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  1. Hello Misterthomas, I do not see my kids havng the same issue I had. No facial blushing, but there is a small issue with hand sweat in one of the kids. They lucked out. Troubled
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for the update request. As all of you have read, I'd had ETS back in early 2010 for the elimination of facial blushing and with the hopes it'd correct some of the sweating. It did accomplish all of that. T2 (only) was cut. Currently, at 6 years out, I still have the compensatory sweating in an unchanged degree as discussed before which is in the late spring to early fall months. I'd rate the sweating during those months at an average of 6-8 on a 10 (worst) scale. At times the sweating will rank a 10 which means it 'bleeds' through the T-shirt and outer Polo shirt. This may happen once every week to 2 weeks. When the sweating occurs it's not all day, just during those times where there is high temperature and humidity. Humidity is the key negative factor in all of this. Dry heat is not too bad. There is absolutely no blushing with no feeling of 'am I going to blush' whatsoever. Having had ETS was the best thing I'd ever done for myself. The feeling of freedom, the increased socialization, the relaxed way I 'attack' each day, it's the best. Sweating? well, I during those 10 ranked episodes I just tell openly to those around me that 'this is something with which I'd been born'. 'Now, what were you saying?'.That diffuses the situation completely. Anybody have any questions? Troubled
  3. Hi FrenchFry, Thanks for your post but, hearing of your results of the recent ETS was not so welcome. The first thing you should do is to get a hold of your surgeons records of the ETS procedure. By having this record you'll be better able to narrow where things might have gone awry. By severing T2, T3, or T4 there must have been some positive results. You want to find out exactly what was done and that's your first step. Secondly, if all seems normal from the procedure, then, hopefully, you may have some delayed reaction/response to the surgery (although I've not heard of this) and you'll have to wait it out over a couple months in order to see if the blushing has gone away. If it hasn't by that time you should get a re-evaluation from your surgeon....or preferably another ETS experienced surgeon. Facial blushing and sweating are physical conditions (mechanical, so to speak) of our bodies and with that in mind altering the nervous system as you've done should have changed things. In my own experience there was an immediate positive result both in no more blushing and no more hand sweat and substantially reduced foot (plantar) sweat done by cutting T2 only That remains to this day which is 5 1/2 years since having had ETS. Now, compensatory sweating is another story. It's up to a 10 in summer months and 1-2 in winter months. But, I'm grateful... Troubled
  4. Hi FrenchFry, I may be wrong but, I believe micro ETS is less invasive than the normal ETS procedure. The benefit of it is that there is less recovery time post surgery. In selecting a surgeon one of your primary concerns should be the number of ETS surgeries that person has performed. Dr. Neilsen who you've mentioned has done a considerable number of ETS surgeries. Also, you should feel confident (gut feel) in the surgeon after having had an in-depth discussion. Check any references you can find although that step is rather tough in that those references are not readily available. As in any field of expertise there will always be a small percentage of negative experiences which should not be of major concern. The larger percentages should be of concern. Surgeons are human like the rest of us. I'd had T2 cut 5 1/2 years ago and the results of that is no blushing, no hand sweat, and 90% of the feet sweat (plantar) is gone. In turn I do have compensatory sweating which is a function of humidity first, temperature second, and physical activity third. It's largely manageable with only a few over the top sweating episodes in the summer. I say 'episodes' in that the compensatory sweating is not all day long, just when subjected to higher humidity and temperature and activity. As in the past days of blushing, one copes with the sweating by avoidance measures plus the summertime addition of wearing an undershirt. Let me know if I've answered your questions and good luck. Troubled
  5. Hi, Handling compensatory sweating is a tough one. It does require a complete lifestyle change covering several areas. Antiperspirants are rather ineffective as you probably are aware. Number one, physical conditioning. If overweight, lose it. Put yourself on a daily workoput regimen. Number two, alcohol. Reduce it or eliminate it. Three, foods. Stay away from processed foods and deep fried foods. Try to go on a Meditteranean diet, eat naturally healthy foods. No white flour which means no baked goods. Four, avoidance ( much like your pre ETS days with facial blushing). Stay away from humid areas which, to possibly your dismay, would include tropical beach vacations. Five, wear under garments. Even in summer months. Realize that you may have to change clothes a couple to several times a day, at times. Six, if your car has leather seats, trade it in for one with cloth seats. Seven, After physical exertion such as working out or working in the yard or playing sports, wait an hour or so before showering. Otherwise, you'll be sweating a lot after exiting the shower. Again, compensatory sweating requires lifestyle change. Once a regimen becomes just that, then you'll note less of a concern for the compensatory sweating. Hope this helps. Troubled
