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  1. Hi Omiegat You're quite right, I am fully aware of the horrors that will accompany ETS. I've run a hyperhidrosis support website (I'm not sure if I can leave a link but I've spotted the tags for URL so I'll chance it) for many years and the amount of people who have suffered worse as a result of the surgery is tragic. Sometimes I don't stop sweating - I always sweat from my scalp to my feet and everywhere in between and don't have a dry spot on my body. What was going through my mind the day I posted about it is it's already as bad as it could get, surely, and could ETS really make it worse? I am not going to find out. The logical answer is yes, it could get a lot worse, and I know it would, 100%. Whilst I have times that I'm feeling almost 'normal' - my hormones are stable, it's a cool day with no humidity, I'm not doing anything strenuous, my sugar levels are stable etc - I know I wouldn't get any of those times because of the way the body works after the surgery. And there's no guarantee that anything above the nipple line wouldn't sweat. There's also the general worry about what might happen in other areas of my body once the nerves had been cut. Nobody knows the long-term implications. There must be a reason for these nerves to be attached to major organs (ie the heart) etc. The human body is too well designed for it not to matter. There's a lot of information online, you just need to Google Corposcindosis. It's the most comprehensive study ever carried out on ETS and it's beginning to sink into the medical profession now - Sweden banned it some years ago (ironic as they perfected the technique) and now I understand it's also been banned in Pakistan. Fingers crossed the rest of the world will follow.
  2. Thank you for your reply - I had a serious wobble there. I don't think I would ever be brave enough to go through with ETS - although I have been unpredictable in the past and shot myself in the foot over other things. I personally think ETS should be at least reviewed by the medical profession - it's created so many problems and ruined so many lives that there is plenty of basis for something sensible to happen. I also think that once it's been reviewed, if it's not banned (as it is in Sweden) then the instances of people having the surgery would be bare minimum. I really don't know why it's not been reviewed already, considering only 5% of people have a good positive experience with ETS. Although hat is obviously without the ability or benefit of looking into any resultant health complications in the future. It shows you how desperate I felt when I started this thread :?
  3. I feel that way about ETS being barbaric too, tbh. I go through stages where I feel desperate enough to think this is going to be with me for the rest of my life, no matter what happens - how could it get any worse? I know there are all sorts of non-sweating ETS related side effects I should be considering - it's all down to desperation. I literally sweat from every pore in my body. I don't get a small amount of sweat either - I could sweep my kitchen floor for two minutes and spend the next half an hour literally pouring. I tried on a pair of shoes in a shoe-shop a couple of months back - I had to dump the shoes and get out of there because when I bent down to fasten the shoes, I left a big sweaty puddle on the floor and drips all over the shoes where the sweat was pouring from my face. I couldn't have got any wetter if I'd just fallen in a swimming pool fully clothed. Normally I'm calm, collected, pragmatic etc but sometimes I just want to scream.
  4. I remember watching him on youtube a few months back - according to him you don't sweat to cool down. Not that I believe that for a second. Now with the video regarding the 9 year old it sounds like he's more interested in courting controversy to further his career imho.
  5. verysweatybetty

    ETS question

    I have recently been considering surgery for my sweating. I have primary generalised hyperhidrosis and sweat from my scalp to my feet. My dr says I'm a severe case. The way I see it, I can't possibly get any wetter (from CS) but at least my head, hair and face would be normal for the first time in my life. I've been reading up about ETS and asking around on different forums but the feedback I've been getting is really putting me off. One woman I have been chatting to was determined to have the surgery for her palmar HH, she had her operation back in June - by August she had developed CS on her back and legs. It's not just that though, someone else I know has now developed terminal cancer - whether it's related or not I don't know. The worst statistics I've found is that ETS only helps 5% of people. The research I've been doing pretty much underpins that statistic. I really just don't know what to do :?
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