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  1. I haven't done it yet. I'm trying to control it by staying busy with work, working out, and researching herbs that could help (taking sage, dandelion that acts as a diuretic which makes u piss a lot instead of sweating it), i also take klonopin 1 mg a day to help with anxiety and i drink a bit of alcohol every now and then for socializing. Pfff it's hard livigng with this, but u can make a routine out of things that work.
  2. Thanks for the reply kiyose. It's just unpredictable, that's what i concluded.
  3. Thanks for the post IJR. Can't you control your compensatory sweating with ditropan/robinul? I decided to opt out of the operation and leave it as an option for later on and try more things. I'm seeing two psychiatrists next week. Though I know it's genetic (my sister just reached 13 and her hands and feet started sweating, i feel really bad for her knowing what it is like to have this condition). I tried beta blockers last week but they did nothing. I will just try everything I can, and it's annoying how iontophoresis sometimes decides to work and sometimes not. It's crazy. It's very hard being trapped in our bodies, it's like being in a sauna I just hate it more and more everyday, but anything, like having an appointment with a psychiatrist, just gives me a little bit of hope. I hope...
  4. As for attention seeking, we people with hyperhidrosis are anything but that.
  5. That hurts. You're very inconsiderate of others' emotions you know that? I wish you were more friendly. But maybe you're correct, my mind was set on ETS. Cause i read all about it, and I understand the very high risks related to it, yet I still wanna do it, because that's what happens when this condition gets you to the very bottom. I'm sorry if I wasted your time, but I was expecting more friendly people with experiences to share. Thanks anyway.
  6. Thank you for your reply Miss Lavish. I've come to realize that all techniques like relaxation and such are just nothing compared to our DRASTIC condition and as such, our DRASTIC condition needs DRASTIC measures, in this case, the surgery offered I wish the clamping reversal method worked as that would make things so much easier From my hyperhidrosis problem, I developed MANY mental illnesses that I wish I never have and that make me suicidal at many times if it weren't for some faith keeping me hanging I just look at normal people and see what they have and wish god gave me a shot at that and when you're desperate, you're willing to do anything to get that shot it seems my mind is set on ETS since I'm in a very desperate state I wish it was an easy surgery that just cured everyone, wouldn't the world be such a wonderful place it makes me so sad, especially when I think of girls that are/were interested in me that will become nothing more than distant relations, as with this condition, nothing will happen. Looking at other guys take the hearts of girls you wanted just makes me so very sad and desperate. Life... I wish you were beautiful to me like you are to normal people
  7. hello IJR I'm sorry you have to go through this if only there was a 100% sure way to reverse the surgery then that would be great, everyone could try it out, and if it doesn't work for them, they could just reverse it maybe that's what they should be working on IJR, what are the bad side effects you experienced from the surgery that make you think it's the worst decision ever. I would really love to hear your experience no matter if good or bad.
  8. hello miss lavish i was just wondering if u had a bad experience with ets and what happened i'd like to hear all peoples' stories since i'm considering ets and to some it's a nightmare and to some it's been a lifesaver i'm just very confused on the subject it seems like a 50/50 thing
  9. yo pinker why didn't you report back? IT would be nice to hear from you. And why did you stop using iontophoresis? Does it stop working?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a 25 year old male living in Lebanon. Ever since my early teens I remember people laughing and making fun of my severe sweating/blushing. I have it on my palms, feet, underarms, face, and I pretty much sweat all over when I'm nervous/hot. I tried everything possible to no avail, from Botox and iontophoresis to Ditropan and lotions. Ditropan worked for a while, but then it stopped and it was horrible to be on it. You'd be confused all the time and hazy, so I'm better off it. Now, I'm seriously considering ETS. I recently met a lady online that is very interested in me. She loves me on camera, on phone, but I'm very sure hyperhidrosis will scare her off. We are meeting in approximately 4 months, and when we do, I want to have tried my best, and that is, tried getting the ETS surgery. I've been to the ETS and Reversals forum: very very scary stories. I've been here: also very scary stories, but some encouraging ones. The way I think it is that there are many satisfied people who just move on with their life and don't come back to the internet, but at the same time there are many who get extermely severe side effects ranging from very disabling compensatory sweating to being unable to think properly/being fatigued all the time. I just want to hear whatever you guys have to say. Don't scream at me don't get the surgery or get the surgery, give me facts and your experience with the surgery. What is the best T section to cut? I heard T3 has the least side effects, but some people say it's not important. Some people say that generalized sweaters will get the worst side effects, but then again I'm not sure. I really hope you all share your experiences with me so I can make my decision from here to around three months time. Thank you all so much.
  11. I just went through all of your topic and found it great from when you started to where you are now. I am also contemplating whether or not to do ETS. I have generalized hyperhidrosis which is mostly hands, feet, armpits, face, and i get facial blushing too. The advice I could get from here is to have only T3 cut. I am like you atm, very confused, and I'm thinking of both scenarios after the surgery: one that has me happy and one that has me even more crippled than now. I'm very scared and confused and I live in Lebanon; surgerons here aren't that great so I'm very confused about ETS.
  12. They're just snake oil, nothing that will really help. You need something powerful, something strong, the only thing that works with hyperhidrosis. A few have topical treatments working for them, but most will find Ditropan, Robinul, and iontophoresis what's useful. The best is iontophoresis, since it won't affect your health. And don't go with the crappy drionic.
  13. Well longer session are definitely better when it comes to ionto.
  14. hahaha thanks for your really encouraging/helpful post! We need more people like you on this board to spread the word and love
  15. Thanks for your input; any input on the subject is really beneficial. I thought the companies came up with a plan that makes things work with a certain pattern, but they're just spacing things out I guess. When I buy the device (by the time I finish my 4th or 5th treatment; a week between treatments is just too long after that) I'll take it from there.
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