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    ETS//...WHAT DO I DO???

    Hi there, ..i am 20 years old and have for as long as i can remember suffered from excessive sweating of the hands in particular...i have been reading various internet blogs etc and appreciate that it is often the negative experiences of the surgery which are posted on the internet therreefooree im just trying to determine whether my condition is severe enough...in my opinion it is!.....irrelevant to the weather my hands are consistently clammy and often very wet whatever the social circumstance...i am concerned about the side effects of ETS but am serioulsy considering it...i have tried ionthorporis which didnt help and am doubtful that strong anti perspirants etc will help me... i must note that apart from my hands my sweating else where is not that severe...thats why i am a bit cautious to manipulate this with the operation....but i am more concerned for my hands to be dry for obvious social reasons....what u rekon? thanks,
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