  6. Hi Jayster999 After having had ETS with it's resultant success, I have no hesitation in saying that facial blushing is a physical malady, not mental. Therefore, physical treatment such as ETS would have the most direct impact as a remedy. Now, will ETS cure you? I can't really say 100% that it will. Having read numerous posts on this subject, there is some evidence that ETS hasn't been effective for some individuals. But, the percentage of success is certainly on your side. It took me 10 years to decide to do it and I am completely satisfied with the decision, compensatory sweating not withstanding. There had been an extensive ETS satisfaction survey done in the late 1990"s through into the early 2000's which showed overwhelmingly high satisfaction rates. It has three columns: Diagnosis (FB, Palmer sweat, Axillary Sweat, etc.), Current Results, and Overall Satisfaction. The report has 9 typewritten pages and I've got it in a pdf file. I do not know the source of the survey and it no longer exists on the web, but I can email it to you if you are comfortable with sending your email address using this site's private messaging feature. (Anybody else as well) Which surgeon to Use? Bottom line, contact a surgeon who has had a fair amount of experience with the ETS procedure. How do you find one? Spend a lot of time on the internet researching surgeons within the geographic range in which you're willing to travel is one of the ways. Check their credentials and in arrangng for your first appointment ask about their experience. In your initial appointment note what T level(s) they recommend to cut/clamp. See how it corresponds to the chart below. Do you have a comfort level with the surgeon, recognize your gut feel. Be fully aware of the side effects and be prepared if you choose ETS, you will have a few, if not all. Be willing to do the trade off, facial blushing for compensatory sweating for instance. Again, you will have a side effect(s). Facial Blushing T2 Facial Sweating T2 or T3 Hand Sweating T3 or T4 Underarm Sweating T4 or T5 Let me know if you have further questions and good luck, Jay. Troubled
  7. Hi Lobster, I like your name... Just sent you a private message regarding ETS surgeons. As a general rule, your surgeon selection should be based in large part on his/her ETS experience. This is very important and ask the surgeon questions in order to get that "comnfortable" feeling. Let me know if you have further questions. Troubled
  8. Hi Micky, Nice to hear from you and I can sure identify with your situation. In answering your question, I'm located in the U.S. and as a result am not familiar with surgeons out of the country. But, it is imperative to find a surgeon who has experience in the ETS procedure. Can't say that enough. One way is to look up those surgeons who have studies posted on the web. Another is to contact medical practices which have a heart and lung specialty. Ask if they're familiar with ETS or who they can recommend. Once you connect with a potential surgeon ask what T levels they'd recommend cutting to solve your particular problem. This refers to solving facial blushing or FB plus hand sweat, etc. If the surgeon is not familiar with this, then pass on that individual. Also, contact some of the other forum members who live in your proximity. Here's a chart with suggested T level cut/clamp recommendations: Facial Blushing T2 Facial Sweating T2 or T3 Hand Sweating T3 or T4 Underarm Sweating T4 or T5 Good luck, Micky Troubled
  9. Hi Termome, I sure can identify with your hesitancy over the years to go ahead with ETS due to all the reported side effects.. Now that I've done it life has become even better. Your question about erectile dysfunction? None whatsoever. In fact in my research prior to going ahead with ETS I'd never encountered that particular concern. I've sent a private message to you regarding the doctor information you requested. Troubled
  10. Hi Mikcheck, Hair loss? Very good question and I'd heard of that side effect as well. The only hair loss I had experienced after ETS, interestingly, was on the legs from the knee down to the ankle. It has been coming back very gradually, though. No hair loss from the head. Back to the sweating issue, the only side effect I have now is the compensatory sweating of which was reported in earlier posts. But, just to reiterate, there is essentially none of the sweating now that the cooler months (September and October) have arrived. Again, during the summer months just past, the sweating seemed to have increased and this is 3 1/2 years from ETS. This past summer seemed hotter than usual with the increase in humidity. So, more attention was focused on managing the sweat during that time. Troubled
