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  1. hi lethal injection. I am in same boat as you. i have ff and hh. the hh all over. i find it helps to talk to ppl with same problem. if you wanna chat then u can add me to msn or yahoo. stringer97@hotmail.com stringer6225 for yahoo i would like if u would add me as it helps me to talk to someone too. i hardly post on the boards here now. i do run my own site to help tackle hh. hope we can talk soon.
  2. hey i to suffer the same problem and the only solution i came up with to avoid any problems down there was to purchase a cream which is mostly used on babies it protects against nappy rash. embarrasing i know but the fact is it helps.
  3. i am taking CBT now and although i felt it has helped me to some degree, i belive they don't understand me one bit, they give me tasks to do and then i have to set about doing them but i told them no i cant. sample being i was to go out with my cancoller and i was to take an item back and return it, now for me this makes me nervous as they will ask why i taken it back thus causing me to panick and most likely blush. another small task for me was to go and complain to the girls at the reception desk where i have my CBT that the room was too hot. heh i chicken out of that too. so now we are working at my own pace but i feel deep down that this is not helping to solve my problem but maybe it will give me a chance of taking some of these every day tasks full on, i truly belive everyone on this board that feels this condition is beating them to take on some theraphy because god knows we all need someone to listen to us. best of luck.
  4. hey ty for ur reply, no i pulled out of the surgery, i feel the risk is far to high for somethng to go wrong. btw while im here, i have been seeing on many sites that lemon is very good for ur skin and can work to make the redness lighter. can anyone back this up for me? i applied some lemon on my face yesterday and will for 2 weeks to see if the skin tone colour will become less red. daniel stringer
  5. hi guys, hope one or 2 of u remember me :shock: been tryiong to get on with my life and put this problem behind me, my face is looking a lot redder these days, first signs of roscea? im looking for anything that will help to slow this problem down, i dont want to coat my face in tonnes of products just something thats soft and gentle as not to cause an oily look after daniel stringer
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