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    getting pale
  1. anyway material items and posesions my job girlfrend its secondarry . priorrity is getting my skin back 2 how it should b . unfortunatly i havent sucseeded yet iv got my skin 2 stop flushing and it also looks less red so im on the mend but at this rate it could take 3 years .i found rosex 2 b helpfull u have 2 torture the gp 4 it though so my next etempt is zenmed cream stuff wich will b in the post soon im not even going 2 get my hopes up . i will never b cured and thats what i like about me
  2. ha im still around i think i was drunk that day
  3. into the water system and make everyone blush aahahahahahh
  4. so iff nannicins make u flush and we gave them 2 a pale person and he flushed then we can bottle it and threten globaly? maby its already being used like that ?
  5. im like a pharmasist her iv colected a libery ov oils creams and liquids iv got about 15 diffrent types ov tee tree tee tree aaaaaaaaaaa
  6. time well spent oviously i would nt want 2 be anywhere else but it costs 40 4 me ther and home my Question is after going 2 blushfest the most are u any pailer?
  7. burn your face with fire or dicect the blush or acupuncture like hell raser .
  8. cant go out in the sun ever withut a cap .have 2 use makup every day ,o girlfrend. social life tends 2 platow when things get interesting .told its your mental health ? )****off inbrace the doom
  9. mines a 10 out ov 10 i ts all doom and gloom here
  10. this might be my last mesage i think its game over 4 me this is probably thr last time i log into this forum thing , dont catch rosacia
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