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    Meeting London

    I'm in, just lets go ahead with this thing this time people !!!!!!
  2. Just because I have not seen any of those threads on here, I am going to dread the day that one of my best friends asks me to be there best man ( and its going to happen one day)
  3. The only job that I have had where my blushing has not caused me to have time off or seek another place to work because of it is my current job. Since I turned 18 (27 now) I have worked nights because of having to deal with less people work at the night time.
  4. I know its been done on here before, but what is the age of everyone on here. I've just turned 27.....
  5. Are you a male or female? Male. Are you left handed or right handed? right handed. Do you have acne? NO. How old are you? 26 - (27 tuesday). Do you have dry skin? Not really. Best way you have found to limit blushing? Hiding sadly......
  6. Yeah i'm in if I can get the time of work. (saturday would be best) I hope liz and co can come to this one as well, will be cool to see everyone again.
  7. Well I went to the last one in birmingham and I'm also waiting for the next date to be agreed on, hopefully it will be by the years end. :wink: Anyone thats up for it add your name here I guess!
  8. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god this event has been called off as I have not been on the forum that much in recent times and never knew there was one taking place! Please liz or someone else pm me when this is back on as I WILL be there....
  9. Greetings liz and co. Hope all is well at your end? Not been on the forum much since our meet as I've been working to hard and have been busy doing other things. :twisted: My blushing is almost not a problem at the moment,but thats another story. So is this uk meet happening soon or not? Hope everyones well.
  10. Hi everyone. Reading in here has made me all interested in coming to this meet. So whats the plan now? is there a date set.
  11. Hi liz, I did send this in a PM last week sometime, but it says that there is no record of it going out to you so I'll ask you again here. - How did your meeting at work go a few weeks back that you said you had at the meet? I hope all went ok? I know its not much help but chin up girl...I'm thinking of you!
  12. Yeah, I'd just like to add my thanks to liz for setting this night up for us. It was a shame that it was only the four of us, yet four is still better then three :wink: and we all had a good night. One more drink and I believe that I would started to kiss one of you three though! Capri was one drink and a hangover ahead of the rest of us there and he already had that look in his eyes.I thought you were going to dive in at one point! lol Honestly, it was really nice to be able to talk 'face to face' with others that live with this bloody problem in there lives as well, it was almost unreal to be able to let out some of our feelings with real people,rather then just over a message board.And from what I remember, i can't remember any of us blushing at all through the course of the night. But maybe that was because of the booze? Hopefully, everyone is up for another meet sometime soon, and maybe before the end of the year? and It would be nice if one or two others could make it there as well, because it was a great night. You really do have nothing to fear! Take care.
  13. Sorry everyone, I won't be there tonight. Just rang up national rail enguiries for rail times for this afternoon and I was told that there are no trains running from gloucester to birmingham due to this fecking british summer we've got right now :roll: And as I'm coming up from bristol, I got told that I won't be able to make my journey due to this being on the gloucester - birmingham route. I am one peeded off mother right now! I'll try to have a think about another way i can make it up there in the next few hours,but it looks unlikely. Balls to it. :cry:
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