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  1. Vanilla


    Bit late, but here is a spooky halloween poem, saw it in a movie, it
  2. Just be very carefull opening these links from multiple postings, as they often contain a virus , I would not touch it
  3. Vanilla

    IS IT ME

    Hey Cally ( if you are the same!!) No idea what the 90 + posts of ''I hate everything'' are still there, it is a pain, cannot enlighten you, I suppose Ed is asleep still. Hope you keep well. Vanilla
  4. GOod article, I read something in the following lines about fear. Mainly we are afraid of things that have allready happened ( our sub consciousness remembers this, and if a simular sitution comes up, fear kicks in. Fear is mostly based on our beliefsystem FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
  5. Good idea. they cycle a lot in China anyway, maybe you can get one of these carriages, that would be cool
  6. How are things GJ? Not my line, it is actually the title of a book, never read it, but i thought the title was good. IT is in English so you prob. get it to view on internet. Might have a peek myself. Cheerio
  7. HI Princess. This is a story i was sent by email, so not my friend who happened it too , it is trying to tell something The moral of it is to live by the present , and not many years ahead ,not to stop people to give presents, that has nothing to do with it, but to use these presents, as in this story, the woman did, only on her funeral , which she didn't anticipated when she got the present i am sure. The message is to enjoy life as it is presented to you, as you don't know what is waiting around the corner for you. Hope you understand the underlying meaning better now. Ciao
  8. Vanilla


    Xanax is cheap,, I get 25 tabs of 10 mgr, for 4 euro, please don't use it on a driving test, it will seriously effect your reactions, and you don't want to crash, you need prescrioption, but i think you can get it on internet as well, don't know where though., the relaxation can last quite a while, not a day though, it depends how much you take, one big side effect i noticed is forgetfullness, on the days that i take it, i have memory blanks, something as simple as ,, did i eat? , i forgot that, and that is worrying.anyway, it does relax wonderful, and it really helped me in terrible blushing situations if i know i am going to encounter tgriggers, 30 minutes on forehand is a good time inddeed to take them
  9. Vanilla


    I am using xanax for the last 3 years or so,, it works very well for blushing, i use it at work when i do presentations and so on, but i do find that i need more, i started off with 5 mg, now i need 10 to have the same effect , and preferable on an empty stomach to have more of a hit. I only use it now maybe once a week, thank god, i would not like to use it on a daily basis, as it is addictive and you should be really keeping an eye on that
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