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  1. Any Toronto folk or surrounding area want to get together???
  2. Hello all. I was searching on the internet for camouflage makeup that they sell in Toronto since most of the stuff that is mentioned on this site is only available in the UK. So I found this stuff called Cover FX, same type of deal as Dermablend and such. I was wondering if there are any fellow people from Canada here who have tried it??
  3. Don't you guys think it would be great to date a fellow blusher?? It would take so much pressure off, and you would really understand eachother. For me I think it would be great because when I would be with them I would probably for once not be thinking about blushing! I spend so much time worrying about whether I'm going to go red and trying to avoid it that it is really hard to get to know someone, or let them get to know me. Has anyone ever dated a blusher?? and does anybody want to date me?? haha just kidding.....
  4. Hey everyone, I finally went to see the doctor for the first time about my FB. She did a blood test and once she sees that it's normal she said she's going to put me on Celexa because she likes it best because it doesn't cause weight gain like Paxil and has way fewer side effects. I really hope this works! If anyone could share their experience on Celexa that would be great, like how long it takes to start working, side effects, and if it actually works! thanks
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