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  1. I don't know why you guys have to keep bringing up the "honeymoon period" term. If you ask me, it's harder coming right after surgery than when the time passes. Overcoming the first couple weeks after surgery is the hard part because the pain from the surgery. There are no "lucky ones" (it makes it sound like anyone who are satisfied with ETS just survived a miracle); there are obviously "unlucky" ones, however (if that made any sense to you). I already mentioned it in my ETS results sticky thread. Insurance did cover it. I'm sure I will still visit this forum and help others.
  2. Just as I said what other satisfied ETS patients would be doing, I had moved on with my life and therefore had not been on this forum. However, I did promise to update. It's been over a year since I've had ETS and I still have no regrets at all. The positives totally outweigh the negatives. It has changed my life so much. I can concentrate so much and I have less stress now. I NEVER have to worry about trying to hide my hands or constantly wipe off my hands on my pants to no avail; I can write, shake hands, hold on to anything, do everything with NO worries. I had extremely bad Palmar Hyperhidrosis where I would drip puddles of sweat, but now, my hands are always smooth and I don't ever drop a sweat from there anymore -- it REALLY is a dream come true. Although people have speculated -- some anti-ETS users would even attack me brutally -- that it would become worse months after surgery; however, that was not the case for me. I just checked the Post-ETS results topic that I started, and it's nice to see more satisfied patients sharing their experience too. It was actually tough in the early weeks post-ETS, but that was it. It was worth the pain for me. I do get some compensatory sweating when it is extremely hot, or I get that tingly feel of sweat coming in on my back when I'm feeling extremely uncomfortable, but sweating in those body parts are normal compared to dripping on the hands. It's totally worth the trade-off for me. I find that I do not sweat from the nipple above, like others have mentioned, so that can be a negative when the weather is really hot and unable to sweat from the head. However, I am not an athlete so this is not much of a problem for me in most of my daily life (I can just splash my face with water), and again, having dry hands is worth the trade-off because the hands are something being used all the time. The side effects are inevitable in ETS, but most people will find the positives outweigh the negatives far greater, especially in case of Palmar Hyperhidrosis. Sure people who are still suffering with this condition can wait years for a real cure -- one with no side effects -- but for me, I wanted to enjoy my life NOW then continue to live a miserable life waiting and regretting those wasted years. I know I would've had a better high school experience if I was able to get the surgery then. Well, I won't guarantee that I'll be on this forum actively now -- like I said, I'm moving on with my life. However, since this condition has haunted my life so deeply, that it's still a sensitive topic to me and I will never forget the misery and pain it caused my life; if people need advice, just send me a message and I'll still be happy to help and try to get back to you.
  3. sorebluearm, Do you still not realize the double standard here? Anti-ETS users are the ones that "attack" anyone who are happy with the surgery. I did not start this altercation. You have to "attack" them by saying their problems won't exist until years to come. There have been users coming here 5 years later to share their positive experience -- and yet, they are simply ignored by you people, "attacked", or just told to "wait another 5 years" :roll: because of course, "they were just one of the few lucky ones". I can accept the fact that there are people unhappy with ETS; the problem is, you guys that are anti-ETS cannot accept the opposite. Why would it also take years later? A few weeks is more plausible. Unless one had the surgery in their early teens -- which seems to be your case (had the surgery at 14?) -- their body would then change dramatically. As I mentioned hundreds of times, I already have cs. And if I work for a long time, I get fatigue just like any normal human -- that's normal. Emotional problems? That's a personal issue -- not physical. What it is, to me, is that "it takes years", for unhappy patients, to finally regret what they've done -- although their body has always been the same after the surgery; it's like you buy a product and it seems okay then, but years later you see no value in it. You also mentioned you had ETS for Raynaud's. Just because you had a similar surgery procedure, ETS, done for one thing, doesn't mean the results will be the same with someone who had a different symptom. I have not read a high success rate for Raynauds on ETS. You also had it back in 1987! It's been almost 20 years. Technology has changed SIGNIFICANTLY. You also said they removed your T1 section? T1 should not have been tampered with, as it can cause Horner's. Again, many anti-ETS users don't question every little detail -- they group everything and everyone together. Like I said before, I agree that ETS is not a cure, BUT it is a trade-off that can still benefit some. The problem is, you guys cannot accept the few "fortunate" ones. It's easy to judge someone, but THINK about what YOU'RE saying before "attacking" us. Anyway, best of luck to you all.
