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  1. Interesting thread going on here, so I thought I would add my two cents. I've been seeing a CBT therapist for the past few months now, and it's been costing a pretty penny - $175 an hour, but I was determined to stamp out my anxiety/blushing issues. I have to admit, that the thearpist I'm seeing is very good and I've brought all the worst blushing situations I could think of the table to argue with her and try to explain how bad it is, but she always ends up defusing my arguements. It has a lot to do with acceptance and re-framing the perception of the blushing issue. Confidence has nothing to do with it, even the most confident people can blush. I definetly have better thoughts about blushing now that I have had multiple CBT sessions. The blushing will never go away it's just part of our particular physiology so it's better to accept it than trying to fight it.
  2. yeah I read that post too. I'm wondering if this would any different than using propranolol? I find that propranolol can help slow down the heart rate a bit but it doesn't really stop the blushing.
  3. Anyone know if the follow-up article has been posted?
  4. redzone

    Toronto Blushfest!

    Anything come of this??
  5. Hey I also flush from the ears... in fact, it's probably the worst part of my face in terms of intensity and duration. Usually my face will cool down but my ears will remain red. I've heard some people have had success with Glisodin supplements that their ears don't flush as much. Might be worth a try.
  6. Hey BB, how "tanned" does the first product make your skin? I'm thinking it might be useful to use just directly under the eyes to conceal the "raccoon" look.
  7. I haven't read this particular book, but I have read plenty other similiar ones, including one by the same author called "Painfully Shy." Also, "Coping with Blushing" by Robert Edelmann is another noteworthy one. I've found all these books tackle the problem with basically the same two methods. One being changing your thought patterns (Coping thoughts) and the other by applying physical relaxation techniques. In theory, these techniques make perfect sense. However, if you're an extreme blusher like myself (and you probably are), these techniques can be terribly difficult to implement. For example, during a blushing episode, I made a concentrated effort to control and relax my breathing using the techniques. But the act of concentrating on my breathing was just more affirmation to my mind that I was currently blushing, and in fact made me blush worse. I still think these techniques can and will work, but it's hard to get the ball rolling when you're struggling with physical symptoms. For myself, I've come to the conclusion that it must be tackled from both angles - using medication and coping techniques. I think anxiety, although a large portion is in your mind, is still a physical problem Much like someone who has high-blood pressure and has to take medication for it, I think anxiety should often be thought of in the same vein. What i'm hoping is that the medication will calm down the symptoms, which will allow me to implement coping thoughts and relaxation without it being a constant internal struggle.
  8. i've been on it effexor for a week and a half now, and honestly it doesn't feel any different. My first acid test was yesterday when I had a "date" with a girl I was attracted to. Well, that test failed miserably because I felt nervous and went bright red almost immediately and stayed that way for the whole time :x
  9. That's the one I use... where do you see licorice root extract though?
  10. cmbb, I was very nervous about the side-effects too, and it took me a month before i finally decided to fill the prescription. Only way I can find out is if I try. It's been about a week now and the the nausea has gone away for the most part... I still feel it when i work out at the gym a bit. Nothing really positive to report yet, but my dosage is gonna double next monday so I'll probably feel something by then, hopefullly.
  11. I've been taking Glisodin 500mg for about 3 weeks now. Seems to slightly help improve tolerance to warm environments. I also take some right after a work-out to reduce post-work out flushing.
  12. I was prescriped Effexor for my anxiety. Took my first pill this morning and I was feeling pretty good till about noon and I started to get waves of nausea. Wasn't too bad though only lasted about 10 mins or so.
  13. Yes, applied it for about 6 weeks a couple years ago, didn't do anything unfortunately.
  14. Royal, I've used Rosacure before and it did nothing for me. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Hello all, I was just reading over an article on pycnogenol and they had another part that mentioned pulsatilla could help for blushing. Here is the article: http://www.horphag.com/html/pyc_press_times_0502.pdf Anyone heard about this before or tried it?
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