I don't worry about flushing anymore... I know it sounds too good to be true, but it works for me. Doesn't mean it will work for everyone else though
  7. I go right up to the mirror... lets me inspect every pore!! And when I zoom back out I don't look quite as bad as I do close up!
  8. I'm still using the same tub! I can't believe how long it lasts, very good value. I intend to use it forever, it's a very good moisturiser and totally controls my flushing. I think some of my broken capillaries are actually starting to clear now, which is certainly a new and good improvement. Let me know how you get on
  9. Hi Terry, I don't think I have rosacea so can't really comment. However nobody using this cream seems to have reported that it has caused their skin to get worse. So I would say it's worth a try. When I put it on I get an immediate cooling sensation and it makes my skin feel comfortable, so if nothing else, at least it is a good moisturiser!
  10. Glad to hear that eemeli. It's interesting that you do not get the burning feelings... I still feel as though my face is getting hot, but it doesn't go red!
  11. I ALWAYS make the effort to maintain eye contact. Although because of the nature of my job, we're often sitting infront of a computer discussing things, so it's ok to look at the screen every now and then or to look away when thinking about something. I've started having this thing where I don't know which eye to look at. Do you look the person in one of their eyes, move between each eye, or look at their forehead?
  12. Hi everyone, thanks for all the advice We had the secret santa today and it all went fine. As usual I was worrying over nothing. I think the guy who I had to buy a pressie for was the person who had to buy for me so it worked out ok. In fact, I wasn't at all embarrassed... no idea why not, but I guess sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.
  13. It has helped a bit with blushing. I still blush when I get embarrassed, but for me this is a psychological thing, so cream isn't going to help much! However, knowing the cream helps my flushing makes me less self conscious about my skin, so if someone looks at me I dont' worry so much that they're thinking "oh, she's red!" so I guess it reduces my blushing that way....
  14. I'm still using it and my flushing has virtually stopped. I used to go really read if I got too hot or drank alcohol, but now I stay pale! I still blush every now and then, but my skin certainly doesn't react as it used to. 3 weeks is only half way I guess, I'd stick in there, give it the full 6 and see if there's any difference.
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