  4. Well, I haven't been on this forum for awhile and looks like the anti-ETS people are still keeping up with the same responses. mightymouse's responses sure cracks me up. You got to remember, this forum is mostly biased. My advice to you, considering I was in the same circumstance as you - someone suffering from severe hand sweating and contemplating on ETS - is see if your dripping hands really is taking over your life or not. For me, it was. Nothing else out there was effective enough and it was also very inconvenient. I really did not mind the trade-off of getting cs just to have dry hands. Having sweaty hands handicaps one of doing any hands on activity. Not everyone is unhappy about going through with surgery; a lot of them just move on. The unhappy patients are the ones that stay on this forum daily and continue to protest. That's just how it is. anti-ETS users are very narrow-minded and even if you show them hundreds of successful ETS patients, they will not budge, because in the end, they were not happy with THEIR results.
  5. LOL. Look who's talking about twisting stories, especially bringing up something totally irrelevant. Those were all questions. Especially the most recent one: "Is it because you've taken Ditropan that you are so lenient about this case?" -- do you notice the question mark at the end of the sentence? Apparently, who's the one that's nothing listening? :roll: lol "probably". I'm sorry but your arguments are weak. Side effects from medications are all not reversible. poison, I don't know if your menstrual period is getting in the way or it is just your ego, but you are a major hypocrite with all your double standards. I find it pretty funny how your avatar expression reflects your attitude right now. My avatar is actually directly referring to you too.
  6. Do you always have to get on my back about everything? :roll: I really question your mentality. Is it because you've taken Ditropan that you are so lenient about this case? Hmm. Such irony here. Medication can be just as deadly as surgery, but when it comes to ETS, you're quite narrow-minded. "Old people lose their memory anyway"? Wow. What an ignorant statement. Personally, I have taken Ditropan and experienced awful side effects from it.
  7. Why not just say: "If only I had no face sweating"? :roll: Iontophoresis on the face? Oh, that must be a really nice massage. :shock:
  8. So what if it is "still" HH. That is what annoys me the most: you, and others alike, group all the HH together, and that is where the conflict begins; someone who has ETS for facial blushing results will totally differ from someone who has it for palmar HH. Just because someone has Diabetes doesn't mean they're all the same you know; same goes with Hyperhidrosis. I say it is ridiculous for having surgery for armpit sweating because they have a higher success with other products out there, such as Drysol. Not to mention there are so many types of deodorants out there. For the hands, Drysol doesn't do much, but there have been more people with axillary HH having success with it. Just because one thing works for one HH doesn't mean it'll work for all. Also, it's more common for people to drench in the armpit, even when they are nervous. I've had my armpit drip before too. Yes, it is embarrassing, but you can still get things done. I really wouldn't mind hearing your take on how sweating on the armpit could be worse than hand sweating. By the way, I get compensatory sweating so I know what it is like to sweat excessively in other body parts -- it's still better than sweating on the hands. :roll: Oh yeah, I'm the only case in the entire world to have a sucessful ETS result. Did you not read what I said? "I've read plenty of stories from both sides before having the surgery; the fact that I actually went through the surgery means I know what the outcome is really like." Of course you can have an opinion on it. An opinion is different from a fact. It's only an opinion. Funny you say that. Everything you read -- obviously, "everything" is anti-ETS. How ironic you don't question that side. So why do you automatically consider any positive ETS story as being fake and everything else as real? You just said everything we read online could be lies. Talk about double standards. You keep saying I don't listen, but what exactly am I not listening about? Just because I'm not 100% anti-ETS I don't listen? Right. . . . You can keep thinking, but I rather enjoy my life now than wait through more miserable years; by then, I'll be too old. I've already wasted my teenage years because of Hyperhidrosis. ETS has been around for decades. It's not a new procedure. What do we still have today? Oh, ETS. Some progress we've made. It's really a matter of your condition really is that severe or not to have surgery. If I just had axillary sweating, I would've just lived with it, since compensatory sweating is inevitable after surgery. I know I'm not going to change you from being anti-ETS -- and I know it is mainly due to your HH area (just like someone who suffer from palmar HH would go against Drysol, but someone with axillary HH would recommend Drysol) -- but I want you to, at least, keep in mind that HH is NOT ALL THE SAME; there are different types and ones' condition also play a major difference in the results. That is why I never say I recommend ETS for "everyone". Unlike most anti-ETS users, I try to consider the circumstances - not just right or wrong.
