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    Thanks for those videos. I watched the Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation video. I like how theres scientific studies, and how the brain works when you experience social anxiety. How do you compare Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn to the sedona method.
  2. Ok thanks alot, are SSRI meant to be taken on a regular basis? I would prefer something which i can take just before a big social event, instead of taking something regularly each day.
  3. Thanks for a great post, i really do believe that many people try a product once, then quite because they are not getting instant results. The trick is, going over the product 50 or so time until it sticks. Like Tony Robbins saids repetition is key to mastery
  4. Sedona isn't some scam, don't comment on something you have no idea what its about. Its a indirect way of releasing negative feelings, and getting to the root of the cause. Its heavily used in the seduction community for approach anxiety, and alot of people have recommended it for that.
  5. Why the heck would i be marketing these products..??? Im a bit confused, please fill me in. I was contemplating in purchasing 1 of these products, but don't want to spend the full amount when i don't need to. Also how do you know NLP or hypnosis don't work? Did you try a hypnosis tape 50 nights in a row? Or did u listen to it a couple times and said to yourself its crap.
  6. I've been doing a bit of research recently and have noticed theres lots of audios using hypnosis and NLP for blushing. http://www.justbewell.com/acatalog/stop-blushing.html http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/downloads/self_improvement/blushing.html Has anyone had any results with these audios or similar 1s. I was thinking of buying a couple and trying them out. And was wondering if someone wants to go halves, on a couple so we can get them at a cheaper price.
  7. Its for flushing, i noticed from reading the reviews they applies it after experience flushing
  8. Im going to go to my doctor within the next week or so, to tell him about my blushing problem. The problem is, i have no idea how im going to do express it in words. I was thinking of explaining i been having social anxiety and avoiding social situations because i get really nervous and uptight. Then explaining that my face also goes really red, and feels like its burning. This is true, but i want to make sure he actually gives me some sort of medication, because i don't want to leave without nothing. Can anyone tell me how and what they told there doctor about their problem, and did they prescribe something to you straight away? What medication would they most likely prescribe?
  9. Sounds like a good product to try
  10. what products are recommended for guys?
  11. I've been recommend the sedona method on another forum im on for my facial blushing. Which basically is about letting go the negative feelings (in our case letting go of blushing) Also it involves simply opening and allow what is to be in this moment, theres nothing for it to stick to, and it simply passes through awareness. Heres the sites url: http://www.sedona.com/ Check it out.
  12. Hi im looking for a cream to coverup the redness associated with blushing. I don't want something very "noticeable" but something i can rub in and reduce the redness. Any recommendations for males? I've been doing a bit of searching on here, but it seems most of the stuff recommend is for females.
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