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  1. .....invited most of my closest friends to my studio to show off my new paintings. I quit my job as an accoutant because I couldnt stand FB in an office environment. My family are sceptical about me becoming an artist etc but I don't care anymore. Nevertheless, all my guests are arriving within half an hour and just felt this massive burn in my left cheek. Stupid as I am I checked in the bathroom and it spread over to my right. Total deep purple flush.........probably last for two hours. f*** this life.
  2. Tried to tell her but ended up making up a bullshitstory about me being in a car accident, injuring my nerves....ahhhh!!!! So fu***** silly and pointless. I have managed quite well, only 1 flush/blush in her proximity. She started to wonder why I never wanted to have a meal of food with her...I have major ETS Gustavatory sweating problems...sweat like a pig when I eat. "Its ok, only sweat when eating spicy food" said Doctor Nielsen. Im too depressed to write.. Good Luck and all my empathies... ps I'm not committing suicide
  3. I tried to tell women I dated in the past about my FB but always choked in the last minute entering silent mode. This time I really want to explain it to her and make her understand. I remember someone saying that one should write a letter but it seems to lame, for lack of a better word. Would appreciate any suggestions...I have to break it to her.
  4. I second that. School was tough. I always had a cap on and sat in the back, never answering any questions although I really wanted to. Presentations were a nightmare. People kept asking me at uni why I was so red all the time and I just answered "high blood pressure". This condition is such a quality of life destroyer, I'm sorry to say. It does not get better with age. Sorry for being such a negativist.
  5. I have used them for many years and they can really act as a "life-saver" in FB-proned situations. I usually take before important dinners or drinks since they reduce general anxiety and gives you a confidence boost. The problem is that I continue to "top-up" during the night and can easily swallow around six of them (like a preemptive strike to be "absolutely" sure of not breaking crimson (I don't say it always work, it often turns out that I make a quick escape when I feel a deep FB coming up). It affects my drinking and it also gives you re-bound-heart-rate-attacks the day after. accompanied with hungover. Nevertheless, they help me a lot and since its impossible to get cholodine in Sweden I'm left with no alternative. Cholodine was my original best life-saver, back in the days - blocked the whole burden altogether but difficult to dosage since you run the risk of feeling very very saucy and tired...and then alcohol....you are almost semi-sleeping and people seem to notice that. Tend to fall asleep at the most awkward moments, I did at a dinner once and had to be carried away.........waking up after that is not true joy...massive understatement. By the way, I was at a party in Germany last weekend and had a chat with the father (ie. sponsor of the party), we had actually met years ago Oxford for a dinner with his son. I told him that I remember having a great time blablabla and he replied and I quote: "I remember you were really really red". That almost ruined the party for mean and I felt like slapping him hard in the face. I have a history of so many sad, debilitating, almost suicidal FB-episodes that I try to bury but they still prop up and I hate to be reminded. Nights where you sneaked home because you could not in any way manage it. Never-mind, most of you know how it feels: what you miss and why it was taken from you (the old what-IF scenarios). I have, as mentioned, accepted this condition now and I have managed to tailor-made my life around it. Some shrinks say that is the worse way to approach it but I don't care. I just have to make it a permanent part of my life and isolate myself and control my social environment. It works but you end losing a lot of friends who can not stand the controlling needs. If they hate it that much ---> find another friend. All the best wishes for fellow FB/FFs. Zorg.
  6. http://www.oxytocinstore.com/buyoxytocin.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxytocin
  7. Really need to get out of town for a while and have not traveled that much in recent years.. Where do you go if you want to escape for a while? I know its a silly question because you don't know my preferences but say my only criteria is "facial blushing friendly". .............f*** it, going to NY. Write me a pm if you wanna meet up for a beer.
  8. .....5 years duration an unconditional contract minimum. I also looked into that a couple of years ago. But seriously, 5 years! What if medical science comes up with an instant cure? Long shot but can still happen. Do you really want to be stuck with a bunch of mental juveniles for 5 years? A lot, and I mean a lot of aggressive and "nothing to lose" individuals join the legion. Could be an incredible experience as well, what do I know?
  9. mtred...sounds healthy. I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm an addict as well. Mostly weed but I can't control my drinking either. Not that I get aggressive or anything like that but I can't stop drinking after just one beer or a drink. Its sad but I think its all about escaping your web-of-thoughts. Its so relaxing. I have also developed a severe anxiety-FB-disorder... Scarface: "I am functioning a lot better now and I am able to control my thoughts instead of my thoughts controlling me." It sounds so simple. It takes twenty years to cultivate that skill.
  10. Sounds interesting... http://www.bioscriptives.com/postvas-ex.html
  11. I agree. Children can be a nightmare. "Why are you so red?" "What is wrong with you?" Shut up halfling!!! Adults who comment should be punished for their lack of empathy. We are biologically limited, its not our fault, its evolutions fault.
  12. I have come to the point where my facial blushing/flushing is mastering almost all aspects of my sad life. I use it as an excuse for smoking and drinking excessively. But most of all, I isolate myself much more than a couple of years ago. My friends have given me the nickname "the constant evader". I need to control every social situation and I would never put myself in a situation where there are no "quick-escapes" etc. I think most of the people on this forum can relate (except those who say "its all in your head"). So my question is: is acceptance the only viable way to tackle this and if this condition downgrades our quality of life, isn't it rational for us to be like this? What else can you do? It feels like a semi-life, a life filled with waiting for a cure, a long painful endurance filled with degradation and misunderstandings. Its impossible for me to explain this to my family and close friends. I've tried but it does not work.
  13. Tried it......major rip-off. Feel embarrassed, can't believe I bought it.
  14. "To make such an outlandish statement only proves that you are either in denial or simply not a sufferer of facial blushing or flushing" Exactly. Could not have said it better. "Its all in your head"...insensitive and downright stupid thing to say, you sound like my mother.
  15. I went to Medical Laser in Stockholm as well. He seemed so honest, nice, genuine etc but I was once again fooled into laser treatment. Iv spent so much money on various laser in different countries that "will reduce redness, burning. It will change your life" but it is NOT effective. It really hurts and downtime is long if you do it properly. I feel like such a loser when I contemplate all money and time spent on this curse. I have nothing to show for it...and those damn slippery and smooth-talking doctors, a plague on all their houses. Give us a fu***** cure now..................................
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