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  1. i have tried it my self Liposuction does'nt cause any sweating. i think it totally depend on your surgeon how specialized he is and performed your treatment excellently or not.. i am providing my surgeon url address u can get information and can contact him i assure that he and his team is very supportive and caring. http://www.alwaysyouthful.com/houston-liposuction-texas.php
  2. one should keep a handy towel and wipe his hands off frequently whenever he feels the need.
  3. normally a good deodorant safeguards you against the undesirable smell of sweating but a more efficient way is to take bath regular as it is a natural way to get rid of sweating and stay fresh.
  4. one should use roll-on as it is a very effective counter against sweating.
  5. lol good technique.. but i am out of it now a days
  6. It seems it has some therapeutic effects hmmmm!!!!
  7. v beam is really an expensive treatment and shows the results very often and delayed.
  8. Daily moisturizing will definitely help you out
  9. I hope i too find any solution for my sweaty hands
  10. CBT is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the important role of thinking in how we feel and what we do. it is really effective for depressive and anxious people.
  11. Its really very surprising, why it doesn't work on paleness???
  12. ohh now i realized my palms are usually heated up which causes the sweating ... but why is this so???
  13. i think its nothing to do with the blood pressure.
  14. thnkx for the comments pals. but is that really useful ?
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