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  1. Hello... I have a problem with ads for miracle products such as Eredicane and so on... These products are rubish! They are not tested and the only purpose is to make the owners rich... Please don't buy them and go see a doctor! I'm good now, thank you
  2. Hi Wishful... Sorry about your job! But I know you can get an other one! It's hard I know but you can do it! Best of luck! RK
  3. Today is a good day! Sunny, at home, love my girlfriend!
  4. Hey Jackal, I'm glad to see that you are feeling better! I'm also a chronic blusher and I think it's getting better as I'm getting older. I still blush in certain situations but it doesn't make me feel as it did before when I was younger. Go to that barber even if you go bright red... You'll feel less and less anxious as you go. RK
  5. Mine too. The worst was in class.
  6. The more you expose yourself, the better it will get. No doubt about it.
  7. How anxious are you? I'm always anxious when I go out and there are other people around. I'm constantly saying to myself things like : " Am I red as a lobster? ", " Do other people notice it ", " Do they think I'm painfully shy? ", " Do they think that I'm a freak? "... Am I the only one ? RK
  8. ETS is too risky for me also. I love my red face... NOT !
  9. Hey RB, Thanks for sharing! How bad was your FB? RK
  10. Nope... Is it really a good idea??? :shock:
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