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  1. After abstaining from taking Choline bitartrate with my Piracetam for several months, I decided to try it again as they're supposed to have a synergistic effect on each other. I can say now, about two weeks after I started taking both on an every other day basis, that the Choline bitartrate was NOT causing the sweating to return. It was a combination of some residual stress from February, along with hotter than normal spring/summer temperatures that seemed to be the cause of it. So I now stand by my original "cure" of Piracetam & Choline bitartrate together.
  2. I took it once and it worked, however, I take it everyday if I can as it helps calm me down before I start my day.
  3. So, it has been a little over two months since I posted and I thought I'd give an update. I had a VERY stressful February, in fact, it was more stressful than any month is nearly a decade. Moving, a car accident, and other craziness proved a real test for the "new me". I did find myself sweating and having some anxiety again, but not even 5% of what it was before I cured myself. However, the sweating on my hands and underarms bothered me because I was bone dry before. Fortunately I figured out what changed. When researching Piracetam, I read that you are supposed to supplement it with a source of Choline, which is what the lecithin pills were for. I changed to Choline bitartrate because I could mix the powders together in water and down it in one shot. Once I eliminated the Choline and stuck to just Piracetam, what little sweating/anxiety I had, vanished overnight. There are various nootropics that are stronger than Piracetam, and I might eventually try them, but for now, the secret to curing MY sweating and anxiety is Piracetam powder alone.
  4. I'd like to start off by saying that while this has been a complete and total cure for me, I have no idea if it will work for anybody else. I have a friend who will be trying it because he suffers from armpit hyperhydrosis, but has no apparent anxiety. I debated whether to tell my friends, or to post on this forum in the hopes that people might stumble upon it and give it a try and that perhaps it might help someone else. I've had anxiety my whole life, I've had full-body hyperhydrosis for nearly 20 years, though it has only been in the past ten that things became horrifyingly worse. The two disorders feed on each other as you could imagine. At its peak, I rarely left my house and my body dripped sweat, going from bone dry after a shower to moist from sweat within a half an hour and never dry again until next shower. While I could keep it somewhat under control when I was by myself, still sweating far more than a normal person should, once outside it became a daily battle. About 7 years ago I first started using a combination of Glycopyrrolate 2 to 3% wipes to help with my god awful facial blushing/profuse sweating, along with biker shorts to cool and absorb groin and leg sweat, preventing me from leaving a liquid shadow of my legs and crotch every time I sat down. I also made use of athletic wear to help keep my body as cool as possible. 100% cotton undershirts, breathable overshirts were among the many things I bought. Two years later, I was prescribed Clonazepam for my anxiety, which had peaked and forced me to take a week's vacation from my office/cubicle-big city job in order to get my mind and body together. After jumping up to a dose of 2mg/day my anxiety and hyperhydrosis were reduced by about 75%, necessitating only two pads a week to control my blushing and an occasional use of hand drying gels to reduce my wet hands to occasionally damp in stressful situations. After suffering through the drowsiness caused by the medication, I began to reduce my dose to a low of 0.5mg/day over a period of 6 months after moving to a rural area. I then found out that my memory problems of the last few years were likely caused by the medication. I transitioned off of it and onto another medication. Paroxetine. This had less side effects, but my hyperhydrosis came back to almost full strength and my anxiety wasn't controlled as well as it had been before. After noticing that I tend to develop these not cysts but feel like them on,in, and around my ear cartilage, lobes from the wipes, combined with the side effects and relative ineffective results from the new medication, led me to stop using both and clean out for about two months. During this time I did a lot of research into natural treatments and briefly considered Kava Kava before being scared away by the possible side effects along with lack of evidence of the benefits. I happen to find linked on either Wikipedia or another site, a mention of a supplement that had a mentioning of a second one to pair it with that helps to jump start them both. Most of the reviews failed to consider anxiety but instead, mental function seemed to be the advertised benefit and a general sense of well being. After taking the two supplements though, I felt different with a few hours, and was cured within 24 hours (before my second dose) and felt within 12 hours, that something miraculous had taken place. What are the two supplements? What did I do? Here we go 1. Piracetam Powder by SNS 2. Lecithin 1200mg Put 1gm of the Piracetam powder in a glass of juice, perhaps a little sugar if its still bitter, stir well. Take two Lecithin pills or equivalent supplement of your choice. I am going to switch to Lecithin powder once the pills are finished. I chew each pill and use the juice-powder mix to wash it down and then spit out the gelcaps in the trash afterward. Since doing the above, I haven't had a single outburst of anxiety, nor do I have the constant low level anxiety that has been present MY WHOLE LIFE. Also, I haven't sweat abnormally since. I used to drip from my head to my feet without medication. Now, my hands are bone dry, my feet, groin, pits, face, etc. I will never have to use the facial wipes again nor any anxiety medication. I used to be on 4 medications for everything. Now I take nothing. I ask anyone who decides to try this, please post your experience in this thread. I started this less than a week ago, but I had to share with everyone!
  5. I'd like to start off by saying that while this has been a complete and total cure for me, I have no idea if it will work for anybody else. I have a friend who will be trying it because he suffers from armpit hyperhydrosis, but has no apparent anxiety.
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