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  1. Thanks, I'll look into getting my fiance to buy it for me. They do sell it in stores right? And can you just wear the Clinique or does it have to be mixed with this smashbox stuff? THanks again.
  2. Is the Clinique almost makeup similar to the Linda Sy Zinco stuff? I've been using this for over a year, but would like to try something else. Also does this almost makeup rub off or show rain marks? Thanks
  3. Just thought I would wish everyone a Merry XXX-mas and a Happy New Year. May there be hope for a cure in the New year. I had a dream last night that someone came out with those peel on faces from the Mission Impossible movies, and everytime I went out, I would peel on a replica of my face, and the redness wouldn't show through. It was a pretty sweet dream, the kind where you wake up, and you force yourself back to sleep hoping that the dream would continue, it didn't, but I had some crazy ass sex dream instead, so no complaints. Anywase, Merry hoho and may our cheeks be as rosy and old saint Nick himself.
  4. I would do anything to just have that pink look. I think it looks sweet on girls and is quite normal on guys! The only issue, besides the burning pain I get when I flush is the intense red color. Makes me want to put on a freakin' red nose and start making some animal balloons. Hey, wait a minute. We should all start putting on some make-up, and a wig and some bigg ass feet and start a Worldwide Clown Union. That would cure all our problems.
  5. When you flush and or blush what does it look like? The reason I ask is mine is all blotchy. I see alot of blushers out there but they have both cheeks the same color and it doesn't look bad. I, on the other hand have this line about 2 inches long that goes down the right side of my face and blotchy weirdness that happens on my left along with bright red ears and a blotchy neck that leads to my ears. I have broken blood vessels on my face from flushing too much but besides those and the permanent redness from the god-awful line on my right, I have no signs of Rosacea. Knock on wood. Describe your flushes.
  6. I have not posted for quite a while, so here is an update. I was the guy who believed my excessive daily facial, neck and ear flushing was due to the dry climate that I moved to, as everytime I came back to my hometown, I would not flush. So I moved back, and guess what. I WAS WRONG!!!! I still flush everyday, and have lots of breathing difficulty (can't get a whole breath in) and heart burn and can't stand being in a crowd or meeting, Everyday I start to feel the burning and go beet red. This hapens in blotches like a thick line from just under my right eye leading to my jaw line ( this is the worst part and is permanently red) and the left side of my face blotches differently. My neck goes extreme red and leads to my intensely red ears. This lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. This all is pretty phuked up, because I was a concert pianist since the ripe age of 7 and have been a class clown in all classes. Now I get so anxious with everything, and I know the only reason for my anxiety is the fact that I go red. I just started a new career as soon as I got here, and is as a sales rep for a huge company, and of course we have "meetings" daily in a hellish heat of an office. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I have started taking cipralex to help cope with these panic attacks, but I still never want to do anything socially. There are alot of people who blush as well, but the tone of redness is not even close to the extremity of mine! When I first started taking Cipralex, a little under two weeks ago I didn't blush/flush at all. Then it came back, and it's like all those days I didn't flush, my body was like "haha take this byatch" and I flushed like crazy. I have come to the conclusion that all this is linked to my Hyperhidrosis, in which I have had all my life in my armpits. I barely sweat at all now from my pits, and obviously release it else where. This is definately affecting my life to the point where it is ruining all that I am. I am mentally strong, but there is nothing I can do to control the fact that my face and neck and ears are on fire daily. That is like asking a burn victim to just forget the pain, and become one with it, embrace it and you in return will find your Zen. What a load a shite. I once believed Pain was merely weakness leaving your body. Well hurry the hell up and leave already!!!! I know all the crap about ETS. But man, you only live once and this is not living. And I'm losing more and more time waiting for a supposed cure when the possibilities of a partial or full cure could be there with the surgery, especially if this is linked to my HH. I NEVER ONCE WENT RED UNTILL 2 YEARS AGO. THERE MUST BE AN ANSWER! Advice would be greatly appreciated. Love you all. What's up Vicki and Bob
  7. Penguin. that's exactly what i thought! Stay more than a few days and see what happens, unfortunately I don't have that option as I need to support the family! Nothing would piss me off more than moving back there and it starts up again after a couple weeks. I have to take the chance though. I am an outgoing guy who felt outgoing again. Here, I have social phobia from this hot flash/ hour long flushing, as there a re no apparent triggers. In Vancouver, I wasn't worried about it, and I did not get a single hot flash. I did still flush a little when I got there, but that only lasted about 10 minutes, and maybe was because my body was still in Kelowna's climate. Plus I sweated alot more, which is bizarre because you are supposed to sweat more in a dry climate! So very weird! There has got to be an answer, which I hope to find b4 my move back. Thanks for your help
  8. Vicki, I bought a crazy expensive humidifier last year after returning from Van city, and it didn't really help much. Although I do go outside and come back in all the time. All the Derms I have seen have said it is caused by the sun, yet in Vancouver it was very sunny, I went golfing all day ( with a mock neck) and I did not flush at all. And I still flush in the winter when the sun is not present. I know that the flushing is due to more blood in the area, and that it is meant to cool the body down. But why does my body react differently in another climate than here. When I first moved to Kelowna, I had no issues with flushing whatsoever. I sweated alot more, but thats all. It took about 8 months for me to start flushing, but once it started, it didn't stop. Untill I returned to Vancouver. I thought maybe it was a mental thing, and that it was the comfort factor of being around what I grew up around. But the mind can only do so much. I tried all the triggers, excluding booze ( I'm on antibiotics for chronic bacterial prostatitis, which sucks dog balls) and nothing happened. A few little blood vessels on my neck after the spicy tandoori test, which went away quickly. I ate so much sushi with hella lots of wasabi, and nothing. I had the hottest shower imaginable and nothing. The only time I did sort of flush was after removing one of my tight ass mock neck shirts, and the rubbage area got really red. In kelowna, if I so much as touch my neck, or if my baby touches my neck it goes red intantly. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME!!! AND THAT"S WHAT KILLS ME MORE THAN THE FLUSHING!!!!! As for trying somewhere else in the Okanagan, I have tried that. I have a cabin in Shuswap, and it still happens there. THe climate is the same as here, but has no orchards. Anywase, any input or brainstorming ideas would be appreciated!
