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  1. Yeah I think we all in here can relate to that exact situation! Probably this has to do with an emotional response to seeing the person or persons, combined with the confined space, and this is kinda funny bacause one would think a supermarket is NOT such a confined space, it´s LOTS of room! But somehow we feel more "trapped" in these environenments than let´s say in a small basement confinement. I would choose to meet them in the basement anyway. Would be like 2000% easier if we met them on the parking lot right There has been studies about open landscape offices, and people working there feel more stress than if they have rooms or cubicles. Jaxx, the one thing I could tip you about is the Tip-Toe-Technique. In these situations when you are stuck it really works.
  2. Yes, I am. Have posted a private message to you.
  3. Can we control ourselves so that we don´t blush? In one aspect I think we can, in another we cannot. First we must think about what control really is. Having control over every situation would be beneficial for us in one way, because perhaps we could control the blush. On the other hand letting go of control would perhaps make us blush less. Either way I think control is very important in coping with blushing. Many years ago a social meeting like just sitting down to eat with my co-workers was devastating for me. And of course eating can trigger a flush and so it all started. With a flush I am more prone to blush. But what made me blush in social gatherings? Especially those where you sit infront of another person? One observation I can make is that it is important WHO you sit infront. Will you/I blush easlily sitting infront of a child? In my case no, a big no. This is clear evidence that something is happening in ME. In my mind, let it be psychological or the sympathetic system. It doesn´t really matter, something makes me blush more with certain people. Would letting go of control in these cases make things better? In a way I think so. Is letting go of control the same thing as acceptance? Maybe it is. What I do know is that in these cases using the Tip-Toe-Technique really works. Nothing magic about this, I just rest my system in saying to it that it´s nothing to fear here. Trying to maintain control, control of the blush makes things worse, and nothing strange about this either. In trying to control it you really lose it, because this triggers your nervous system for flight or fight, making a blush more probable. There are several ways to control the blush for me. I know if I don´t smoke, drink less coffee, eat less fast carbs, I flush less, and thus, blush less. It is easier to work with the psychological issues also if your system is more "clean". If the system is on overdrive, which it is when you neglect healthy habits, it is more difficult to see the whole picture, and nearly impossible to do anything about it. Because the "trauma" is acute. It is indeed a trauma. But we can do a lot of things to make it less acute. I good tool I use in everyday life is affirmations. Can really work wonders.
  4. We must remember that our brains is the most important "tool" to "fight" this condition. Blushing is a normal response to a number of states. Of course the fight or flight condition often renders a red face, for natural reasons. This is NOT rocket science. We are all very basic in our emotions and needs. We tend to overanalyze to much. I have often recommended the "Tip-Toe Technique". What you do here is, when you feel you are prone to blush, you do what you don´t normally do. Instead of try to fight the response, which doesn´t work because this fighting really triggers fight or flight response, you TRY to blush. What happens now is interesting. You may blush a bit, but when trying to blush even more, you automatically tells your nervous system that it´s nothing to fear here, and the blush will subside. Try it!
  5. Ebastine in my own experience is the only one that works on blushing really. For me blushing and flushing often go hand in hand. If I have a flush I blush easily. And if I blush that itself can trigger a lasting flush. stuckwithme: you said something that got my attention: panic. Antihistamines don´t take away the panic. That you much approach in another way. Once you dealt with that, it is much easier to approach these things with antihistamines. As you said yourself: this is not a miracle cure. I am now 40 years old, dealt with this since I was 14 and nowadays I rarely panic. And that is a HUGE relief/help. Can´t stress that enough.
  6. curlgurl - I don´t think Kestine/Ebastine is available over-the-counter in the US. But there are many online pharmacies out there.
  7. I don´t physiologically blush. I can say this because I´ve tried numerous substances with no effect. If it did nothing for you you could try to take 2 pills, it is safe. However, as I said, I do not see this as a miracle pill. We are all different, and our nervous systems are different. But as I also said, not only me has seen a positive effect.
