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  1. But still... They are cute!
  2. Have you tried therapy? I used to be uncomfortable in buses but the more I took it, the less anxious I felt. I don't like queues also... For me, it's getting easier as I grow up. Therapy has helped me so much. Good luck! Jack
  3. I also do that. How bad is your FB Aidan?
  4. I totally agree. I'm a Canadian too and also a chronic blusher. Doctors aren't allowed to promote their services here. I have talked with my dermatologist, my family doctor and my psychologist about ETS and they all seemed very sceptic about the procedure. My personal opinion is that ETS is too risky. I rather be a blusher than to have severe compensatory or gustatory sweating. They don't even know what are the effects in the long run. It's very sad to see that some ETS surgeons are selling the operation like it was as important as a manicure. "Micro-invasive surgery done in 15 minutes!" Some patients are still experiencing anxiety in social situations after the operation. We all know that ETS can't cure the anxiety. A therapy does that... Anyways, Barbarian, please talk with real professionals before undergoing any treatment. Sorry for my poor english... Jack
  5. So sad... http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/07/11/12644071-unbearable-blushing-parents-speak-out-about-sons-suicide?lite
  6. I did CBT and loved it. It's not an easy process but it helped a lot with my blushing... and other things. I would recommend it to all of you! Please feel free if you have any questions about the therapy. jack
  7. Hello Eduardo, Can I ask a few questions? Which hospital? Who is your surgeon? Are you aware of the side effects? Does your insurance cover the expenses? Did you try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Please let us know how your are doing! Good luck! jack
  8. jack

    Montrealers ?

    Any montrealers here?
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