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  1. just got mine and about to try it. the site has disappeared though so not holding out much hope
  2. My mental health is absolutely fu****. When I was with my girlfriend there was times she couldn't calm me down I would literally be jumping around the room bouncing on the couch and couldn't sit still. I was relaxed around her and didn't flush( well during sex I did) or blush really. few days later I would be on the floor crying and afraid to leave the house because of this condition. I wish I was happy all the time
  3. im still here just had a horrible few days. thanks for the support. going to get some of the clinique cream and see if it helps,
  4. i cannot take it any more, no job, girlfriend just broke up with me, my best friend died in december of sudden death syndrome. I cant leave the house there is no point anymore in living with this horrible condition. tried everything there is nothing works, my face is always flushed and there is nothing i can do about it. i wudnt blush if i wasnt so hot or flushed in the face. if i lived till i was 80 i couldnt take another 60 years of this sh** so there is only one option now. good bye hope everyone has more success than i did.
  5. i wish bad things upon this women. stupid ****
  6. the .15% has done nothing for me.
  7. Just received mine in the post, will let you everyone no how i get on.
  8. http://cgi.ebay.ie/GLYCEROL-GLYCERINE-KOSHER-FOOD-GRADE-1L_W0QQitemZ140311255784QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_BOI_Medical_Lab_Equipment_Lab_Supplies_ET?hash=item20ab33dae8 thats it right?
  9. Congrats mate. I just found out my girlfriend is pregnant. Disaster shes only 18 and i'm 21. .........
  10. I think it is just when he plays football, his colour looks fine here. Ive actually never heard anyone comment on his face or his cheeks.
  11. Watching his interviews I don't think he suffers from blushing but just flushing. Even though I hate Arsenal I love seeing Arshavin doing so well and not letting flushing holding him back. heres some more pics,
  12. suicidal


    I'm exactly like that always drink on my own first to get a bit tipsy and then see how my face is then and if its not the worst I'll head out. I hate that it controls my social life.
  13. suicidal


    Definitely flushing is way worse for me. I went to the 21st and had sort of a good time, was always on my mind but thankfully the place was a little dark which made me a bit more comfortable.
  14. suicidal


    Was meant to going to a mates 21st tonight but i'm flushed as hell and I'm still in my house. I haven't even fu***** left the house yet, f*** this i'll have to cancel! :oops:
  15. The worst thing is as you said when you think you are doing fine and having a good day then out of nowhere someone tells you you are very red in the face. Ugh f*** off!!
  16. need one of these in dublin
  17. suicidal

    my red pic

    Oh shut the f*** up enrique. Idiot.
  18. dont mind enrique, ive seen him to be a cunt on the forum with tastless replies and mostly annoying people. best to ignore him
  19. If it helps with flushing then I might just give this a go as flushing is my main problem.
  20. It dosent do much for the flushing though. I just want my flushed cheeks to go
  21. I've been trying it out and I have noticed a little difference during the day for flushing but after about 5or6 I flush just as bad as I used to. Ah well.
  22. I recieved mine this morning. Going to try it out now and see how I get on. Will let everyone no about my progress. I just want this to be gone :cry:
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