  8. Absolutely Mozart! I´ve taken a TM (Transcendental Meditation) course. It was 20 years ago now and regrattably I haven´t been meditating regularly. Keep on meditating, it´s not hard to do it by yourself without a tape. In TM you use a mantra which you repeat in your head. You can google for TM mantras :wink: I remember when I used to meditate more frequent, at one time right after a mediitation I watched a quiz-show on TV and I knew things I didn´t know I knew! So it is a powerful tool for inner peace. And definately makes you blush less.
  9. I never said it was a miracle cure. But it definately helps me in meetings. Meetings is the hard part. In everyday life I can cope nowadays. It has got a lot to do with control I believe, and not to be too hard on yourself.
  10. What is old news exactly? And if you look at this thread: http://www.esfbchannel.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3303&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=yeah+works&start=0 you will find that not only me noticed positive effects. For me it clearly helps with blushing.
  11. Ok, a little follow-up on the recent post regarding antihistamines. Perhaps we can do something here - who is willing to help out? Regrettably I don´t have the time to examine all the data that is out there - and there are lots! If we have a starting point: Ebastine works for blushing/flushing. I amongst others have tried it - and it works. So, shall we try to find out why? If we find a common thread here it might be a first step for the drug companies to find something also, who knows? First of all, you need to read about Ebastine on Wikipedia. One thing here that catches my eye is this: "Pharmacokinetic profile Ebastine has a unique chemical structure that differs from other second generation antihistamines. After oral administration, ebastine undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism by hepatic cytochrome P450 3A4 into its active carboxylic acid metabolite, carebastine. This reaction has a conversion rate of 100%." When you google cytochrome P450... there are like 2 million hits. I found this interesting about carebastine: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19357149 When I go on searching I stumble upon this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angiogenesis I find all this extremely interesting but as I said, I don´t really have the time to investigate much further :cry: I believe there is much to be found here. Not only for blushing but perhaps for Rosacea as well. The thread MIGHT look something like this (early speculation): Ebastine - carebastine - H1 receptor - cytochrome - anti-angiogenic activity Is anyone willing to investigate further? Perhaps someone that has tried Kestine/Ebastine?
  12. http://www.thepsychologist.org.uk/archive/archive_home.cfm?volumeID=23&editionID=188&ArticleID=1670
  13. I wonder if you guys have tried antihistamines? The right one? I´ve done A LOT of testing over the years and I have found only ONE substance that does indeed effect blushing. That is Kestine (Ebastine). The other antihistamines does NOT do the job. Do I have something to back this up? Well, other than myself and others that has reported success there is science to back this up. If we keep it simple my belief is that Ebastine effects the same receptor pathways as a "simple blush" does. This is the H1 receptor. I know that many other antihistamines are also H1 receptor antagonists, but Ebastine is to my knowledge the only one that really works. Can´t tell why. Chemistry I guess :roll: Seeing is believing. I have now had quite a few meetings, the kind of business meetings that prior to this was a nightmare for me. The first time I took Kestine at a meeting I was shocked really, because the blush (and the often following flush) didn´t happen at all. I do not think this is placebo. I can say this bacause I´ve tried so many different pills I´ve lost count, and also other H1 receptor antagonists. And none has this effect. Is this a cure? No I don´t think so. A cure, if there is any, comes from within. There is no way around this. But is is a relief, at times when needed.
  14. I too have experienced this, "annoying" ain´t it! No offence, but I believe it is important to try to understand how your body works and reacts to stress, and try to understand these processess in general. If you think about it, it´s like when the tension releases bloodflow gets going. So your body does what it does to maintain a fully functioning system / nervous system. It may be such a traumatizing experience maybe even a shock for your body when you go through these "particularly stressfull situations". At cases of shock it is widely known that blood-circulation gets low, blood pressure and pulse can go down a lot. These things considering, can we blame our body´s strive to get the blood flowing when the "shock" is over? Learning to deal with the first situation is the way to go really. And try to be in the best shape as possible before these stressfull situations.
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