  9. The weird thing is that I did absolutely nothing different!! I wear mock neck shirts all the time now, to hide the neck just incase!! And I continued to wear the same clothes. It was very hot in the condo I stayed in with no AC. But still no flush! The difference in climate is quite substantial, as Vancouver is much more humid compared to this desert-like climate. The whole reason for my trip was to see a Dermatologist there about this flushing, as there is only one here in Kelowna. Here in Kelowna, any doctors visit equals instant flush. There I tried my hardest to flush, by eating a very hot soup, and my trying to stress my self out b4 the appointment, and nothing. Clear as day! Derm said it was definately not Rosacea, and that there is nothing he could do. I had another appointment that day, and nothing. So it has to be the climate, and my bodies innability to tolerate it.
  10. I went back to Vancouver for 5 days to visit family, and just like at Christmas time, not a SINGLE FLUSH. Had a little one when i first got there on my neck, but after that, not a single flush. After day 5 my permanent redness was dissapearing, and I didn't even have to wear the tinted zinco cream that I live on or take the clonidine. Then I drive back to Kelowna, and BAM, right away, I started flushing when I got home. And this one was INTENSE!! Burned like a maffa! And continues to do so. WTF?! Why can't I tolerate this climate?
  11. I'm not sure if you'll remember my story on how when I moved to Kelowna, BC Canada, over a year and a half ago, and after the continued use of Drysol for my Hyperhidrosis of the pits, I began flushing daily, on my cheeks, neck, ears etc... and I completely stopped sweating. Of course no Doctors or Derms could figure this out, so the last year of my life has been a dark one. I went from a Concert Pianist who loved being infront of people, to a nervous wreck Piano Teacher/ Bartender. I've tried everything to get rid of the extremely painful flushing; and the only thing that has worked somewhat has been the daily use of Clonidine. Anywase, when I first started flushing, I was misdiagnosed with my first "bladder infection", and was put on antibiotics for 5 days. The infection went away, but since has come back 5 times, so last week I went to the hospital, because I started feeling the symptoms again, did all the tests (blood tests, tube up cockhole, finger sodomy etc.) and was diagnosed with chronic bacterial prostatitis. At 26 years young, I thought this to be odd, but I guess because of working at a restaurant, by eating raw chicken, or put my dirty hands in my mouth( I'm a nail biter) I developed some bad bacteria in my body ( E coli or something like that) and it has been getting worse and worse over the year. So they gave me these new antibiotics called Cipro, and I have to take them for 6 weeks. Anywase, blah blah blah, I also had a problem with over the counter painkillers (Tylenol 1's) and have been taking them religiously and chronically for about 5 years. I quit them last year, right before I began flushing, and started taking them again after a couple months of flushing to see if they would help, obviously becoming readdicted (is that a word?) in the process and them not helping physically. I stopped coldturkey again 6 days ago, after being diagnosed with this prostatitis and have not and will not turn back. To the important part: I have almost completely stopped flushing. It only happens at night when I have a toke, but didn't happen at all yesterday, and still has yet to happen today. WHY????? Could the flushing be a result of the bad bacteria in my body that just needed to be treated, or is it because of my addiction to painkillers? Maybe it's cuz my livers so Fckd that my blood flow has been comprimised or maybe a combination of both. Anywase keep your fingers crossed, cuz this could be a turning point towards what used to be a normal and productive life.
  13. bubbles, I am a 26 year old male who started getting those exact same chest and neck blotches a year ago. This after 25 years of no history of blushing or flushing. I've come to the conclusion (because doctors are idiots!!) that mine has happened because of a sudden stopeage of intense sweating that I have suffered all my life. I used Drysol for 6 months and COMPLETELY stopped sweating. That and the change in environments, as I went from rainy wet Vancouver, to an extremely dry dessert like climate in Kelowna BC. instead of sweating, my body releases its heat through extreme daily flushes that usually happen at night. This has completely changed my life, as I went from a cocky concert pianist to a timid little schoolgirl, and do not leave the house without a thermos full of ice cubes and a mock neck shirt. I take clonidine daily which do help tremendously and I also use Linda Sy's tinted Zinco to sort of mask the redness. I have tried all herbs and homeopathy, and nothing. Pray for succesful laser treatments or this sans rosa, cuz without them, We're PHUCKED!!!!!!!! Any other questions feel free to pm me.
  14. How can i purchase this stuff in Canada Bob? I looked up keramask and nothing comes up on the net. I would like to try this stuff! Do you put it on your neck and if you do, do you does it rub off on your clothing.
  15. I think you just volunteered yourself!!! Great idea. Now back it up!!! Let me know what we could do.
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