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  1. ta-ta-ta troll, don't feed it.
  2. well, at least you had the right response for your friend.
  3. You need to buy latex or vinyl gloves, the type a surgeon, doctor, etc. would use; they do not come with the Driclor. Be sure to blow dry your hands before you put the Driclor on, if they are still sweating, it will wash some of it off and make it less effective. You will notice at night that your hands will probably start sweating in the gloves, but leave them on anyways. Then, wash your hands in the morning. Do this for about three weeks and see if it makes a difference. Pro banthine is another anticholinergic (similar to Robinul?), and it does not cross the blood brain barrier like Ditropan does (which increases side effects). If you take it, you will still experience side effects like dry mouth, etc., but I guess it all depends on the individual. In the States, you cannot order this drug online without a prescription.
  4. Pinker, Have you tried Clonidine yet? If not, you might ask your doctor about it. It's not an anticholinergic, so you may have a different (maybe better response?)
  5. I wouldn't hold your breath for gene therapy....that's many many years down the road.
  6. I think the best advice would be to talk to more than one doctor about the procedure (and, preferably, at least one that does not do the surgery). It is a tough call.
  7. Well, I haven't heard the part about compensatory sweating being more easy to control, but good luck (and make sure to get more than one opinion).
  8. Well, you sound similar to me. I have HH everywhere (hands, forehead, feet, legs and back), and I am always hot, no matter what the temperature, and my skin is always clammy and wet (I feel like a heroin addict). I have gone through a large amount of meds as well (ditropan, robinul, gabapentin, belladona alkaloids, clonidine, a couple of SSRI's, 40% solution of aluminum antiperspirant, topical robinul, iontophoresis). The meds helped early on when this problem first occured (about 6 years ago), but none have much of an affect on me now. The dosages now need need to be way too high to stop my sweating, but then my body gets way overheated, and I start to experience other side affects as well (fatigue, dry eyes/mouth, dizziness, etc.). I have had (almost) every test done: thyroid, pheochromocytoma, neurology work ups, all of the typical blood tests, etc. The only thing I haven't done is an MRI or CAT scan to see if there is an underlying issue (though, I highly doubt it). My last hold out is to see a doctor who specializes in peripheral nerves, but I am sure I will hear the same diagnosis....hyperhidrosis (or overactive sympathetic nervous system). So, I too am at my wits end. I'd say this problem saps about 60-70% of my mental energy everyday (constantly being hot, and having clammy skin and wet pants). I can't imagine what life would be like without this condition. If I were to wake up in the morning and it magically disappeared, I would run down the street in my pajamas screaming for joy. Alas, I know it won't go away, so I just suffer through it I suppose. I do know that if I got ETS done, I would stop sweating on the hands, but my lower body would be doubly soaked which, to me, is worse then what I have now.
  9. Hi Lethal, Run through all of the treatments you have used so far again. I have generalized HH, and it is always on the cusp of being unbearable (makes me want to jump through the window). However, it is my understanding that ETS is a gamble even if you have only have palmar HH. The risk of more severe compensatory sweating increases if you have hyperhidrosis elsewhere as well. I haven't done much reading about ETS, I had one appointment with an 'expert' in hyperhidrosis at the University of Chicago, who happened to be a thoracic surgeon. I wasn't expecting a consultation for ETS surgery, but he basically went through the list of meds I had tried, and said that he primarily focused on ETS. I was not a candidate because of the severity of my HH over the rest of my body (I didn't want it done anyways). In any case, list the treatments you have tried, and maybe I can recommend some others.
  10. Indeed, we sweat, and we have cold extremities, WTF? I know we talk all the time on these boards, and we always seem to be in a rut with treatments, so I guess all we can do is **** for the time being It's summer, so I am always completely miserable. Having generalized hyperhidrosis, always being hot, AND having clammy skin....I imagine this is what a heroin addict feels like when they are trying to quit....except my sweating never, ever, ever stops.
  11. where was that post on the sweat pill from Germany? Was it here or in the social phobia world forums?
  12. Pinker, I took this a while back, and it works (but, for me, the affects didn't last). The side affects, if I remember, are similar to other anticholinergics that cross the blood brain barrier (i.e., ditropan), so tiredness, cessation of sweat over the entire body (not sure if that is what you are looking for), and dry mouth. At higher doses, these side affects obviously increase, and for me, I had the additional side affect of some mental confusion (though I am not sure if that was related to anxiety or not). In any case, I did find clonidine to be helpful overall (one of the better meds I have used). It also helped with blushing, which was great. At first, it worked beautifully, but as time went on it started to loose its effect, and I had to increase my dosages, and finally quit. I noticed that my hands and feet, as always, were the most stubborn to respond to this drug. Initially everything was dry, but then my hands began to sweat as time went on (though not as severely, and without the annoying clamminess). However, don't let that dissuade your from asking your doctor about it. It is frequently prescribed for 'off-label' usage for controlling hot flashes in women, and even controlling ADHD in kids! If you titrate up slowly, you might find that it works well, and meds don't always quit working on everybody (it just seems that they do with me). Also, oral glycopyrrolate is not available at all in the UK? That's odd given that you can get the liquid form for iontophoresis. It may be way too expensive, but you could try Avert from Pharmacy.ca, glycopyrrolate will have fewer side affects so, if you can get your hands on it, I would try it first.
  13. Interesting, it's another anticholinergic, those always have the same affect on me (i.e., robinul)....it takes massive quantities to make me dry, and then I am overheated, red and shitty feeling.
  14. Hello Pinker, I tried Avert in the past, and I had the same response as I had with similar drugs. It worked best at the outset, and started to loose its effectiveness. I have generalized HH, and I would classify my hands as a 7/10 (with 10 being the wettest: i.e., dripping); at worst, my hands glisten with tiny puddles of sweat. This happens when typing on a laptop, or during the summer. They never quite get to dripping, but they are pretty disgusting. The Avert worked better drying up other parts of my body, and my hands were always the most stubborn. It seems that you have already tried similar medications (i.e., Pro banthine Oxybutynin (ditropan). If those didn't work well, I am not sure why Avert would be any better. Also, I would imagine that the glycopyrrolate solution would work better for your hands then the pills, at least you would experience fewer side affects. I would definitely try to order the stronger glycopyrrolate solution, especially if you only have palmar HH. You could always combine treatments, such as: Driclor, iontophoresis with glycopyrrolate solution, AND Dehydral. It's a lot but, hey, what else can we do? Then again, why don't you just order a bottle of Avert, it may work, and it won't set you back to much.
  15. I tried this, but it really did nothing...I am pretty sure it is because of the severity of my problem.
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