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  1. You usually can tell if you have rosacea if you have mild red skin that almost look like broken blood vessels on the surface of your skin. This is the beginning sign of rosacea.
  2. Try everything possible before taking doing ETS. I changed my diet and saw a considerable improvement in my blushing. I stopped drinking coffee, limited sugar and fats and ate a lot of raw vegetables. If you can handle eating like this, you will see a big change if your anything like me. Of course its a hard diet and I often go back to the other foods. I also drink green tea, take omegga 3 supplements and vitamin b for stress. This combination along with a lot of exercise might just have enough to give you some sanity from your blushing.
  3. LOL i know its kind of silly but the concept of everyone is equal opened my eyes a little.
  4. I am going to get right into it. My name is Mike, I suffer from excessive facial blushing. I have blushed for over 4 years and now have started to see an improvement following my research I have done. Im not saying its a cure but I see an improvement in my life. This is what I do to control my blushing... 1 - Diet - It may seem hard to do but changing your diet can be one of the most important parts to help your blushing. Everyday we put fatty imflammatory foods into our bodies and for blushers, this increases the frequency and severity of blushing. To help I limit my coffee, alcohol, sugar and fatty foods. It is quite a challenge because everything has sugar and fats in it but I try my best. I eat a lot of raw vegtables and whole wheat food. The reason I do this is because when I eat like this, I noticably see a change in my redness and heat. Im not saying it will work for everyone but its definately worth a try! 2 - Pills - I have been on medication before but it made me feel like a zombie so this is what I use now. They are all natural vitamins and supplements you can find at your grocery store. -Magnesium 250mg / day -1 Omegga 3 Gel /day -1 Vitamin B Pill/ day I drink a few glasses of green tea everyday. I am not sure if this helps but I just like green tea and its good for you. I also drink a lot of water through out the day to keep my core body temperature down. 3 - Thought process - If you have ever went to the doctor with this condition you know they do not understand it and have no idea how to fix the problem. I was sent to a psychologist and they kept telling me to change the way I think about situations and open my mind up.. It obviously didn't help but lately I have had a little thought that really changes the way I look at things. I was lying in bed and I was thinking and I dont know how but I ended up thinking about the world and stuff and started looking at it different. Like what if no one had a name, because if you think about it no one really does.. a name is just given to us at birth to represent who we are. So if you don't have a name who are you? With out names everyone is exactly the same, just with different looks. For some reason this kinda boosted my confidence and made me realize everyone is equal and I don't deserve to feel anxious in social situations..and the less anxious I feel the less I blush. This is obviously not even close to a fix but I thought I would share what has been helping me. Thanks
  5. Have you thought about changing your diet? I have had some success just limiting my coffee, alcohol, sugar, and fatty immflammatory foods. It is kind of difficult but I have seen an improvement. I eat a lot of raw vegtables and whole grain food. I don't like it but hey it does help! I also take a Omegga 3 and Vitamin B pill every day and have been doing pretty good lately.
  6. I know what you mean, after I yawn it feels like i wont blush. But it only lasts a few seconds. Maybe it has something to do with more oxygen intake or something.
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