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  1. I’ve not been in here for a while and that’s because Effexor has solved a lot of problems for me. I started it at the beginning of the year after reading many good reviews of it. I actually can’t remember the last time I blushed, maybe a few months ago and even then it was very mild compared t usual. It used to be a daily occurrence. I am now working on the mental side of things with CBT and correcting the thought patterns which have formed after years of suffering this. I would recommend anyone to try effexor. The only thing I find is that it makes me quite warm generally, other than that it’s been great.
  2. Hey all just a short update. All still going well. Still much much less blushing episodes. I can probably count on one hand the amount of blushing situations I’ve had since starting on these meds about 2 months ago, which I’m sure we would all agree is pretty low compared to normal. Only thing I have found is I feel a lot warmer than normal and occasionally get really warm, doing a bit of research it seems this can be a side effect of the meds but it’s acceptable to me when I consider the benefits it has brought.
  3. Hey jp First off, welcome to the forum. Im sure everyone here can relate to your story, it’s unbelievable just how much this condition can affect us. What kind of tests did the doctors do? I do think that there is certainly something that isn’t working right physiologically in our bodies, maybe excess neurotransmitter or a hypersensitivity to it. Have you tried Effexor? Many on this forum have had success with it. I started on it just before Christmas and since then I think I’ve had maybe 1 or 2 episodes of blushing. Whereas normally I’d have that many or more in just 1 week. I started a thread on here to track my experience on it, which I need to update!
  4. I think we probably all have some degree of social anxiety due to the fear of blushing. I know I do! Its almost like in every situation I have thought of every possible scenario and have a solution to it so that I can't be caught off guard, exhausting! What I do find interesting is that we all seemed to develop this around the same age. Would be interesting to find out what is changing in the body at around that time, that may give us a clue to the cause of this condition.
  5. Whereabouts are you based? i would maybe try glycopyrrolate for your HH and see how you feel about that. At least if it doesn’t work you’ve lost nothing, whereas the surgery is irreversible. You can get it your gp although likely will need referring to a dermatologist. Or a lot of people order it online through pharmacy.ca who are very reputable and deliver to the UK. Let me know if you need any more info.
  6. Hey i think people do use glycopyrrolate for controlling compensatory sweating following ETS. I guess my reason for not going through with surgery yet is fear of the unknown. If I can control FB with venlafaxine(Effexor) and use glycopyrrolate as needed to control HH I would be quite happy with this. For me the surgery has too much risk with regards to compensatory sweating. My HH is bothersome enough at the moment and I couldn’t imagine coping with it if it got worse. True, I could use glycopyrrolate for this but I don’t know if it would be 100% effective and I also don’t use it all day every day at the moment, whereas if CS was worse then maybe I’d need to. Hope that makes sense.!
  7. Hey Nina, Unfortunately it doesn't work on hyperhidrosis. Although I have found that Glycopyrrolate (Avert) is extremely effective for HH. I have it in my underarms and back mainly. I've previously had botox in my underarms, which again was effective - but I seemed to just sweat more in other areas. You should try glycopyrrolate for your hands/feet, its likely your gp will need to refer you to a dermatologist for this. I have heard that iontophoresis is also effective for palmar/plantar hyperhidrosis although I have no experience with this. I will keep you all updated on my progress. My main issue now is just rewiring my thought patterns as I still have some anxiety due to the years and years blushing.
  8. Hey all, Sorry for the delay in an update, i've been out of the country. It's still effective, although not 100%. I have had maybe 2 blushing episodes since starting to take it 6 weeks ago, which as I'm sure most of you will agree, is a big improvement. Even then, the blushing episodes seemed much less intense. I have been taking just 37.5mg, but I am going to try 75mg and seeing if that is even more effective. I will report back in a couple of weeks to let you know how its going. I would advised anyone to give Effexor a go before going down the surgical route.
  9. Week 1 Mood - Great! Haven't had the onslaught of automatic negative thoughts that I had previously been struggling with. General energy levels are better, and I wake feeling as though I've had a proper night's sleep. I am also waking slightly earlier than usual, but feeling more awake also. Blushing - I don't want to get my hopes up, as it all could be a placebo still, but I haven't blushed once in the past week - I can't remember ever going a week (let alone a day!) without blushing. There have been a number of situations where it would've happened in the past, and I have been waiting/expecting for the blush to happen - but nothing! There was one scenario where I felt a slight warm rising up my neck, but compared to previous it was maybe around 10-20% of what I used to get, so no idea if I actually blushed or not. Side effects - initial nausea/insomnia are gone. No other side effects other than possibly taking slightly longer in bed! - which is a trade off I will happily take if my initial success continues. I will update again in a week.
