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  1. Thanks, exFB, for replying. Type of work I do is office work, clerical type of work. Blushing has gotten so bad that it only takes someone to just start talking to me and I turn red. I took prozac once before but it messed me up with not so great side effects. What anxiety meds did you try? Working at home - aren't those mostly scams? Someone on here once mentioned work at home medical transcription, but you only get hired for at home positions if you have years of experience. I'm not going to be online for the rest of the night so if I don't answer someone's reply, that's why. Take care.
  2. My job has been eliminated and I will be job hunting soon. Only problem is references. I am so isolated that I virtually have no one to reach out to, except former boss and 1 coworker. I am so depressed. I don't think I will be hired anywhere - too shy and I can't hide it in interviews. Please someone reply. Why don't people post on esfbchannel more often? It's so depressing when I see a post I want to reply to, but then i look at the date and it's from 2008 or such. Any advice? Please just talk to me. I don't go on here often because i don't like to be reminded of my blushing problem. I guess that must be why no one else posts much, too.
  3. I totally understand. If I didn't have to work, I'd be so happy. Every time I take a few days off I usually prefer not to go anywhere or do anything, just stay at home and watch tv, read, listen to music, go on the internet, anything that doesn't involve interacting with people. For me, work is the most stressful part of my life. I work part-time and I can barely make it financially so the pressure is on for me to find full-time work or find a second part-time job. I could probably get hired for retail holiday/seasonal work, but I would find it extremely stressful to deal with the public and would probably be blushing non-stop.
  4. Just had a bad day. Coworker's cute little 2 yr old visited my workplace and when I was introduced (in front of our whole department), got super embarrassed and just said hi, how are you. She was a very cute, adorable little girl and I like kids, have 2 grown children of my own, I just get embarrassed because the other people are watching my reaction and well, you know, I blush, of course. I just need to work at a job on my own, alone, with no other people. (I'll let you know when I find that job.)Of course, no such job exists. I'm going to buy maximum cover makeup this weekend and wear it to work every single day. I can't handle it anymore.
  5. Has anyone seen this article yet? http://vitals.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/09/12644071-unbearable-blushing-parents-speak-out-about-sons-suicide?lite Such a shame that this kid didn't get the help his parents were going to get for him. Maybe now that msn.com has put this article on their website, this medical/psychological problem will start getting the attention it needs to find a cure. It's a start anyway.
  6. wishful

    at work

    Because of my fear of blushing at work, I never talk to anyone unless it's one-on-one and not in front of a lot of people. I work in a large office, with desks in rows, no cubicles, and no privacy whatsoever. Therefore, I am afraid to talk on my phone, talk to my boss, and talk to my coworkers. Sometimes I will go through a whole day at work and the only talking I would do would be just saying the word HI to someone. I know people think I'm weird and quiet and shy and stuck up and I am not well liked. I haven't gone far in advancing at work and I feel like I'm being left behind. I'm scared to go to office meetings so I don't go to them. I am so stuck in my rigid way of life, all for fear that I will blush. So I just go about my life trying not to be noticed and just let life drift by. Is anyone else's life at work like this?
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