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  1. This is very interesting! Regarding Mirvaso I suspect that it may actually only work for permanent redness. But I may still try it anyway when it becomes available in my country! How nobody tried it yet? Regarding the ibuprofen gel, that is available today already! Has anyone tried that yet??
  2. I just googled it and found www.rosadyn.com Looks really good actually! But I have learned not to get my hopes up for new products... What do you guys think about this?
  3. If I want to try an iodine treatment. What is the best to do? What should I buy and what dosage do you recommend? Is it perfecly safe and sound with those recommended dosages?
  4. There is another thread here where people discuss the positive effects of iodine on their blushing problems. My question is: Who have actually been helped by this? Please just post here if you have TRIED this solution - and it either worked or didn't work.
  5. So, what should we do now? Write a letter to different clinics? We should really do something to pursue this new option! Just don't know what though! :/
  6. No one else interested in this one?
  7. I am a male and I have used Clinique - Almost Makeup for special occations. It works okay. Makes you look better and less red. The makeup may be noticable in the wrong lightning, but is pretty hard for others to spot in general.
  8. Have you ordered this yet?? I think I'm gonna order it, but just want to know it isn't a complete waste first! Like all other products I've tried so far. :/
  9. Hmm, I am thinking about trying this. Could it somehow be bad for your health to eat 1000 mg of L-methionine and Calcium everyday for a month?? Don't wanna eat it if might be dangerous. Be shouldn't be, right? It's only natural supplements?
  10. Have your ordered it? Make sure you tell of how effective it is! Will definately order it if its effective!
  11. I would probably try it! Don't think I have a clinic in my region of the world though? I live in Stockholm, Sweden.
  12. It's so frustrating that there is never anyone to contact regarding these trials! How can we get to know more about this treatment???? :/
  13. Yes, for some reason people on this forum don't always seem to interested when it comes to potential new treatments. I think this is pretty strange. Even though I understand that your hopes have been crushed several times before by promising treatments that turned out to be rubbish. I have exprienced that many times myself, but still I am very interested in knowing more about things that can really help us. I don't know how to get more info about this though. The Mayo Clinic naturally didn't reply to my emails. :/
  14. Would you recommend this product to a male, severe blusher? If it would completely cover the redness it could definately be worth using! What is the name of the company that sells this? Thank you!
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