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    I've been on melanotan for about 6-8 months. Can't complain about the product really, it does make you very tan. But side effect- you get more moles. I got a few new moles on my body which I don't appreciate since I already have quite a few. And since stopping with the product they did not dissapear. And I didn't feel like it satisfied me with my redness problem. I became very tanned but my redness was still visible. Maybe it was less visible with the tan, but I still felt the same like with no tan. I was thinking of trying the product again, cause I loooooved the tan I had, and I never got burned in the sun. I'm just scared to get even more moles.
  2. Before there was a huge talk about taking antihistamine at the same time as Calcium tablets. So what happened with that? Is someone still doing it, and how does it work? I'm currently trying it out. Not much as for results at the moment. and why should you compliment the calcium to the antihistamine anyways? xx
  3. I tried the botox aswell.. I think at the first week I had some sort of placebo effect and I was so confident which didn't make me blush. But no, It didn't really help me to be honest. I was still going red and could still feel the heat. Waste of money for me. I really wish that money back.
  4. Don't buy it, Unless you want a good moisturizer. This is not going to do ANYTHING against your blushing.. I bought 2 LARGE jars of this. And I only used it for my face. So I think I was using it for almost a year. And what a bull****.. Did not do nothing for my blushing or flushing.. I ended up using it just for the moisturizing effect. I know, It's sad.. but I don't think there will be a cream to cure our problem.
  5. I have that to sometimes... When like something suddenly happends.. Let's say I dropped my bag in a public place.. And without thinking I just pick it up and go on. But just a few second later I start thinking, wow I handle this well.. And just because I was thinking abot NOT being red. It makes me RED.. That sucks.
  6. I don't think I can come that day.. buuuhuuuu ((((((
  7. Jessiel


    I googled this problem.. about the "alcohol flush reaction" or "asian flush" And found out that heartburn medicine can work. Ir you take one tablet an hour before drinking it will reduce the redness.. and guess what? I tried it yesterday.. and I think it might have worked.. My face wasen't THAT red.. but I also wear loads of makeup to try to reduce my blushing being visable.. But I think it did work.. im going to try it again..
  8. Jessiel


    I'm so sorry for you.. But at least we all here knows how you feel.. I can't enjoy a night out myself.. People around me drink and have fun.. and if i drink I go red, and feel uncomfortable.. my cheeks are burning and I can't think of anything else then my red face. I hate when I'm out, I try not to drink and people are asking why i don't drink and call me boring and make it such a big thing. I hate turning drinks down when people bought them for me. I hate it so muuuuuuuuch.. I wish i would enjoy a glas of wine or two. But I can't. Most of the times I drink anyway, cause I hate the pressure of people around me.. All this questions why i don't drink etc. When I feel that my face goes red I can't think of anything else. I'm running to the toilet all the time to check my face. putting loads of makeup on it. Feels so stupid.. And this feeling of burning cheeks. So horrible, I can't concentrate on anything else when I go all flushed.. Why Can't I get drunk and forget all the problems like everyone else.. At the moment, Flushing is worse than blushing for me.. I hate being all red when I feel very hot, or when i had alcohol. Sucks
  9. I know.. isn't that horrible?? I can be on a great mood and think everything is fine.. then some idiot will comment about my face and my day is ruined.. sometimes the next day will be ruined as-well cause i can't stop thinking of what happened the day before. I hate it.. For example. This happened a lot of times. I'm hanging out with my boyfriend, and we are having the greatest time.. Laughing, cuddling and stuff. I'm only thinking of the situation im in. And then, If I glimpse in the mirror and my face happens to be red, my mood switches. I can't stop thinking of my red face, can't stop thinking how much I hate it. I'm starting to get uncomfortable, wonder what he thinks of me.. Poor guy, obviously notice that my mood changed so fast, he always thinks he did something wrong.. poor thing. It's so embarrassing, what a stupid reason for my mood to change, and I can't tell him that. its so stupid!
  10. Yes please!! I wanted to meet up with you guys for so long.. but every time it was a meet up it was on the weekends and i use to work every weekend.. now i have all the weekends off.. so bring it on :D
  11. I'll check it out aswell.. but should I do a blood-test first to see if I have high histamine?
  12. Using a foundation brush is amazing.. Make sure your face is free from dead skin cells and that you leave your moisturizer on for at least 10 minutes before putting foundation on good luck!
  13. I'm kind of the same as dblue... I started to go in this site everyday, tried so many things to even reduce my blushing and I just felt so obsessed with FB. It went so far that I was thinking of it non-stop. On the underground I was comparing people's faces.. Was looking for someone else that might blush (never found one) It made me blush more.. I couldn't stop thinking of it. So that's why. I have been away from this site on-off. seems like i'm back.. cause im curious with this hestamine stuff.. i'm think i will try that.. always here to see if someone found a cure.
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