  10. Day 1-3 So i took my first dose on Thursday. Felt a bit nauseous for the day, this could be the medication, or may just be anxiety related to worrying about taking the medication. I also felt a little hyper/agitated and struggled to get to sleep that night. The following morning, I took the next dose and have been fine since - no nausea, no trouble with sleeping; in fact I feel more energetic/brighter eyed than usual but do not feel manic or anything, just a good level. Mood - As i stated previously, Ive suffered with depression/anxiety related to FB for a number of years. As soon as i wake up of a morning, my mind automatically starts running through the day of what scenarios might come up, and there's a lot of automatic negative thoughts, which then leads to a low mood etc. Although I have only just started on Effexor, I feel it has started working already - it may be that it is all placebo, but those racing thoughts and negative self talk seem to have stopped, almost as if my mind is at peace, which has led to an improvement in mood. Blushing - I've had a few social occasions over the weekend, and a couple of times were blushing would normally occur. Out of all the situations, I can only recall one time where I felt my face was getting red - however, much less intense than usual and likely not noticeable to anyone else. however, still got that feeling where you want to escape from the situation. However, the other scenarios where it would normally happen - nothing! I was expecting it but nothing came. I am hoping this is the medication and not a placebo. If this continues, I am hoping that I can learn to change my behaviours towards these type situations knowing that nothing will happen, which over time is going to be such a big improvement in quality of life. Side effects - Other than the initial nausea/insomnia, nothing further to report. Hopefully it stays that way. I will update again in a weeks time.
  11. Hey FB99, I feel like I could've wrote your post myself - I'm sure I am not the only one who can relate with your story. I have just started on Effexor and had a similar experience to you, although no vomiting. I believe its usually meant to take a few weeks to start being effective, however, its only been 3 days and I feel benefits already - this could be completely placebo though. Time will tell!
  12. So I now have a prescription for Venlafaxine XR (Effexor). So will keep some updates on here and let you all know how I am doing. Day 0 Blushing - In full effect! Mood - Ok, feel a bit jittery or energetic after taking first dose an hour or so ago, but this could all be psychosomatic. Have had a low mood recently. Every morning I wake up and my brain runs through every scenario that might happen that day - I think this has happened for a long long time and is probably me subconsciously checking if theres any situations that i might blush, and working out ways to avoid it. Generally had a low mood as I'm sick now of this condition limiting my life so much, FB and hyperhidrosis have basically ruined my last 15-20 years of life. Its affected a lot of things in my life with regards to career - although I have a good job, it has limited how successful I have been in that job as the FB/HH stops me from doing some things I want to do. I've also had a number of bouts of depression associated with everything that FB brings. The depression and mood swings have then led to some relationships breaking down in the past, with people who I cared a lot about and without this condition I expect I would've been married with children by now. With regards to hyperhidrosis I also have (arm pits and back), this is almost as annoying as FB, it would be nice to wake up of a morning and not have to carefully choose my wardrobe. I wish I could just pickup a nice shirt and wear it without fear of swear pouring out of me. I will keep you all updated anyway.
  13. Hey Bobby. Thanks for keeping us updated and please do keep coming back and letting us know how you are getting on. I am literally coming to the end of my patience with this condition and seriously considering ETS, I cannot continue like this.
  14. Awesome to hear. Do you mind explaining what issues are stopping you being 100% satisfied? im also in England not far from Manchester. Freezing today!
  15. So as a long time sufferer of FB (and HH), I decided I finally needed to try and get this thing under control. Im sure you all know the usual story, started around the age of 14/15 and 20 years later it still affects me every single day. Over the years I've struggled with anxiety and depression all as a result of FB and it's essentially ruined my life up to this point. I have turned down good opportunities, and ruined relationships due to depression etc all stemming from this horrible condition. Whilst I am relatively successful in my career, FB really prevents me from reaching my full potential, it also causes daily misery as my job involves quite a lot of situations were FB can occur, we all know how horrible we feel after we blush, and i also spend a lot of time worrying about what possible scenarios might crop up and as soon as I wake my mind starts racing and building anxiety. The last couple of months have not been great and I can feel myself spiralling downwards, and getting to a point where I can no longer spend time living like this. I finally managed to book in at the GP to speak to them about trying Effexor (venlafaxine). I'll be honest, I nearly broke down when trying to explain how my life had been ruined for the last 20 years - which is not a good look for a grown man! The GP listened and agreed that Effexor may be worth a try, however, he needs to look into the use of it off licence for FB and so I need to go back in 4 weeks. In the meantime he prescribed some oxybutynin for my HH. I have previously use glycopyrrolate which is v effective when it works, but can be a bit hit and miss. Before I even had my appointment, I had thought about starting this thread as a way to report on my experience with Effexor so that others can follow and see if it's something worth exploring themselves. Unfortunately I will now have to wait before (hopefully!) starting on it and I will report along the way. I am really hoping it helps, as I feel that my patience of putting up with this condition is slowly coming to and end.
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