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  1. hi all! i ordered butchers broom so will keep you all posted. otherwise, i've had good luck with afrin/nasal spray for check blotching... but it gives me a stomach ache when i use too much. plus it only lasts an hour or two. has anyone ever tried the catapres patch? any time i take normal beta blockers, they knock me out. i get so tired so quickly. i can't stay awake after the 'adrenaline' situation passes (i.e. public speaking) so i can't use it often. i wonder if the patch will do the same. does anyone else get tired on beta blockers or xanax? i mean exhausted....
  2. ive been reserching bioscriptives ingredients, and it looks like Butchers Broom extract has been used to treat varicose veins and hemoroids because of its vasoconstricting properties... might be a good thing to try, and more effective and cheaper than bioscreptives.
  3. hi, i've tried prep h, but it didnt help at all. ive read that the canadian version is more effective but i havent tried it. i can't reviews on the bioscriptives anywhere online. anyone want to try it out? i wish i could, but im too broke now and at least this is meant for your face lol.
  4. has anyone heard of or tried this? i saw it on rosaceagroup...
  5. try afrin, i use it on my chest for flushing. i wear makeup (makeup forever full cover is the best or estee lauder maximum cover). also consider getting a fake tan. see if you're dr. will give you a beta blocker and a xanax.
  6. hi-i've actually tried three diff beta blockers- atenolol, propanolol, and clonindine. they do help a bit (they work best when taken with a xanax) but they knock me out immediately. honestly, as soon as the stressor is over, i need to fall asleep within 30 minutes and im out for hours!!!!!!!!!!!! they're just not a sustainable solution for me. does anyone else have this problem with beta or alpha blockers? i know theres a catapres patch, but idk if thatd have the same effect. howd you know you're nervous system wasnt overactive? is there a test for adrenaline? or your cns?
  7. hi! TOTALLY! i can be happy/excited (not nervous at all), sad, sexually excited, any adrenaline rush and I got the splotches all over. how do we control adrenaline? i kind of always felt like its a overactive sympathetic nervous system or something...
  8. welcome! you described most of us in your self-description. so know, at least, you're not alone. this probably won't help with facial blushing, but ive been using afrin on my neck and chest to stop the blotchiness and id say theres prob. a 50% improvement. i should apply the afrin and scratch my neck and see what happens.... bc i have the same thing-if you touch me, it leaves a red mark. i wouldnt do afrin on my face because im sure you'll get rebound flushing. my best suggestion would be do some research on hemmerhoid creams in the discussions on here lol. i take 10mg antihistamine daily and just bought some zantac to start trying. i think i have a problem with high histamine and ive read online that zantac and other antacids are h2 blockers and may help when h1 (claritin, loratidine, zyrtec, etc) aren't effective. who knows? i bought histame recently, but havent been good about taking it regularly yet. ive tried all of the beta blockers- atenolol, clonidine, and probably another. they make me sooooo tired- i cant even stay awake for more than 20-30 minutes after the 'stress' (i.e. i take before a presentation, it helps keep me calmer during presentation, but im EXHAUSTED immediately after the stress passes). i always take a xanax or ativan with the beta blocker- the blocker wont work on its own to calm my nervous system. i would def check out botox before evening considering coming close to thinking about ets. there was some discussion on here a while ago about a temporary nerve block in the same place that ets cuts the nerves... i forget what its called. ill get back to you on that one. it was used sucessfully for some women with menopause flushing. check out clinique's redness solutions line. i want to try the instant relief powder. ill let you know if i do and i notice a difference. i wear a lot of foundation though, so any result i have would be different than a guy with no makeup. it has a yellow tinge to it, but wouldnt be noticeable on a guy i think. i heard good things about eucerins redness line too. are you based in the us? check out university clinics for hyperhydrosis and if you have insurance, see if you can find a good doctor that you can work with. i have a psychiatrist because im on an ssri daily (anxiety from blushing). it helps maybe 50% then when i wasnt on anything. again, Welcome! You're in good company.
  9. hi, ive tried kat von d. the coverage is mediocre. i returned it to sephora. Makeup Foreve Full Cover is by far the best I've found. stays put a lot better- not as dry as coloratiation but doesnt make you all oily either. mix it with a regular foundation (makeup forever HD is what i like) if its too heavy for you.
  10. i've actually been having really good luck with afrin lately. I have to put like 10 drops on my neck/upper chest--probably not that great for me--but its definitely cut down on splotchiness... it has to go on BEFORE you would get splotchy, but (and my splotchy flush is worse than my blushing) its working pretty decently. gives me some heartburn LOL but its a good experiment so far.
  11. AWESOME! it sounds like rosaceagroup has had really good success... is anyone able to post on there? for some reason, im having trouble posting. i just created an account this morning, thats probly why. Seriously, if anyone has an extra bottle or willing to split a bottle that would be amazing! I'm happy to send paypal. Alternately, has anyone ever ordered from those online pharmacies? I'm just afraid they wont send the real product and just send saline or something... Thoughts?!? How exciting! I think this is the most promising thing since I joined ESFB!
  12. ive searched EVERYWHERE online...can anyone in the eu, canada or uk send me a bottle if i pay you on paypal? i will gladly test it out for everyone and keep a log to let you know how it works. i dont really have rosacea, just flushing blushing and splotches on neck and chest (from everything- heat, shower, anxiety, surprise, happy, sad, cry, self-conscious, EVERYTHING) Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Sansrosa doesnt look like itll be ready any time soon, so lets just make our own solution.
  13. i cant wait to try this... i dont have health insurance right now so getting a prescription is impossible. drs appts cost an arm and a leg in the us- no nhs here- so ive been looking to buy it online and cant find it anywhere without a rx. any suggestions? thank you
  14. hi Mike, look through my previous posts to read all my posts on makeup and tanner. in short, i think makeup forever makeup is the best (hd foundation for men, full cover for women bc its more obvious). use a setting spray like ben nye final seal or mehron barrier spray. experiment to what spray will help you keep you the makeup on during boxing. tanners: best is xen tanner. expensive but lasts way longer than drugstore ones.
  15. thanks for the salt tip. i am so happy it works for you. as soon as i get to the grocery mart, ill pick it up. do you think vitamin a in a mutlivitamin is sufficient? have you ever been tested for thyroid function? mine is low- hypothyroid. i take synthroid every day. please keep us posted, im glad your on esfb.
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