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  1. Well, that is awesome that you found your own cure!!! That would be hard to give up the Okanagan though. Eventually my husband and I want to move back there. It is so beautiful. My dad lives in Kelowna, and I lived in Penticton when I was a child. For Christmas, I got a couple of products from proactive. Since using the refining mask, I have noticed a huge change. My face is a lot more calm, less redness and less flushing. We shall see how it lasts. It isn't totally gone, but it is a lot better. Good luck to you in deciding on where to live....that would be a tough decision....only cause I know how wonderful the Okanagan is. :wink: ~Penny~
  2. Anyone use any Sulphur based creams? I just got a tube of Refining Mask (by proactive), and in the last week my skin has improved greatly!!! Not purfect, but a lot better, and I haven't flared up like in the past. I've heard that the Sulphur is the trick to calm the redness. ...just thought I'd mention this. It might also help someone else. ~Penny~
  3. Hey there, Small world!!!.........Just reading about where you are living. I was living in Summerland (not to far from Kelowna), and am now living in the lowermainland (Vancouver). It is since I moved back to the coast that I got diagnosed with Rosacea. I didn't have it up in the Okanagan. Who knows though....it could all be timing. It hit me when I turned 31, and I will be turning 32 this month. Not too sure, maybe you have less stress in Vancouver? Just a thought. ~Penny~
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