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  1. Exactly!!! This is NOT something that is just in our heads! That´s an untrue thing to say. People DO care, and comment a red face in a negative way. Not all people, but there are many people out there who do it. Not only children, but also adults. Children are children..., but the ADULTS that make fun of other people really need to grow up!
  2. Hi all! About reducing the blushing with laser, DON´T DO IT! I don´t want to be a downer, but reducing redness with laser does not help at all! I paid 16000 swedish crowns on vbeam laser because of my blushing problem and it was all just a waste of money. I went to a place in stockholm, called medical laser and feel fooled by the dr there. He said this is going to help you, but no no. I still blush like a tomatoe. The worst thing with laser is that there is no guarantee that it will help you. Maybe laser can help when it comes to permanent flushing, but not in my case when it comes to blushing. I have tried everything out there to get rid of my blushing. We have to try to love ourselves anyway, no matter how much we blush. I guess it´s the only way to handle this.
  3. Hi all! I wonder if any of you have experience with Cymbalta? I take cymbalta everyday and have problems with gastric cattarh. Could it be caused by my cymbalta? As you know cymbalta is capsule pills and I tried to decrease my dose by opening the capsules and take away half the content, and closing them again. I wonder if this could have caused the stomach problems that I have... Anyway I feel crap now when I have decreased the dose, feeling depressed, but I don´t want to take them anymore cause they don´t help me enough.
  4. Hi all! I have been blushing for soooo many years. This has led to many consequenses in my life and my health. I have had periods where I have felt really down, and all my thoughts in my head have made me very tired. I recently was on a health consultation with an indian Ayurvedic dr, who could see that my body was very unbalanced. He recommended me some herbs that would strengthen my nerve system, which today is very weak. I haven´t started taking them yet and wonder if anyone here have any experience with Ayurvedic herbs?
  5. Hello Purity! Maybe you are not on this forum anymore but if you are it would be nice to talk to you.
  6. Hi Twisterz! I recognize me ALOT in your post. I know Its sooo hard to tell your partner about your blushing insecurity. I have no bigger problems about telling my closest friends about my f-ing blushing disorder- but a partner! Nono. I also feel more secure outside because I don´t feel trapped the same way as if I am inside. And when you are outside you can always blame your redface on the weather. Btw I sent you a personal message a couple of months ago but maybe you didn´t get it. Take care and hope to talk to you!
  7. Hi Purity! I sent you a private message, guess you haven´t seen it. If you are still on this forum, it would be nice to talk. Take care
  8. Hey again you all! Dealing with this sh** for so long. Tired of not being able to be myself 100%. I have been googling for solutions sooo many years. I guess the best thing to do is to try to stand up for ourselves as good as we can against mean ppl staring at or commenting our red faces. Look them into their eyes and answer back. To tell them I have a blushing disorder is out of the question. I would never open up like that to those kind of people. When I look back to what I have experienced, from mean ppl and read other storys I feel SOOO angry inside! I don´t understand how ppl can say those mean things! I have been carrying A LOT of anger inside of me because of this blushing condition and because of the way ppl are able to act, making fun of others. This ANGER makes me bitter inside, and I don´t want to be a bitter person. Does anyone else here have the same anger hidden inside? :twisted: Hugs to you all
  9. Hello again and thank you for the replies! Yes I really think it´s time we blushers stand up for ourselves! Cause we are worth it! I know I am a good person, smart and caring and I am SOOOO SICK of being ashamed of myselt due to my blushing. Yes it´s a good thing saying it´s just my typical swedish skin with a smile. Yes I am from Sweden. But if someone is REALLY stupid and idiotic and keep on pushing it I want to have some extra lines to say back. For example in the example I gave above, that just THAT person that came in made me red, and my other colleges ask me why I got so beating red when He enterred the room I want to have a reply so they don´t think I am in love with him or something. Cause that happenned before, I blushed for someone and some a- hole asked if I had a crush on that person. They don´t know a sh**. Any other suggestions about what to say back? Hugs
  10. Hello you all! Here is another facial blusher. I have struggled with this for about 20 years and I try to accept the blushing as a part of myself but I can´t! I wonder if any of you have some tip about what to say back if someone comments your blushing? I can give an example. I am sitting around the dinner table with some relatives and a child points out why are you so red! That´s the more innocent scenario cause it´s a kid and not a grown up. I had a bad experience the other day with a work mate. I have some people that make me insecure and I blush around them. I hate it and it happenned the last time when he came in to the soom just like that. I was sitting with another jobmate and she stared at me like hell when my face turned fu--ed up red. But lucky me she did not point it out. I wonder if anyone here have some clever thing to say back if someone point it out to you? Like yes I feel my face is warm, I must be allergic to you or something. I want to have some lines ready to say if someone is bitchy to you because of your redness! Just to show that I can stand up for myself! / From a sad lady who wants to start to LIVE :roll:
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