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  1. shellykay-you had the botox on your chest right? did it not work for you at all? That's one of the things i was hoping might be a cure. I am in the same boat, also 30, blushing affects every part of my life. don't forget though, sansrosa is in phase 3 trials. also have you heard of microskin? they are opening an office in new york in jan. 2010. i live in alberta, but i think it may be worth travelling there to see if it would work for me. Chickie
  2. that would be about the same surface area as the face then. $300 would be so worth it if it worked. Have you had any results yet?
  3. hi shelley, hope it is a success. do you mind if i ask how much the 30 units ended up costing you?
  4. Hi, wish i was not computer illiterate and could have made this a link, but anyway, i saw a post on the Rosacea Forum that Sansrosa is recruiting trial participants. Wish i lived anywhere near where the trials are being held! The post is under the news/research sections. Please have a look if you live in the US and would be able to participate. Chickie
  5. Brucie, Can i ask if your ETS was not succesful, or if it was and you are having bad CS? Thanks, Chickie
  6. curgurl- maybe this is easier said than done, but i really think it's worth a shot. It is temporary and it's an injection,nothing i being cut or even clamped, like a trial ETS that will eventually wear off, so if there is side effects or if it's ineffective, it will go away without you having to do a thing about it. IMO this is better than covering up FB, i really don't think i would care much that i was FBing if i didn't have that horrible feeling of heat in my face, that makes me want to melt into the ground. I think you would regret it if you didn't at least meet with the Dr. Just my 2 cents worth- Christine
  7. OMG-this is amazing! it would wear off after a while (at least i think it would be temporary), so even if it had side effects it's nothing permanent like ETS. and it would be better than camo or a cream because it takes care of that heat sensation that i hate so much -that oh no i'm blushing again feeling- that would be priceless. Chickie
  8. Hi Eldritch, Thanks so much for your reply it's always helpful to hear from someone who has actually tried the product. That is quite the price tag but well worth it if you don't have to worry about blushing all the time. I would travel to New York for that. Do you know yet how often you have to get more product and how much that should cost you? Do you feel like the stuff blocks up your pores after you've been wearing it. (i have acne as well so that is always a consideration). Have people (other than your family who know you) made any comments about your picture perfect skin. I don't know if guys necessarily notice this kind of thing, but you know when a girl is just wearing too much concealer and has that really made up look? Does the spray on skin look like that (really don't like that over done thing). This is a really long shot and i don't mean to be too forward, but would you perhaps be comfortable posting a before/after pic. (just a thought). Thanks so much for telling your story and all the great info. Chickie
  9. Hi, can you give more details ie were you a flusher or blusher, does it completely cover the redness, have you tested it in a lot of situations, how long does it take to apply, how much did it cost you. Are you from Australia? Any more info about your personal experience would be helpful, i did look at this, but i'm in Canada. Thanks Chickie
  10. hi all, i've been reading this forum for a while, but don't usually post. just wanted to know if anyone out there has had the same thoughts about flushing/blushing as i've had recently. I've blushed since i was a kid, basically due to any kind of emotion at all: surprise, anxiety, excitement whatever. I also flush due to the usual triggers, heat, spicy food, exercise. I used to have a lot of social anxiety, but don't really anymore, i'm still shy, but no more than a lot of other people that i have met who don't blush at all. and to be honest, i'm not at all a person who is concerned with what others think, i've never cared that much about fitting in. I used to think that i was the only blusher (until i found this forum) and that it was a sign of something incredibly wrong with me psychologically. Now i'm starting to think that for whatever reason, my blood vessels are just more responsive than most other people's. just that simple. Don't get me wrong, i love to never flush or blush again, but i just don't necessarily think it's my fault anymore. Does anyone else feel this way? Thanks for reading, Chickie
  11. Hi, I'm just wondering, has anyone else besides daring princess tried colortration (thanks for posting about it dp). I am considering trying this, but I have tried dermablend and dermacolor and was really disappointed, I'm not sure if I want to shell out more more money. It would be great if anyone that has had experience with colortration could comment on it. Thanks Chickie
  12. daring princess, have you tried dermacolor or dermablend. I could not even really apply those to my skin they were so cakey. Colortration looks more promising as it is a liquid makeup. I spoke to someone there, they said it is super concentrated, so you need a tiny amount. have you found this to be true? Also, what percent coverage would you say it gives you on an all out blush? I'm thinking about getting the trial kit. Thanks for the great info. Chickie
  13. Hi, Is anyone still trying this? (the alphagen eye drops). I haven't heard anything about this in ages. The people who've tried it, maybe you could give us an update. Thanks so much Chickie
  14. Hi Yogataz, Thanks for this great post. I have tried a couple of types of camouflage make up, dermacolor and dermablend, but was not impressed with them. I found them really thick and cakey to apply and they did not cover my redness. I don't have permanent redness, but I FB and FF really badly. I'd like to try something else though, so I'm glad I came across this post. How easy or difficult is it to mix your own shade? Did it take a long time till you got the right mix? Also how much of your redness would you say it covers, and do you think it would cover a full on flush or blush. Thanks in advance for your time, I'm glad you are having success with this, Chickie
  15. Hi, There is no ingredient list on the website, but it does say that it contains Nicotinamide, so I looked that up. It is apparently one of the components of Niacin, but not the one that causes flushing. It apparently has anti inflammatory effects. If Dr. Nase is reading this, perhaps you could comment on the usefulness of this ingredient on blushing and flushing. I'm glad this is working for you, keep us posted.
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