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  1. Dave, I would say those are the side effects of Robinul, but you stopped taking them a week ago? Robinul gave me bloodshot eyes and headaches.
  2. Is hyperhydro that mickeymouse guy too? Both are mean spirited.
  3. I have tried just about everything for palmer, and the only thing that worked was the drionic. It kept my hands dry for about 6 weeks after 7 hours of zapping.
  4. I checked that anti-sweat site, those pills seem to be nothing but assorted herbs. Very doubtful they would work. Try Ditropan or Robinul.
  5. SweatBoy, I sweat same places as you, my main problem is my hands and feet. And it doesn't help that it's been the hottest summer in New York in years.
  6. Palmar and plantar HH, does not seem to be effected by bodyweight.
  7. Neither of my parents have HH. I guess I'm lucky?
  8. SweatyBoy, I have the same type of HH as you, and I have the same exact thoughts. It can take a large mental toll on someone. I read in article about HH, that the mental anguish of someone with HH is comparable to someone with Multiple Scelerosis.
  9. Living in New Jersey is considered toxic, you should visit one day. Well if I was a female and had axillary HH, I would probably go with the Botox. It has been shown to be quite safe and effective for the underarms. Botox treatment for underarm sweating has become quite popular here in the US, since it has been approved by the FDA. Since the FDA approved Botox for the underarms, most insurance plans will cover it. Now Botox for the hands is not an approved treatment so it would be harder to get the insurance company to pay, and botox for the hands seems to only work for 50% of people.
  10. In my case anxiety has little to do with my palmar HH. I can be totally relaxed, laying down in bed, reading a book and still have my palms nearly dripping. Sometimes I can be really nervous and my hands are totally dry. It's like my sweating system is completely out of whack. Anxiety can make palmar HH worse; and palmar HH can understandably give someone anxiety problems.
  11. Rub some Palmer's cocoa butter on your underarms and chest and then take some pics and post them. So we can help you more. This should help a link to Cocoa butter... http://www.etbrowne.com/products/Collection.aspx?CategoryID=1&CollectionID=27
  12. I just read the link about NAB (Near beer). I used to drink a lot, but since I've been taking Strattera for ADHD, it killed any desire to drink. (Strattera increases Norepinephrine in the brain.)
  13. I'm still in my 20's and find dating fun; it can be a little frustrating with sweaty hands though. If I was dating a girl that blushed I would think it was cute, and probably relax a little, thinking that the girl was shy.
  14. I have hand HH, I'm currently using Drionic. But planning to get Botox. If my insurance approves, it shouldn't cost more than the $40 copay for a Dr. visit. Since Botox has been approved by the FDA for axillary HH; it shouldn't be too expensive for her as long as she has health insurance.
  15. Prop. didn't make me hallucinate in a cool way either. I was taking 40 mg in the morning and evening.
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