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  1. ChrisUk

    Meet up!

    I would love to meet anybody with my condition, i cannot believe they exist!!
  2. I havent yetbut Im hoping to shortly, I think it works better for rosacea than flushing however, the flushing problem is the thing I need sorting too!
  3. I took a visit back to my GP yesterday after I have been experiencing some what high blood pressure for a while and after having a chat she recommended taking clonidine.She explained it would help directly with the extreme flushing that I have to live with although I currently am on 80mg Propananol daily but by BP was still reading 159/101. I read the little leaflet about the pro's and con's however I usually take little notice of the side effects until now. I have never experienced such bad side effects after taking a drug, I became very frightened, I have been prescribed 0.25g twice daily, and after the first day I had experienced dry mouth, dry eyes, pins and needles in my legs, insomnia to the point I could not sleep till approx 7am this morning followed by a nightmare. I was just curious am I wasting my time with this treatment or has anyody found it useful and also what side effects have other peple had?
  4. I cant wait to meet up, im a bit worried but at the same time excited if that makes sense!!
  5. Just curious on your views for flushing regarding obesity. I currently have a BMI of 31, which I plan to lower, however in relation to facial flushing my theory is that the more fatty tissue in a specific area relates to a higher demands of oxygen and nutrients to the area hence making the area more vascular allowing a greater risk of flushing in that individual who may be off a fair skin nature. I understand this is not always the case but I know off a friend who is skinny and he blushes frequently but seems to be less severe than mine, any views?
  6. Hey, I would love to come too!! Saturday the 2nd is fine for me!!
  7. Hi peeps, my first message here. Like the majoirity of you here I suffer from flushing and blushing and sometimes its so excessive it upsets me. A couple of weeks back my flushing was lasting as long as 4 hours while I was at work causing me to take time off since i had been getting upset. I had currently been taking 10mg propananol 3x daily. I visited my doctor again and he could physically see the flushing affect for himself, he then directed me to have 80mg propananol once daily. This is still not working so today I taken 2 80mg tablets. the maximum recommend I believe is 240mg per day. anybody taking such high dose or even used propananol for effect to reduce reddness?
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