  9. Perhaps only one side of the brain... if you know what I mean. All the facts from where? Anti-ETS websites? Well, that explains a lot. I've read plenty of stories from both sides before having the surgery; the fact that I actually went through the surgery means I know what the outcome is really like. I speak from experience. You're obviously only taking one side of it and just calling those as "fact". Now, I suffered from palmar Hyperhidrosis; this does not mean I recommend the surgery for someone who suffer HH elsewhere. Personally, I truly think it is ridiculous to have a surgery just to stop armpit sweating. Oh, I remember now: you have HH in the armpits.
  10. I still don't understand how "poison" is against ETS when she hasn't even gone through with it. I guess because she has facial blushing and it's pretty much guarenteed a low success rate for them? I agree, though, that ETS is really not a "cure", but it is an alternative that is most effective, at least for palmar hyperhidrosis, that no other treatment can accomplish.
  11. It would help if you can define "wet" because everyone has a different perspective to it; does it drip? Are you overweight?
  12. It's so users don't have to keep repeating themselves about their operation results. A lot of anti-ETS people seem to like to broadly state "it ruined their life" but they are never fully clear about their situation. People forget there are different types of Hyperhidrosis, but they like to combine it all in one group; someone with palmar Hyperhidrosis and someone who has facial HH are completely different -- and thus, ETS results also play a huge difference in that. I made this thread so we could be clear and organized as possible. I mean, it would be nice if everyone could put what they suffer from in their forum signatures.
  13. I agree ETS is not for everyone - like a former stripper like yourself. :roll: But stop saying it like it doesn't benefit anyone. Ultimately, it's if your previous condition was really that worse than after the surgery; if you only had armpit sweating then obviously compensatory sweating in other areas will make them unhappy. For someone who sweats all the time on their hands, cs is actually a minor trade-off. It can feel crappy when cs kicks in (compared to the previous condition, it actually occurs less often), but at least we (palmer HH) can get stuff done, such as taking notes, or any hands on work now. I agree ETS is not really a "cure" -- due to the side effects -- but it is a trade-off that can still benefit others, like me, who had a bigger HANDicap their entire life and couldn't get things done. I'm tired of people complaining so much, especially the way you do it mightymouse - what are you like 12? God created diseases so people can actually appreciate what they take for granted.
  14. sweatsucks

    Pathology bill?!

    Well, I'm still enjoying my dry hands, but bills from the surgery is getting ridiculous. How much were you guys charged towards the pathology services? Professional and technical?! If the doctors weren't clear about one thing, it was definitely separate charges for pathologists and requirement for tissue samples. How many times did they have to take these tissue tests for you guys? It seems ridiculous being charged multiple times for tests I wasn't even aware of.
  15. mickeymouse, are you on your menstrual cycle these days? All you do is get defensive now - what happened to trying to hookup with girls? :roll:
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