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  1. Hi all, i have not been on this website for about 10 years, but i felt that i needed to share this info with you all. I have found what i think is some kind of help, its a cream from Bare Minerals, the neutralizing primer. ive only tried this so far with 'excercising' blushing and not social blushing. When i do a zumba class my face usually goes so purple (the same as in social situations) and i have worn this cream and then asked my mate at the end of the class is my face as red as usual and she says no how come? so when ive got home after a 10 minute walk and look in the mirror, i'm usually still purple from the class but when ive put this cream on i can honestly say im not as purple. I can't wait to try it out in a social situation, although i realise that the 'excersize' blush and the social phobia blush are different. The cream is yellow when you first see it out of the pump, but after youve spread on your face, it looks like youre wearing nothing (so good for the guys too). I know that not everything works the same for everyone, but if you do try it and it gives you some kind of help then i thought i have to tell you. I know i was praying for a miracle when i was younger. Ive been lucky that now i'm older i dont have to put myself in situations on a daily basis like when i was young, and i thank god for that, but obviously it is still there, rearing its ugly horrible head every now and then. peace and love xx
  2. Hi EnglishIce and all. ohmyword i havent been on this site for well over a year! It is so nice to see that there was a meet and that quite a few turned up. A few of us on here joined facebook together - if you want to add me, its Liz James Will log on again here soon to keep up, it was lovely to log on after so long and see all the old names, and loads of new ones too!! Liz x x
  3. Hiya. Wow i havent been on this site for ages! thanks Capri for starting this off. Just to let people know who will be coming: Myself Capri Naomi Slippy Came last time, (but yet to get in touch with): Tom Nathtan English-Ice anyone is welcome, plese try to come! Liz x x
  4. Liz

    Hi all!

    Hey BB! its a shame we never got to meet you at one of the meets, but keep in touch and good luck liz x x
  5. Hi Missy wonderful idea - count me in! I'm in Birmingham, but either way i dont mind coming to Bristol. i know at least 3 others from this forum who would be up for it - we met in Birmingham last October i think it was. hopefully this post will get more response and then maybe set a date and put it in the blushfest section. looking forward to it! talk soon x x
  6. Liz


    Hi Serenity i bought some 5-htp and really wanted to take it before a meeting i had, but then i read your post and i really really didnt want the night tremors!! so i havent taken them. But the jar is sitting on my table and im so tempted all the time to try them. I keep thinking that cuz they were bought from Holland & Barratt (mainstream health food shop) that they cant be that bad surely? Where did you buy yours from? maybe there are different types? any info would be appreciated. Liz x x
  7. It really is so f***** unfair isnt it.
  8. Hiya, sorry my post is a bit late. Ive found that the cover creams are really really think and thats just the way they are. And even when i go into work looking like ive put my foundation on with a trowel, even that doesnt stop the blushing showing through altogether. had high hopes for this new chanel product, but now it seems that nothing is coming of that either x x x PS sorry for the depressing post!
  9. Liz

    i had enough

    Niki i totally understand what you are going through, i totally understand. I could give you a million examples of your story in my life. And you know what the worst thing is? - i cant give you words of encouragement, because there is nothing that can change it for us, nothing that can help us stop blushing. It makes me so angry and depressed that there is no cure for it. My only hope is to find a rich man to marry so that i never have to work! And yes thats sad, but its the only way i can find! 8) Liz x x
  10. I think you're all brilliant for being able to stand up and do presentations in the first place. It would be physically impossible for me to even do it If one of my family's life depended on me getting up and talking in front of others, i still wouldnt be able to do it. How sh** does that make me feel. I hate blushing. i hate it i hate it
  11. Hi icefase, yes that sounds exactly like me. feelings of pure guilt. but where they come from i dont know! i dont really have anything to feel guilty about. I am disinterested in everything. except shopping and having coffee with my sisters, or similar things like a walk in the park, a night out on the pop, anywhere where i dont have to be EXPECTED to do anything. I think i go red because i KNOW that im really not interested in what that person is telling me. im trying to look interested in what they are saying, but im really not. Liz x x
  12. Hi, im so upset at the moment, ive got a meeting coming up on the 5th december and i cant and dont want to go through with it. Im hoping for a miracle between now and then that something will happen - anything - so that i wont have to go to work that day. but i always wait for this miracle before these meetings and it never comes Sitting round a board table just makes me feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. any other part of my job i could (just about) cope with, but this minute taking is getting me down. going red is bad enough anywhere and anytime, but sitting in a meeting is just soul destroying, someone asks you something, or just even turns the attention on you and your face goes purple, in a small room, with loads of people, with those horrible flurecent lights and theres no where you can go. just sit there with people either feeling sorry for you or thinking what a twat, and then not being able to look up from my notepad! what is it all about! how can i keep putting myself through that!! im praying for a miracle here guys, i really am. Liz xx
  13. Liz

    London Meet

    Hiya, im up for meeting in the new year, Feb maybe?
  14. Hiya Eradicane has been out a while. Loads of people on this forum tried it and all said it did nothing. Dont waste your money x x
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