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  1. Up until a couple of months ago, I was taking glycopyrrolate (Avert, Robinul) to treat hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately it is not available in my country and I had to order it from Canada, but can no longer afford to do so for the time being as I am not working. I went to see my GP once I ran out of glycopyrrolate and he put me on a trial of hyoscine butylbromide (Buscopan) at up to 30mg three times daily, however I found it completely ineffective. A few days ago I went back to see him and am now trying oxybutynin at 5mg four times daily. It does feel as though it is working, though I'm not sure how well in comparison to the glycopyrrolate. Are any others here taking oxybutynin? Have you found it effective and if so, at what dose?
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