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  1. and am i still dr Nase? i don't think you've rung me yet for confirmation.
  2. What an interesting thread! Vicky you know so much about this, i am impressed.
  3. I shall aim for a 2 but secretly hope for a 1. Then we can run away together.
  4. You make me laugh :wink: Thanks for everyones votes. I was thinking myself it felt like a 3 - 4 on the flush scale but i totally understand that for those who have severe rosacea, some with P&Ps, seb derm etc, my red cheeks seem wholly unimportant.
  5. I hear GJ is worth an absolute fortune so i'm sure he could pay for a course of treatments for you if he empties his piggy bank 8)
  6. Oh my lord my flushes were honestly terrible back in the day. We are talking my avatar red. I got terrible sunburn on my whole face at a music festival that throbbed 24/7 for two weeks and that was it, never the same again! So although it all looks very mild now don't think i don't know what its like to have a tomato for a face, because i do! I think Dr C is the dogs gonads, so when you can scrape the money, i would go see him. Honestly.
  7. Sarah i haven't seen that photo before, thanks for sharing it. I have been very fortunate in that the flush has always been on my face, predominantly cheeks only. I guess i should be grateful for that, but when yr face is hot every night its hard to be grateful that it isn't redder.
  8. Its saying things like that, that will make girls like you
  9. Flush intensity is so much better, hpersensitivity is SOOO much better --> i think its disappearing! :shock: But i just want to not flush AT ALL :cry: The best red pic ive found is one before i went to see Dr C but i don't think it did the red justice and i had already had a few laser tx's in the past with Dr P so it was a great improvement on what i looked like 3-4 years ago when i'd had nothing done laser wise and was flushing at the drop of a feather;
  10. Thanks to those who voted. man i look ugly in that pic, i am actually quite attractive when im not looking like a ruddy faced fat farmers wife Bob that is now my worst flush, thanks for making me feel better about it. Cheers GJ although i don't agree AT ALL and Sarah i think you actually are someone that looks very pretty whether pale or rosy - these people do exist as i see girls with a naturally pink complexion and they look stunning. i think the difference is they don't tend to have bloodshot eyes to complete the look :roll:
  11. OK, so the last two nights i have flushed. For less than an hour and the intensity is nowhere near as bad as it was, however i still can't get rid of that old feeling of dread that ive had for years and was finally subsiding. As many of you know i have had three Gemini laser tx's with Dr C so far and i was feeling really positive. I took a pretty accurate picture of the flush i had last night, i would say the redness is 95% as it looked IRL and i want other peoples opinions onto whether the flush looks mild, moderate or horrid. Lets say 10 is awful and 1 is insignificant, please rate my flush! *and yes my eyes are obscured by photoshopped pawprints, they are not tattoos* :wink: Thanks
  12. <---- although that hideous smiley looks like its trying to crimp out a sh**, it is apparantly a laughing yellow geezer and so he is appropriate here.
  13. I thought everyone was off to Dr Nases new shiny forum henceforth, immediately, right away etc? So whats the big deal about shutting the rosacea section? Away with you all already.
  14. I don't believe there is a hacker, merely an Administrator with a quick delete trigger finger.
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