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  1. Superb that you reckon your life has been changed for the better. Does your legs sweat aswell btw? I reckon if my legs didn't sweat as much, i'd be much happier with the outcome. And also another point, sweating has returned in my right armpit. Must be a sign that my nerves are regenerating.
  2. Read my previous posts, I can go to the gym and not have one drop of sweat from my head. Instead all across my back, chest and legs I am dripping. Even any type of physical excertion in work, not a drop of sweat from my head but my t-shirt and trousers will be sticking to me. Not good when you have a ten hour shift and the sweat is pishing out of you.
  3. Orite Mick your situation sounds so similar to myself. I had ETS nine months ago and I wish I could turn back time! You talk about nerves regrowing and sweat returning, well just in the last few weeks my right armpit has started sweating again, but only my right. Not being able to sweat from my head is a pain in the arse, I would do anything to get that back. Get on etsandreversals.yuko.com there are loads of people on there who are trying to find a reversal and post useful tips and info
  4. Yes but does your shirt look like that if you are in a nightclub which is hot and humid? Also when I am training I don't have one drop of sweat from my head. Unless you can experience it, it is very hard to get over the effects it has.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aCBUg4Yyn8 This is me just in from the gym, now I only did 20mins on the treadmill and 10 mins on the bike, plus I had a ten minute walk home and my back was still drenched. As you can see the sweating only starts below the shoulder line and the whole back is covered. Now imagine standing in a club in the summer, thats what my back is like!!
  6. Best of luck, a bonus of it being in a 'hall' is you won't feel enclosed. I remember when I was at college I could do presentations fine in the gym hall, but put me in a classroom i would crumble. Whats the course for?
  7. I have mailed my surgeon and i'm waiting on a reply. I know it was 100% my decision to have the surgery but I feel I have been conned by the statistics given to me by the surgeon during the consultation. He told me only 30% get CS, a study shows it is impossible not to have CS as the body HAS to sweat from somewhere. I asked about the excercise and fatigue issues. He told me this wouldn't be affected. After some research and info from another forum the sympathetic chain is needed to produce adrenaline. Now my body doesn't produce that extra burst and in turn my reflexes and ability to recover after a workout has decreased dramatically. That is just the tip of the iceberg, I cannot wait for his reply.
  8. Orite folks hope all are well Before I start..... DO NOT HAVE ETS SURGERY! My compensatory sweating is a nightmare, I sweat from my back and legs during any type of physical activity, no matter how minimal. I also don't sweat from my head anymore which is a pain in the arse! I used to love going to the gym and working out but now I hate it because I leave the gym and my bottom half of my t-shirt and shorts are soaked! and my head is bone dry. I would do anything to get this reversed but there is nothing that can be done just now. I have had BlushingAgain mail me saying he is going to have the surgery but I can't tell him enough to just forget it. For the first 4-5 months it is brilliant but after that the side effects come to the fore and they are not pleasant! Hows everybody doing anyway, mind hang in there! there are lots of people here for support who are going through the same as you.
  9. Yeh I can still play sport without problems. Only difference is I don't sweat from my head anymore, more my back. Yeh my blushing has stopped but I still don't feel confident speaking in front of a group ala presentation style! but initiating conversations at work or bumping into someone random at the shops then I don't blush. I know not blushing is a good thing but CS is :cry:
  10. So you havn't in theory suffered any CS? My CS is pretty awful, I can wake up in the morning and my legs have sweat streaming out of them for no reason. You can actually see the sweat running down my legs. Also any sort of hot drinks or soups is a no-no, my backsweats so much I can actually feel the sweat running out of me! I had a cold recently and you know how when you have a bad cold you get cold sweats? Well I have never sweat like this in my life, you would have thought I was sitting in a sauna :? There is nothing in the pipeline to get this reversed just now but I know people are working on it, I cannot wait for that day to come.
  11. It's hard to say what is better, not blushing or not having CS around my trunk? One thing is for sure and that is blushing will be FAR easier to treat in the short term than CS. At times in work I can be working just normally like everyone else but becasue i'm in a warm enviroment the sweat is literally pouring out my back chest and legs. Although this isn't noticable to people looking at me because I have 2 t-shirts on and black combats it still gets you down. Also I do not sweat from my head anymore, no matter how hard I train at the gym or when i'm playing football I still don't sweat. I got prescribed pro-banthine by my GP but it doesn't work, just leaves me with a dry mouth and eyes. I couldn't say it enough, please just give it a bye! x
  12. I had ETS about 8 months ago, don't do it. Hang off and wait for something with less side effects. If you scroll down you can read my posts on why to avoid it.
  13. Hey people, hows things? I visited my doctor and he pescriped probanthine to reduce the sweating. But this isn't really a treatment imo. These tablets are used to "dry out" the body and it is pretty unbearable on them, dry mouth eyes and a constant thirst are not goo side effects. Just to let you know I had a quality time in Budapest, was dreading it because of the hot weather ovr there but I ddn't sweat as much as I thought I would. Only really one night when we went to a small bar and it was boiling inside!! Also it was packed and we had to stand about a bit and my anxiety kind of built up so I started to sweat really heavy, but once we got a seat and I had a beer my seating stopped. It was as if it was also anxiety related my CS. It was one of those situations that my face would have been beetroot pre ETS, warm room, small and enclosed and loads of people. The weather has cooled here and my CS is not as bad but can still be rather annoying. I think it's safe to say if you live in a country where it is warm and humid for much of the year ETS is a complete no-no. Cheers.
  14. I'd love to go and meet some of the folks but there is no way i'd be paying to travel. Going to London from here costs a fortune.
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