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  1. Hi Aidan, SOunds good, can you let me know how you test patch goes? cheers
  2. Ok time for a little bit of a **** ,yes, even tho im a guy, ive had a hard day. I was thinking how messed up it is, that in these modern times and surrounded by amazing medical procedures such as: - organ transplants - blood transfusions - miracle drugs - amazing surgeries such as removing tumours from your BRAIN!!!!! doctors STILL cant come up with something that does such a simple job as to shrink or reduce blood vessels in our faces! WTF!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
  3. Hey Guys, I have been doing some reseach on pulsed dye laser and it seems to look reasonably promising. I have been emailing a laser clinic in another city from me (unfortunately i dont have pulse dye laser in my town) and this is what the doc has to say: "Yes the pulsed dye laser has been used for years to treat situations such as yours. We should definitely reduce the redness but you may still continue to flush if we cannot control this tendency with medication. You can then over time develop new dilated blood vessels which might mean more treatments in the future. Typically the redness is reduced with laser treatment but if you still have a strong flushing tendency this won't be totally removed by laser treatment. If you continue to flush severely then perhaps over a year or more your skin might deteriorate again in terms of its fixed red colour. This is unpredictable and some people find that laser treatment provides a much more permanent reduction in redness and flushing. If you have a treatment I would recommend doing it with bruising, which will take about 2 weeks to fade away. We can do the treatment without bruising but this method usually requires more treatments. I would expect the cost for a treatment (both cheeks) to be about $950-1200 (New Zealand Dollars) approximately (including a theatre fee)." Has anyone had this treatment? Can you please comment on your results? Im not sure if its worth spending all this money travelling to this place, accomodation, and the cost of one treatment (which seems really high, its about 3 times the amount of and IPL treatment) just to have a reduction in general redness and flushing and blushing still the same. I had about 5 years of IPL a couple of years ago and that did nothing. Cheers
  4. Yes i know exactly what you mean, i have many triggers just like the ones you describe. As i get older i am able to understand them more but i still cant control them. My earliest memory of me remembering my blushing being a problem was when i was 9 years old, i am now 25 and still have as much control as back then. I just cant help thinking that if i could stop the physical side of actually blushing easily i can get on top of this. Im am seriously looking into pulsed dye laser at the moment.
  5. davo

    New Zealand

    Hey, Anyone on this site in New Zealand?
  6. Hi Guys, I suffer from quite intense blushing and always have a glow on. I blush generally blush from the usual things heat, embarassment, alcohol, excercise. I have been thinking recently that they seem to be broken into both physical and psycological. Embarassment is psycological and the others are physical. Do you think that curing one will cure the other as well?
  7. exredface, You talk like you have overcome your blushing? What wokred for you?
  8. davo


    Hi Mike, V-beam is another name for pulsed dye laser. It is esentially a laser machine that pulses light on your skin. The dark components in your skin (ie blood vessels) soak up the laser light and heat and essentially die. Your boddy then clears away all the dead stuff from the inside. I have had a different treatment called IPL and it didnt work for me. I think it isnt as heavy as v beam. So far the conclusion is that this sort of treatment cannot cure faciel blushing, but i guess everyone is differnt so you never know. If you dont actually suffer from blushing i wouldnt recommend any physical treatment for you. Your problems seems to only be the fear of blushing?? I think you will find that many ppl on this site are like you but also have a genetic and physcal tensancy to have blood unreasonbly rush to thier face. cheers, Dave
  9. Hey natehope, im sorry to say that i know exactly what you mean!! i was especially bad when the classroom was warm (whihc they always are!!). Unfortunately i dont have any tips for you, i always just sat at the back and was inconspicuous. Most of the time the lecturer turned the lights down to see the projector and that helps.
  10. Hey guys, This sounds really promising, will have to give it a go. This is some more info where someone has also had good results, check it out: http://rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?t=22015
  11. davo


    Hi Guys, Im new to this site, and like yourselves suffer from extreme facial blushing. I wont bother telling you my life story cos you already know what its like. I just had a few questions about V-Beam. Can some please tell me what sort of effect it has? Does it actually work? I have had IPL before but that didnt work at all. I am loooking in v-beam but i will have to travel to get it doen and dont want to waste my time and money. I have tried so many things at trying to get rid of this problem and am grateful i have found you guys. I really really want to find asomething that will prevent, not relieve my blushing. Was thinking about trying the clinique almost makeup, but whats the point? I dont want to live life having to put makeup on everyday and worrying that someone will see it. Has anyone been to a psycologist and talked to them about trying to get help with just accepting who we are? Its a radical thought and i know how hard it would be but i cant help but think if we didnt care about it it wouldnt be a problem. I know, easier said than done!!!!! Interested in everybody's thoughts on anythin i have just said. Cheers, Dave
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