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  1. Hello to everyone. I have not been on this site for around ten years since I had my ETS surgery which was a huge success for me. I had my T2 and T3 neves cut and it completely changed my life for the better and I never looked back..... until now. Recently, Iv started blushing again in meetings at work - at 1st I wasn’t sure if it was just “phantom blushing” but I’m pretty sure it’s the real deal - face burning up and people looking at me strangely. Now I’m left feeling really stressed and the dark days of anxiety have returned! Im going to e mail my surgeon and get his opinion but I do remember reading before that the nerves can rejoin and repair over time so I’m thinking this may of happened in my case. If that is potentially the case then I will look to get the operation redone ASAP. Has anyone else had a similar issue to me and got the operation done a 2nd time?? If so I would like to hear your experience.
  2. hi jamie, as you know iv had the operation too and i too suffer from compensatory sweating. Iv just recently been to thailand where it was very very hot and humid. i suffered from sweat patches there in the daytime and night. There is a simple solution....just wear black or white - this eliminates the issue in that ppl can really see the patches. For me, id MUCH rather have sweat patches when its hot and when im at the gym than have a red face everytime i get in awkward situations and sometimes in any situation. i wouldnt change the operation for the world - has given me a new lease of life.
  3. alls still well. best thing i ever did. i still flush but i dont get that hot rush of blood to the face followed by sever facial sweating! i do now get compensatory sweating but id rather that than the blushing ruining my life!!!
  4. wow , im suprised you regret having the ETS. if you remember jamie, i had the surgery at the same time as you. my blushing is now 99% gone. to be honest i do get compensatory sweating on my back and chest but i really coould care less!! the blushing was killing me!!! i still have a fluched face sometimes but it was the huge rush of heat and redness and sweating that were ruining me., that has now gone! and im over the moon woth the surgery. it is a bit embarresing with the CS at times but like i say id much rather than than the blushing!!!im v suprised u dont fell the same. i alsio work out etc but it doesnt affect me.
  5. well im sure you know from my posts what my thoughts are on this. ETS has been so good for me. iv been in loads of awkward situations since the operation a few months ago and i still havent had one of the full blown blushes that i used to get on a weekly basis. i dont sweat from the face at all unless eating some foods. this is very very mild anyway! before i would sweat when i ate anything. i did a presentation today and i came through it fine which i was very happy about. the worlds my oyster now and im opening myself up to more and more situations every week that before i wouldnt even entertain doing. if blushing is ruining ur life that much then try and stop it thorugh ETS!!
  6. just out of interest scarface, why did you go for the clamping method when its been proven to be a bit pointless as it pretty much kills the nerve anyway. and there also seems to be a greater chance of failure (signals still getting through the nerve over time)
  7. hey scarface. good to hear that the blushing has gone. i havent been on here for a few weeks. everything for me is still great. havent blushed since the operation and have been in loads of situations! certain foods can make me feel like im sweating slightly but when i wipe my brow theres no moisture. i think they call in phantom sweating. side effects are CS and dry hands, both of which dont bother me. hope you continue to do well.
  8. 1. Where are you from? Essex, England 2. Gender male 3. Age 26 4. Do you regularly smoke or drink or take drugs? Drink 5. Are you overweight? No 6. Have you had any surgeries or health problems before having the surgery? (high blood pressure, etc.) No 7. What did you MAINLY have ETS for? Facial Blushing 8. How would you rate the severity of your condition? Severe 9. Which section(s) did the doctor cut or clamp? T2 cut 10. Any complications, if any, during the surgery? No 11. When did you have the surgery? march 18th 2009 12. Who was your doctor? Dr Cameron, ipsiwch, UK 13. List the positive outcome, if any, from the surgery? no blushing, dry hands, increased confidence! quality of life dramatically improved 14. List the negative outcome, or side effects, if any, from the surgery: mild compensatory sweat 15. Are you happy with the surgery? Yes. 16. What is your nationality? British 17. Does any other family member(s) suffer from the same condition? Yes, brother and cousins *18 (optional). Any other comments or suggestions I would recommend anyone to go for this surgery if you suffer badly with blushing. blushing is a horrible condition and it can be fixed! dont believe all the scarmongering about ETS. listen to facts not conjecture
  9. it mainly helps blushing but it has helped my flushing a little too. probly reduced it by 50%. and its reduced by blushing by 100%
  10. there are loads of forums about ETS but not specifiuacally for FB, but you will find ppl there whov had it for FB. just seach it on google.
  11. hope it goes well scarface. did you do your research on this guy?? has he done many operations??im sure when you meet him you will get a good feel for how good he is by asking him questions on the operation etc
  12. hey jamie , any progress to report??? feels like ages since i had the operation but its only a month! so far so good! life is good!
  13. hey catwhit, glad your doing good too. im really happy with my decision to get the operation. im getting more and more confident all the time, no longer depressed and dread gettting into situations! i did get ur message yeah. i was hoping to talk to you on MSN messenger but you never seem to be online!
  14. "That is not correct. Surgeons base their statistics on very small samples because most people do not fill in the post-surgery questionnaires. And if some actually do, they only provide short-term info. That is why they throw that 90% bull**** at you. ETS works for handsweat...not blushing nor flushing. We have overly-strained veins in the face...thats it." well im living proof that it does work mate!! iv had it done and i no longer blush. FACT!!! It has changed my life!!! Iv had the operation and unlike lots of ppl on here who seem to know everything about ETS!! but have NO 1st hand experience of it! i respect people who have clearly done there research on this such as Bob Bear. but others just dont seem to have a clue! If you look on the net you will find as many sucess stories as failures. You must also consider that genarally it will be the dissatisfied cases that will recieve all of the publicity. Yes it can cause made side effects, but that is for the MINORITY!!! they wouldnt do the operation if there wasnt a good cvhance of sucess. At the end of the day this operation is a last resort. but its up to the individual to make an informed decision based on their research. Having had the operation done and having done a lot of research i believe that the statistics that are quoted by these surgeons is realistic, and i 100% trusted my surgeon. And Greg, yes scarface does want a good surgeon , because although he has no money, his dad is paying for it. so therefore he wants the best surgeon available to him, seen as hes paying for it and its not on insurance.
  15. just another quick update. all is still well so far. no blushing or sweating from the face. and no sweating from hands eather. they can get a bit dry sometimes but moisturiser takes care of that. CS has been minimal. just got back from a run actually, no face sweatinf where it used to pour!! but got sweat patches on front and back which is no big deal. so far immensely happy with the surgery. Worth every penny coz my social anxiety is going away bit by bit. I used to be a nervous wreck at times , now much more confident.
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