  11. Hi Mikchek, All's well especially since the summer months are gone, no compensatory sweating. It's now October and if the sweating does occur it's very minor and short lived. Back during the summer days the compensatory sweating reached new heights with the sweating soaking through the outer shirts fo the point that I did get comments on two occaisions. Admittedly, it was a hotter than usual summer with more humidity. Humidity is the trigger much more so than the temperature. An example is: 80 degrees farenheit and low humidity (below 35%), very little sweating. But, 75 degrees farenheit and higher humidity (above 50%), more compensatory sweating. I might point out that once the compensatory sweating stops it dries rather quickly. Not like the normal sweating of before ETS. Nevertheless, after stating the summer experience above, the decision to have ETS is unwavering. I'm very happy with the results. Troubled
  12. What are the lyrics to the tune "Summertime"? Could it start out like this "Summertime and the sweating is easy"? Well, it's compensatory sweat time in full swing with these hot summer months. After ETS 3 1/2 years ago compensatory sweating is fully expected and when the episodes take place all one has to do is remember the uncontrollable blushing days....which would you rather have? No question that ETS is one of the best decisions I'd made and there has not been one moment of regret for that decision. Compensatory sweating is manageable, uncontrolled blushiing is not. For those of you considering ETS, it must be said again that "do not make that decision blindly". Get all the info you can, it's right there on the internet. Read the feedback in the forums, be aware of the potential side effects, look at the different T level cuts and know what that does. Get it straight in your mind that you will have side effects of some sort and most likely compensatory sweating. Do the head trip of what you'd rather have, the blushing or the side effect. It's a mental thing especially once the ETS part is done. Even with compensatory sweating in this hot weather, life is cool. Troubled
  13. I Had noticed that the link in my very first post in this discussion, the ETS Satisfaction Survey results, no longer works. Evidently, the information was deleted automatically after a certain amount of time passed and as a result it no longer exists. So, my hard copy of that survey is now in my computer in the form of a pdf file. These results relate to this efsbchannel discussion link below which you will have to copy and paste to your browser: http://www.esfbchannel.com/cgi-bin/yabb/Printpage.pl?board=Post-ETS&num=1096029933 The information in this above link does not have the total results comtained in it but, can be had if you send me a private message with your email address. I will reply with the 9 page list of results attached to your email in a pdf format which you can download to your computer. This survey is important. Each ETS patient rates their post ets results referencing facial blushing, palmer sweat, plantar sweat, compensatory sweating, etc individually and then they rate their overall satisfaction. The source of this survey is not quite clear but it gives you a feeling of the post ets experiences. Also, their rating system is a little confusing as you'll note. The possibility exsts that I could get overloaded with requests so, give it a little time for response. Feel free to pass it around and if any of you know how to get this survey lnked to the discussion board, go forit.
  14. Many thank for the kind words, Startbar and, also, thanks for opening up. I'll bet it helps all the readers of this forum to know they're not alone with this Erythrophobia and HH. This blushing and hand sweat stuff is a real problem with which to deal and my memory of those pre-ETS days is still rather vivid. As you, Startbar, so aptly stated the privacy paranoia is so prevalant with all of us that the support we'd normally get for any other condition is not there. Hence we suffer alone and the more we isolate ourselves. After ETS I no longer have those above issues but, I do have a lot of empathy for all those still suffering. troubled
  15. Just a brief note this time to let all of you know that post ETS is going well. It has been almost 3 years since the surgery and the only issue is compensatory sweating at the intensity as described in previous posts which is somewhat bothersome in the summer months and a non issue in winter months. In summer a "deep v-neck" T shirt under the Polo shirt is almost mandatory and it takes care of 90% of the issue. There has been no blushing, no hand sweat, and very little feet sweating and this has been as a result of the ETS T-2 level nerve cut. Do it all over again? Absolutely!
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