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    Hey all, had a really bad experience last night, and things are starting to get to the breaking point where I need to do something now, I really feel like I cant go on like this much longer. I scheduled a conseltation apt next week for IPL and I was wondering who here has gotten it done and if theyve had any luck. ANY input would be greatly appreciated
  2. Also, who did the treatment, a doctor or a nurse?
  3. Yea, I was thinking about getting the IPL done also. Actually just posted on another thread about it, but oh well. I was kind of curious what you meant by the supplements as well. Also, how much did each treatment cost you? And of course what was the bruising like? I work full time and go to school full time so I cant afford to lay low for any more than a day. Ive actually head that its better if you go into a flush before you go in to get the IPL done. So much information out there, hard to know what to believe and what not to believe.
  4. I used Synchrorose Fast a few months ago and actually it did help a little, I dont know why I didnt buy more, I think its cause I tried Capillary Clear out for a little while. Both seem to work, maybe Ill give this a try again and lose it over a longer period of time. Been thinking about getting IPL done also for my permanent redness. Has anyone else had this done and if so what was the outcome/side effects/etc. When I get it done I think I need my whole face and neck. If anyone knows about how much this will cost also that would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. What type of treatment are you going to receive? I found a place near me and was thinking about getting the IPL treatment done. Let us know how the consultation goes
  6. albcjb


    I was thinking about getting the IPL treatment done for my flushing/permanent redness. To those of you who have had it done about how much does it cost? Been reading up on it and I think it might be right for me. Oh, and anyone that has had it done I would love to hear your experience with it.
  7. by boot im assuming you mean a large quanity? Probably online. Thats where I buy everything. You can find a lot! Money def is an issue for me as well, but if I can find a good cream or something else for only $30 a month then Im all in.
  8. I was checking out some of the stuff on this site and found a bunch of old posts from about a year and a half ago. Not sure if some of these people are still on this forum but they had a thread very similar to this one talking about antihistimines, cortisone cream and such. Kind of interesting. http://www.esfbchannel.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=general&action=display&num=1088186101
  9. Easier2run: Im sorry that you are feeling that way. I know what its like and Ive been there so many times. The best thing to do is to just keep trying something new. Different things work for different people. As far as the cortisone 10 give it a try, everyones skin is different. As for myself I have extremely sensitive skin and after a couple of days of using it it started to really irritate my skin. No sense in making a bad situation worse. But this is only me and like i said everyone reacts differently to things. Hopefully it works for you
  10. Hey, sorry its been so long since Ive posted. I think the last time was christmas eve. Anyway I stopped using the hemmroid cream. After a couple days of using it it really started to irritate my skin, and christmas eve I went into a pretty big flush. So thats the end of that! I did just get an order in the mail though. http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/beauty-534625BE/skin_care-341441SK/other-s-996546/fade_out_soothing_facial_redness_remedy-FAFRR50.html Anyone tried? This stuff seems to be working really well. I got it a couple days ago, took a while to get to me. Its not meant to treat the blushing but cover it up. Its not a makeup and it seems to kind of soak into your skin. It has a greenish tint to it and when it is absorbed into your skin it makes you look white. This is really good for me because I have red skin to begin with. So far I like it. Im thinking about trying the capillary clear stuff to try and treat my red face and then use this stuff to cover up. Sorry if I keep trying different things but when one thing doesnt seem to work anymore I quickly change to something else. A lot of the things Ive tried I think just have a placebo effect for the first couple of days and then reality sets in. This stuff that Im using now seems to cover it up so its def not any kind of placebo. Really cheap to! Anyway, sorry its taken me so long to get back, I will def try and be better about posting. Hope everyone has a great new year! Drink one for me!
  11. Hey everyone, sorry its taken me so long to write back. The last couple of days have been extremely busy with work and finishing up christmas shopping! Ive been using "The Cream" for the past couple days and seems to be working great! It doesnt totally take all the redness away but it tones it down a lot. The only problem is that Im also still taking the eredicane, so I dont know if its that or the cream thats working. Right now Im thinking the cream cause I was on eredicane for about a week before I started using the cream and it didnt seem to work that well....but maybe it takes time to work, I dont know. One thing with the hemroid cream that Ive noticed is when I feel like Im blushing my face actually starts to feel a little cool. Has anyone else tried this? I would really like to hear some other experiences. The cream that Im using is cortisone 10 with extra mosturizers. The good thing about this cream is that its not just for hemroids and the word hemroid is no where on the box if people are afraid of the embarassment of buying it. We'll see how it works tonight, I have a christmas party to go to and should be another good test. Hope everyone has a great christmas!! Or to be more PC "a Happy Holiday!"
  12. Well tomorrow I can't apply it to only one side, I have a ton of christmas shopping to do, then Im having people over for drinks and going out. I dont want to be out and have one side white and one side red :wink: . I will put it all over my face though and see how it works. Since having people over + drinking usually leads to a red face this will be a good test. The only reason I did one side today was cause....well I had nothing better to do and wanted to experiment . Hopefully it works again. My only question is why hasnt this been tried before....since hemroid creme is an antiflamatory you would think someone would have tried it....ya never know I guess. I'll try to write tomorrow with results if I have time, if not ill post up results on thurs when i get out of work.
  13. Well the eredicane....eh. Ive been on it for 12 days now and to be honest, im not that impressed. I still get red. so whatever, im going to finish out the rest of the bottle and see what happens but not expecting too much. If anyone else has tried it please post, I would like to hear your thoughts on it. On to something else that I tried though, I was reading on another forum that hemoroide cream can help with blushing. So since I will try pretty much anything I went out and got some cortisone 10 with mosturizers or whatever. When I got home today I only put it on the left side of my face to see if anything would happen. So I was talking on the phone (and yes I do blush when talking on the phone too) and I felt that I was starting to go red....but only on my right side! It was warm on my right side but not my left! So I went to a mirror as soon as I got off the phone and sure enough the right side of my face was red and the left side wasnt! HOLY sh**! I cant believe it! I will continue to experiment with this, right now IM AMAZED! my only thought is will my skin get used to the cream and it will have no effect anymore. If that is the case I will be more than happy to only use it when I have to give presentations or when going on a date or whatever. I will keep everyone updated and if anyone has tried anything like this before let me know, I would like to hear some other responses or thoughts. So here's to the left side of your face being white!
  14. Saw something on another forum about using hemroid creme for facial flushing, just wondering if anyone has heard of this before
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