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  1. Great news! Do you think smaller dosages (50/100mg) might work? Did you experience side effects?
  2. There are many feedbacks that taking Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) does decrease blushing frequency and intensity. But being a relatively healthy person I would NOT risk my health or would recommend taking it. Even if GP recommends it for blushing problem. Side effects list is huge (no erection or insomnia are just the smallest problems that might happen). It's like treating acne with big hammer. Beta blockers are just much safer.
  3. https://adisinsight.springer.com/drugs/800038259 Most Recent Events 08 Nov 2017 Discontinued - Phase-II for Hot flashes in United Kingdom (PO) 08 Nov 2017 Discontinued - Phase-II for Polycystic ovary syndrome in USA, Germany, United Kingdom (PO) 08 Nov 2017 Millendo Therapeutics terminates a phase II trial in Hot flashes in United Kingdom after assessment of the clinical risks and benefits of the program (PO) (NCT02668185)
  4. I was taking cold showers on regular basis when I was between 25 and 26. Took it once a day on a regular basis almost a year. I was feeling much better. For some time I was convincing myself that the blushing attacks got more rear but latter realized that was fooling myself.
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    Anyone who has tried Mirvaso is more than welcome to share the experience =) Thank you!
  6. Has anyone tried topical anesthetics like Dr Numb http://www.drnumb.com/for-tattoo-pain ? Anesthetics are designed to block nerve innervations which sounds good for our problem because if facial nerve innervation is blocked then nerves can't give signals to vessels to increase facial blood rush.
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